6 thoughts on “cum_drinking_cock_sucking_sissy.Still008 (1)

  1. I absolutely love the above picture, I just imagine that I am kneeling right in front of this beautiful cock.

    Then a simple instruction from Mistress T – Tongue out slave, lick up that cum then suck his cock.

    I haven’t purchased this vid yet but will do very soon. Mistress T is simply awesome.

  2. This photo reminds me of an evening with a lady who liked to use me as her cuckold. She presented me with the very thing you see in this photo and said “If you really want to serve me then began sucking and don’t stop until he is ready to cum in me again!

  3. Thank you my Queen, anything for you and your pleasure, i am on my knee looking into your eye any way to please you. Make me you best Sissy sucking cum loving bitch your you to pip me out as your sucking ATM machine over and over.,.

  4. The video you made of you raising yourself up off a cock and watching that cock plop out of your succulent cunt made me cum in my pants. I wanted to be that guy so bad!!!

  5. stunning photo. Mistress T gives so many ‘good moves’, but best at cuckold training. i would like to be trained into this bi-submissive cum swallowing. thank you!

  6. Yes Please! I would do this for you and be filmed – What an honour it would be to please in any way. Thank you for sharing such delicious images.

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