Domonion: “Straight Man Only Enjoys Blowjobs From Other Straight Men” (Satire)

Cuckolding, cocksucking filmed with Mistress T.

Heterosexuals sucking off heterosexuals: a new trend?

A heterosexual Colorado man reported only being able to fully enjoy oral pleasure when performed by straight men who are “only doing it for their Mistress or cuckoldress”.

He explained he had never been able to achieve orgasm, or even a full erection, while his female lovers fellated him. He figured he just didn’t like blowjobs until he found himself in a unique situation. While having an affair with a kinky, self-assured married women her wimpy husband came home early & caught them in the act. Rather than being upset she ordered her husband to suck her lovers cock. Before he could say “but I’m not gay” he blew a load like Niagara Falls all over the poor chaps face.

Ever since he seeks out reluctant, pussy-whipped straight men to blow him. He declares: “If I even get a remote sense they’re gay, pretending to be straight I just call the whole thing off. I mean, I’m not fucking gay so I’m not having some fag suck me off. Straight dudes ONLY.”

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Bi Stunt Cock Unicorn?

#2. Suck Cock To Earn Your Orgasm

#2. Suck Cock To Earn Your Orgasm

The world is full of cocksuckers…well, MY world anyway.

One of my biggest selling genres last year was ‘Encouraged Bi’ vids. Anything from guys sucking dicks to POV scenes with me telling the viewer to suck cock for me. Lots of gay brainwashing, bi mind-fucking, slurp, gulp, you get the point.

I also get loads (ha ha) & loads of emails from guys begging to suck cock for me in private or on film.

So what’s the problem? All suckers & not enough meat popsicles to deep-throat…but when you think about it, it makes sense:

Under what circumstances would a guy want to be knob-gobbled by a dude he’s never met, with me there? Me being there disqualifies 95% of homosexuals. Maybe 5% might be freaky enough to like a woman there for this? Gay guys don’t need me to get their joystick sucked.

If the guy is bisexual he would need to be attracted to me & be aroused by the situation. Take away the pressure of this being a paying client or a filmed scene…even in private that’s not a top fantasy for most guys. Add the pressure of the expectant client or filming? Why would most guys be interested in that?

So how does this happen in porn, because even I have some films like that: professional porn performers and/or the rare bi guy who is just freaky enough to be into this unique scenario. In all my years in the biz I have only worked with 1 guy who was really suitable for this scenario…and he doesn’t live in Vancouver. But even he doesn’t want a bunch of random strangers slurping his tally whacker. We work with people he’s comfortable with.

Yet guys seem to think that I can just snap my fingers & produce a tonsil tickler out of thin air for them to gobble. So here is me snapping my fingers & sending this request out to the universe:

If you are a guy in Vancouver or willing to come here + you have at least an average size tool & at least an average body + you think you would be able to get hard & stay hard while being blown by a dude you don’t know, email me:

Note: although I’d actually be willing to pay for the right guy I would only pay if he actually performed well…& money will not make your wang hard if the situation is making you soft. So money should be considered a bonus & not a motivator. In other words, if you’re only doing it for the money & you can’t perform, you won’t get the money anyway.

I won’t hold my breath for an inbox full of applicants…but at least I now have a blog post I can link to rather than responding individually to the many requests I get.

So what do you do if you’re dying to hoover cock for me? Find the¬†one-eyed-trouser-snake yourself & then ask me to join in via skype or in person. All cities have websites for connecting guys. You probably won’t even have to pay (them). Manhunt, Grinder, Craigslist, FetLife, AdultFriendFinder, etc.

Or I suppose, if you’re willing to pay enough (in advance) for me to organize it, I could bring in a male escort. I’ve never done that but hey, I suppose if you’ve got the budget for it, it’s possible.

Mistress T

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