Sex Party for the Disabled


I just read this Vice article covering a sex party in Toronto for the disabled:

In my years in the fetish scene & as a sex worker I’ve encountered a fair number of sexually adventurous and/or kinky “other-abled” people. The brain is the biggest sex organ, so even if someone is in a wheel chair, is down a limb, has coordination issues from some medical condition, is visually impaired or something else doesn’t mean that they’re not sexually healthy, curious, adventurous or active.

The article also reminded me of the movie “The Sessions” where a man in an iron lung who wishes to lose his virginity contacts a professional sex surrogate with the help of his therapist and priest:

It was a fantastic movie. Very well done.

My experiences with other-abled people have made me more accepting & open-minded.

There was the foot fetishist is a wheel chair who in the middle of our session needed to empty his bladder. In the position we were in it was just easier for me to fetch his pee jug for him. As I was emptying the jug into the toilet for him I noticed how I felt more like a nurse or caregiver than a Dominatrix in that moment. But it was the practical thing to do.


Another very sweet client was in such a way that he couldn’t really reach his own penis. He had a caregiver to wash him but you can imagine how he looked forward to our sessions…those rare orgasms were intense & therapeutic.

I’ve had quite a few fans on web cam who have mobility issues. The web cam sessions gave them excitement & interaction.

I even have a story from my teens, long before I was Mistress T, when I spent the night with a friend who was paralyzed from the waist down. He was so happy to just cuddle & give me pleasure, to have the intimate human contact even though he couldn’t have intercourse. I didn’t do it because I felt sorry for him…it was just a casual thing, we weren’t dating, but I was attracted to him. Since the focus was pretty much all on my pleasure it was a uniquely satisfying experience. I confess, I’ve often looked at attractive men in wheel chairs & wondered if they’d be extra skilled at pleasing a woman with their mouths & hands. The way a blind person has better hearing.

I’m sure disabled people want to be liked for who they are despite their disability, rather than “because” of their disability. Which brings me full circle to the Vice article that inspired my blog post today.

I think a sex party for the disabled is a fantastic idea & I applaud the organizers in Toronto who put this together. I wonder how many others are like me, interested or curious about sex with people who are ‘other-abled’ but are shy or unsure of how to meet someone. You don’t want to rock up to some guy on the street & say: “I see you’re in a wheel chair so I’m thinking you’re an ace pussy licker, wanna mess around?” It seems de-humanizing or objectifying to have the disability be the launch point. So a sex party would be an amazing exploration opportunity for the disabled & those who are interested…well, there are those who actually have specific fetishes for disabilities but I’m not an expert on that so I’ll bow out before I say something uninformed.

I feel like this blog post has gone on too long. I am sensitive to everyone’s short attention span these days. So I’ll just trail off & recommend you read that article.


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