Vegas, seriously…

Ceara & I enjoying the spa.

Ceara & I enjoying the spa.

I’ve been in Vegas for a couple of days now, sharing a posh hotel room with Ceara Lynch & attending workshops/networking events at a business conference.

No strippers, no gambling, no drinking, nothing crazy. Not yet anyway. The week is only just beginning and as the days pass more & more of my beloved peers will be pouring into Vegas for the AVN/AEE (porn convention). It’s probably going to get messy.

For now, it’s all business. It has been an interesting experience. Female business owners in the adult world are the minority. A few times we have been the only females in the room learning about ways to grow our businesses. Today we attended a women’s brunch. There were about a dozen of us…with hundreds of attendees at this convention that gives you some indication of the small percentage of females.

As things were winding down today we took some time to enjoy the spa. We’ve also squeezed in a little filming & lots of quality time connecting. It’s been great so far. We’ve learned a lot, made some good connections & had a nice time.

Goofing around with Ceara...otherwise known as Little Miss Sunshine. Lol

Goofing around with Ceara…otherwise known as Little Miss Sunshine. Lol

Looking ahead at the week I have a fairly busy schedule with filming & partying (schmoozing & business networking with booze & music really)…but I have been careful to leave time to relax, go to the spa & be spontaneous. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m still open to requests for filming with some of the ladies I’ll see this week. If you are a fan living in or visiting Vegas this week & you would like to meet me and/or be in my vids shoot me an email introducing yourself. You just might get lucky.

Keep an eye on my twitter for more pics & updates!

Mistress T

Happy New Year!

It’s the 1st day of the new year & I feel an appropriate blog post would be a ‘highlights of 2013’ post or something timely…but ya know what? I don’t have it in me to do an epic post today. How are YOU feeling today? Did you have a big night last night? Have you had a lot going on in the last couple weeks? If so, you’ll understand why this post will be fairly brief.

Last week I was in Mexico with the black stud filming & frolicking. “Frolicking”? Cut me some slack today.

Here’s one pic of us at the spa that I found funny & one screen shot from a vid we filmed last week. It’s already up on my clips store: “Prison Bitch Initiation”.

How could a caption make THIS pic even funnier than it already is? Oh, the pressure! Fuck it, just look at our faces.

How could a caption make THIS pic even funnier than it already is? Oh, the pressure! Fuck it, just look at our faces.

Screenshot from "Prison Bitch Initiation" where I guide you in the 1st of many prison blow jobs. Yup, you're the sucker.

Screenshot from “Prison Bitch Initiation” where I guide you in the 1st of many prison blow jobs. Yup, you’re the sucker.

As sanity-defying as it may seem, I am about to get on another airplane very soon. I’m Vegas-bound mid month & the only thing that keeps me from burying my head in the sand is that I’ll get to spend quality time with some of my favorite people, peers who ‘get me’ & get my crazy life. Ceara Lynch, Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Kyaa & the list goes on.

FetishCon 2013 with Meggerx, ceara & Mistress T.

Meggerz, Ceara & I…feet up, drink in hand…

Princess Meggerz & Mistress T

Princess Meggerz & I at the convention. Nice T-shirts, eh?

I am not looking for film slaves in Vegas & I’m not taking sessions. I know, here’s a tissue. Stop crying…or make me an offer I can’t refuse. Maybe you can buy my love… I have enough filming booked already & I plan to have fun in Vegas, not just work. What I could use though, for once, is ideas. I’m supposed to be filming ‘trades’ with a few ladies & sometimes I have a hard time thinking of scene ideas when it’s just 2 Dominant ladies & no slave. If I can’t think of anything we’ll just make out I suppose. They’re hot & thousands of men want them, I might as well take advantage of that, right? Who cares if anyone buys the vids, just knowing how jealous I’ll make thousands of men will be payment enough…plus I get to smooch with hot women! Did I mention that? *slurp*

Goddess Kyaa, Mistress T & Alexandra Snow.

Goddess Kyaa, Alexandra Snow & I enjoying the spa…& each other:-)

That’s it for today folks. All the best for 2014…yadda yadda…buy my vids…don’t worry about me, I’ve just really been having too much fun & it’s catching up, don’t feel sorry for me. Unless feeling sorry for me makes you want to buy more of my vids or send me tributes…kidding. Sort of.

NOTE: I realize not everyone will ‘get’ my sense of humor but that’s okay. Just buy my vids.

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FetishCon in Tampa 2013 – The Recap!

I just returned to Vancouver from five exciting days at FetishCon in Tampa. I’m repacking my bags to go to Burning Man but I have a few minutes to fill you in on the trip & share loads of great pics.

If you’ve ever been to any kind of conference for any industry you know the drill. There’s a big conference room in a hotel with a bunch of ‘booths’ with exhibitors selling their stuff or promoting their business in some way. There are business mixers giving attendees a chance to network. FetCon is the same except the exhibitors are selling fetish clothing, sex toys, bondage toys, etc. & the business’s promoting themselves are adult businesses, Dominatrix’s & fetish porn stars. Like business mixers in any industry you get a fair share of people getting drunk & wild…but at FetCon you get more slutty cloths & fetish attire than business suits.

I go there to connect with people in my industry & I do some filming. The social aspect of it means the most for me as I run my business on my own in Vancouver & even I get tired of my own company. It’s fantastic to talk shop with those who understand the unique aspects of my biz.

I shared a room with Ceara Lynch. Her lucky slave got to sleep on our sofa & had the time of his life. We hung out with Domina Snow & Meggerz quite a bit. I don’t think I would ever get enough of their company.

The trip was a success. I didn’t even mind traveling this time. I found the flight & hotel pleasurable. So my travel burn out has officially passed. That’s a good thing as I have a ton of travel coming up this fall. Burning Man right away with a slow drive back…spending a couple days here & there in California…I plan to get back to the UK & The English Mansion (dates not yet set but likely October). I have a tentative trip to Ohio to visit Domina Snow early November. I’d like to try to squeeze in a few days in NY to film with Gary Pranzo & to visit Meggerz. The end of November my 3 week trip to Peru is already booked.

Anyway, here’s just a bunch of pics from FetishCon 2013 in no particular order. Enjoy!

Mistress T

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Image of Mistress T by Space City Soles.

An image shot by Space City Soles who I had the pleasure of filming with.

Image by Space City Soles:

Domina Snow dominating Cheyenne Jewel with Ceara Lynch & Mistress T watching.

Behind the scenes…Ceara taking a pic of Domina Snow dominating Cheyenne Jewel.

Cheyenne Jewel:

Domina Snow:

Ceara Lynch:

Missy Rhodes & Mistress T at the clips4sale booth.

I’m sure someone has a creepy wolf fetish…? Missy Rhodes & I at the clips4sale booth.

FTKL with Mistress T at FetishCon2013.

FTKL didn’t get to tickle me this year…or did he???


Mistress T at FetishCon 2013.

Awww, this poor slave was blindfolded & missed out…but you didn’t! (That’s Ceara in her onesie pj’s behind me. Yup.)

Mistress T & Caoline Pierce at FetishCon 2013.

Caroline Pierce’s cleavage, meet my cleavage…
LOVE this woman.

Caroline Pierce:

Gray Pranzo & Mistress T at FetishCon 2013.

Mutual fans, Gary Pranzo makes great Giantess Special Effects porn.

Gary Pranzo:

FetishCon 2013

Goddess Phoenix, Rachel Steele, Domina Snow & some goof ball…

Goddess Phoenix:

Mistress T & Larkin Love at FetishCon 2013.

Larkin Love’s impressive tongue.

Larkin Love:

Clips4sale booth at FetishCon 2013.

Ashley Fires, me, Alexandra Snow, ?, Ceara & Meggerz at the clips4sale booth.

Ashley Fires:


Missy Rhodes:

Alexandra Now & Mistress T.

Are you seeing this?! Domina Snow: deep throat Queen!

Fetishcon 2013.

Amadahy, Ceara, Meggerz, Snow, Sarah Blake, Justine Joli, Larkin, Mistress T & Evelyn Milano.

Goddess Amadahy:

Justine Joli:

Evelyn Milano:

Fetishcon 2013, Mistress T with Ceara Lynch, Meggerz & Amadahy.

Meggerz, Ceara, me & Amadahy…out for dinner.

Goddess Amadahy:

Rachel Steele, Mistress T & Domina Snow at FetishCon 2013.

Red MILF Rachel Steele & Alexandra Snow, out for dinner.

Red MILF Rachel Steele:

Mistress T trampling.

A handy stepping stool while I order a drink from the bar…some men ARE useful!

FetishCon 2013 with Meggerx, ceara & Mistress T.

Meggerz, Ceara & I…feet up, drink in hand…

Mistress T trampling Jason Ninja.

Jason Ninja is so fun to trample!

Jason Ninja:

Mistress T & a furry.

My secret furry fetish is starting to be not-so-secret…

Vegas baby!

A few of us gals in the industry decided to get together in Vegas for a few days of non-work fun. For many like myself, this business can feel very insulated. Sure, we banter on twitter & can email each other any time…sure we have friends who work in other industries…but many of us don’t have people around us who understand the day-to-day realities of our business.

Going to conventions/traveling to meet & make friends with others in this biz has been very fulfilling for me.

The crew this time: Domina Snow (Alexandra Snow), Ceara Lynch, Meggerz, Mandy Flores & Humiliation Princess Rene. LOVE these ladies!

We stayed at a posh hotel, went for nice meals, spent a lot of time at the spa, did Karaoke, went to the Micheal Jackson Cirque du Soleil show, went to strip clubs, went to a bunch of bars & night clubs, went shopping…& somewhere in there some of us slept. It was pretty non-stop.

It was a non-work trip, so no filming, but we did manage to snap a few pics. Below you’ll find a handful of my fav’s.

I think we’re all planning to go to FetCon in Tampa mid August so if you want to request (paid) custom vids with any of us feel free to email to inquire:

Mistress T

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Mistress T in Vegas July 2013 with Mandy Flores, Rene, Alexandra Snow, Meggerz, Ceara Lynch.

The whole crew! Mandy Flores, Rene, Alexandra Snow, Meggerz, Ceara Lynch & me!

Ceara Lynch, Mandy Flores, Meggerz & Alexandra Snow Vegas July 2013.

They do look they’re having fun, don’t they? Ceara Lynch, Mandy Flores, Meggerz & Alexandra Snow.

Mistress T in front of Bellagiao Fountain, Vegas July 2013.

Everything is SO flashy in Vegas…

Mistress T with Ceara Lynch in Vegas July 2013.

Arsty pic of Ceara Lynch & I.

Fun pic of Mistress T with Meggerz, Mandy flores & Alexandra Snow.

Artsy pic of myself with Meggerz, Mandy Flores & Alexandra Snow.

We went to the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show (wouldn't recommend it actually). , Mandy Flores, Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, me & Meggerz.

We went to the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show (wouldn’t recommend it actually). , Mandy Flores, Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, me & Meggerz.

Ceara Lynch with her birthday dessert.

We celebrated Ceara’s bday.

Mistress T with Meggerz, Mandy Flores, Ceara Lynch & Alexandra Snow.

Spa time! Meggerz, Mandy Flores, Ceara Lynch & Alexandra Snow.

Mistress T with Meggerz & Alexandra Snow.

Meggerz & Alexandra Snow with me at karaoke.

Mixing business & pleasure (as usual!)

I was in Vegas last week for the annual porn convention (AVN/AEE: Adult Entertainment Expo). It was my second year at the AEE & my 3rd time sharing a room with Ceara Lynch, one of the sharpest people I know.

The week was a whirlwind of filming, business dinners & drinks, Vegas shows, signing autographs at the Clips4Sale booth, networking with smart business women, etc. I have so many great pics I want to share so I’m just going to throw them up…& I might make another post with more pics later.

A special thank you to both Clip4Sale & KinkBomb for hosting the various social events that enabled me to meet & network with my peers. The dinners were delicious, the parties debaucherous…all much appreciated.

I filmed with Ceara, Meggerz, Kyaa, Alexandra Snow…as well as Cheyenne Jewel (no pic below but vids will be out soon)…as well as for/with & Obey Amai.

After Vegas a slave drove me to LA & I filmed with Lexi Sindel of the FemDom Empire & Deviant Kade of Pupstail. So it was a VERY productive & interesting trip!

Here’s a list of links to see more of the ladies in the pics below:

Ceara Lynch:

Alexandra Snow (Domina Snow):

Princess Meggerz:

Goddess Kyaa:

Ashley Fires:

Jodi West:

Sarah Diavola:

Mistress T

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Mistress T in custom T-shirt.

My uniform for signing autographs at the Clips4Sale booth at the AVN/AEE in Vegas Jan 2013.

Ceara Lynch, Mistress T & Domina Snow at AEE Jan 2013.

Ceara Lynch is secretly VERY happy to be photographed with Domina Snow & I…what a poker face! Ha ha

Mistress T with a furry.

Oh-my-god: a furry in satin PJ’s?! Irresistible!

Ceara Lynch on 1 side...on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation...yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Ceara Lynch on 1 side…on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation…yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Goddess Kyaa, Mistress T & Alexandra Snow.

Goddess Kyaa, Alexandra Snow & I enjoying the spa…& each other:-)

Mistress T and Goddess Kyaa in Vegas.

Goddess Kyaa & I getting cuddly in a snazzy Vegas pool.


Mistress T & Ashley Fires in Vegas Jan 2013.

I just love Ashley Fires…planning to film with her in the next few months!

Mistress T getting a foot rub.

Such a lucky foot slave!

Mistress T & Meggerz in Vegas Jan 2013.

Night clubbing in Vegas with Meggerz!

Mistress T in a purple dress.

A pic taken during filming with HumiliationPOV. com

Mistress T, corporal punishment in a corset & stockings.

This pic was taken after filming a real punishment scene. You’ll have to watch the vid to find out why he was punished!

This lucky foot slave served Ceara & I for most of the trip, in vids & in person...he slept on our sofa & rubbed my feet as often as possible: heaven.

This lucky foot slave served Ceara & I for most of the trip, in vids & in person…he slept on our sofa & rubbed my feet as often as possible: heaven.

A fan on his hands & knees kissing my feet...yup, this stuff really happens.

A fan on his hands & knees kissing my feet…yup, this stuff really happens.

Clips4Sale dinner in Vegas.

Clips4Sale dinner. Ceara Lynch, Alexandra Snow, Dariusz (fr C4S), Sarah Diavola, Ashley Fires…sitting on Neil’s (owner of C4S) lap is myself & his lovely wife.

Ashley Fires & Mistress T Jan 2013.

Ashley Fires lubing up my latex pants at the Clips4Sale booth.

Mistress T & Jodi West at AEE.

It was amazing to meet Jodi West at the AVN’s. We create very similar MILF porn…almost like sisters! ha ha

Jodi West, Domina Snow & Mistress T

I was thrilled to meet fellow MILF porn star Jodi West…Alexandra Snow hamming it up in the back ground.

Alexandra Snow & I getting playful during a night out in Vegas.

Alexandra Snow & I getting playful during a night out in Vegas.


Alexandra Snow & I in latex, ready to film in her luxurious Vegas suite.


Alexandra Snow & Mistress T with Strap-on's.

Me with Domina Snow during filming in Vegas. Suck it!

Me & Meggerz, one of the lucky few to get a limited edition Mistress T-shirt from AEE in Vegas.

Me & Meggerz, one of the lucky few to get a limited edition Mistress T-shirt

Clips4sale's white party. Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Jason Ninja, Ceara Lynch & Sarah Divola lower pic.

Clips4sale’s white party. Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Bianca, Jason Ninja, Ceara Lynch & Sarah Diavola lower pic.

AVN’s in Vegas Jan 14-21

Please read Ceara Lynch’s blog post on this topic:

In a nutshell, we are looking for a film slave or more than one during our upcoming visit to Vegas during the AVN’s Jan 14-21. Ceara & I did this last year & the ideal candidate flew in from Toronto & had the week of his dreams with us. He wrote a bunch of blog posts about his experience & there’s lots of vid’s that document his adventures.

It could be you this year! Again, read Ceara’s post for more details.

I will be releasing a new vid on Dec. 18, 2012 with Ceara that we filmed together in Seattle recently called: “Your Dicklet Makes Ceara Sick”. It will be available on my pay-per-view clips store but I can’t link to it from wordpress so go to my site to find the link:

Here’s the preview images:

Ceara Lynch and Mistress T in a small penis humiliaiton vid

“Your Dicket Makes Ceara Sick”

Ceara also just released a hot jeans fetish vid that we filmed together the same day:

ceara Lynch & Mistress T

“Jean Therapy” available now on her pay-per-vew store & soon on

“Jean Therapy” is available now on her clips store. Find the link here:

So, there ya go. You could serve us in Vegas. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yup. Vegas is really cheap to fly to. Hotels are cheap. It’s hot there. Think about it. A naughty little get away. Make some memories. You only live once, right? I already have one slave coming all the way from London to serve us…but only for a couple days…so there’s still opportunities for…you?


Mistress T


Clowning around…

And now for something completely different.

A little while ago I received an invite to join my pal Ceara Lynch for Dan Savage’s ‘Hump’ amateur porn film festival in Seattle.

When I mentioned it to my long time friend (and former lover/partner) Samantha Mack ( ) she decided to create & submit something in the humor category. When she said it would be a lesbian clown porn I told her I couldn’t perform in it, as it wouldn’t be good for my ‘Domme’ image but I helped out behind the scenes. It wasn’t until the project was nearly finished that she pointed out the film was about our early romantic relationship.

I was floored. I had been focused on the clowns & the funny gags, not on the main storyline or the back story.

Samantha & I met about 8 years ago when we were both strippers…although we actually initially met at a fetish party where we started making out on the dance floor without saying a word to each other…we didn’t even exchange names. Later when we met again it took a few days for us to figure out how we knew each other.

We were working at the same club & a friendship quickly formed along with a sexual spark. We soon found ourselves in a full blown relationship.

It’s been a lot of years & although we’re no longer sexual the relationship has evolved into something very special for both of us. Beneath all the make up & the larger-than-life persona is one of the sweetest, most generous people I know.

I was touched to read her blog entry today about her recent clown porn. I am the ‘Bobo the clown’ she refers to:

So today I’m feeling blessed to have wonderful people in my life. A friend who loves me enough to make a clown porn about our relationship?! Yup, pretty awesome.

Samantha & I at a haunted house…vewy scawy!

She actually gave me this shirt to wear. Pretty funny.

Samantha & I will be joining Ceara in Seattle for the ‘Hump’ film festival mid November. Aside from a little filming with each other we aren’t planning to work or meet fans…but who knows…a quick meeting to buy a worn item (panties/socks, etc.)…picking up our tab at a restaurant/bar…you can always email & ask. Money talks. No formal private sessions tho.

Here’s the link to the lesbian clown porn. If the link doesn’t work (email me to let me know: but here it is for now:

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Who’s talking about me?

In my last blog entry I mentioned that I’ve been granting some interviews recently. A few of those interviews have been released & I’ve attached the links below…after two blog entries that also discuss me:

Sidonia Von Bork’s blog (The English Mansion):

(You really have to click on this link. Loads of crazy hot pics of me!)

Sidonia & I having some fun during my last visit to The English Mansion…

Ceara Lynch’s blog:

Ceara & I during our last adventure at the AVN’s in Vegas…


XCritic Interview:

Daily Loaf Interview:

Crave Online Interview:

Fixe Magazine Interview:

Random image I grabbed to give you some eye candy. You’re welcome.

Mistress T

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FetishCon in Florida: Aug 2-5

I will be attending FetishCon: The 12th Annual Fetish Trade Show :: August 02-05, 2012 in Tampa, Florida

I will be sharing a room with Ceara Lynch again…some of you may recall our last fun work trip in January for the AVN’s in Vegas. We had a blast and filmed some amazing stuff. Here’s the link to the blog entry all about it:

Last time we had a lucky slave fly from Toronto to serve us personally and as a film slave in Vegas. He worked out really well. He even wrote about his experience (a journal written from the perspective of a slave who served us in real life!):

At this point we don’t have one slave in particular who can fill his shoes for this trip. If you think you have what it takes to be a great film slave and serve me/us apply by sending a proper, clearly communicated introduction to:

This is also a broad shout out to ANY models, film slaves, other producers, people in the biz, fans, etc. who want to connect with me while I’m in Tampa. I love content swaps so if you want to film with me just email me.

Feel free to comment right here on this blog to say that you’re coming to FetishCon to let others know you’ll be there.

Mistress T

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All work and no fun…*smile* (Ceara & I in Vegas January 2012)

Come on Ceara, get serious! Kids today, I’m tellin’ ya.

You don’t have to take a beating to serve us…but it helps *smile*. From vid: “Bullied and Beat Up by Ceara & T”.

And the winner is…

Some of you may already know that my site has been nominated for an XBIZ award under the category of “Specialty/Alternative Site of the Year”. (XBIZ Awards are given annually to honor “individuals, companies, performers and products that play an essential part in the growth and success of adult entertainment.) The award events are in LA Jan 9-12. Initially it made sense for me to go. A no-brainer, as they say. It would be an excellent opportunity to schmooze with others in the industry, make new connections, etc.

Then I got an invitation I couldn’t refuse: share a (free) room with Ceara Lynch at the AVN awards in Vegas Jan 18-21. (Otherwise known as the ‘Oscars for Porn’). We can film together, schmooze & socialize together. Am I nominated for an AVN award this year? No, but I could have been if I hadn’t dropped the ball on the paperwork. I was in the middle of bouncing from one city to another when I missed a deadline. That’s what happens when you try to do everything yourself: balls get dropped.

Not being nominated for an award doesn’t really matter for AVN anyway. Most people go just to schmooze and get content. It’s a highly productive and fun event. Ceara Lynch is one of my favorite people, highly intelligent and cute like a razor blade. Her journal is brilliant:

She & I are looking for film slaves (male & female) in Vegas. Although our styles are different and my content tends to be more sexual, there are some common things we are looking for in film slaves: unmasked, willing to sign a model release, male slaves must also tribute (females get paid)…shoe/foot worship, spitting, ballbusting, humiliation…other scenes might be possible, just ask.

Scenes with ME for MY site that Ceara may be the camera person for or be a voyeur for could involve more sexual acts like forced milkings/ruined orgasms, forced bi, cum eating, even sexual intercourse with the right, attractive, well-hung, perfectly behaved film slave…sex acts between the female slave (oral service!) & I or sex acts between the female slave & male slave…again, to be clear: Ceara will NOT be getting naked or engaging in sex acts. This part is all about me…but she may be there as a fellow Dominant, voyeur and/or camera woman.

CUSTOM VIDS involving Ceara & I are also possible. We’ve filmed some amazing content together in the past (“Mum Sister Tag Team” is my favorite). You can email a brief outline of your request. I’ll let you know if it’s possible and what the rate will be.

So, I will be at the AVN awards for certain. If you’d like to meet me there send me an email. This invitation is extended to other industry folks who may want to hire me for their content, interviews, etc…as well as those with a big enough budget to have a private session with me. I could extend my stay in Vegas by a day or two one way or the other.

I’m sure that some of what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas *smile*…but with luck some of it will be filmed & sold on the internet for all the world to see!

Mistress T


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Mistress T & Ceara Lynch

"Little Ninja vs Ceara and T" featuring Ceara Lynch & Mistress T

"Mum Sister Tage Team" featuring Ceara Lynch & Mistress T