Who the heck is Mistress T?

My blog started as a way to tell the story of how I became Mistress T, the Dominatrix/Fetish Porn Star. So if you read from the beginning you’ll learn about my journey. Now I blog about my current life.

As of summer 2017 I’m 41. My birthday is the end of April, which makes me a Taurus & Fire Dragon (1976) if you’re into that stuff.

I live in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been here for 20 years. Originally from Nova Scotia. I used to travel a lot to internationally but recently have been more of a home-body.

I create and star in fetish vids covering a variety of themes where the female is always in control: FemDom, humiliation of men, cuckolding, MILF fetish, sensual Domination, fetish hand jobs/milking/orgasm control, ass worship, Goddess worship, foot/boot/pantyhose/glove fetish and much more.

More of me:

Members site: http://www.MistressT.net
PPV: http://www.clips4sale.com/23869
Blog: http://mistresst.net/blog/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/MistressTdotnet

I run things pretty much on my own. I have a web designer/webmaster who helps with the technical side of things for my members site. The slaves/stunt cocks you see in MY vids are volunteers, real fans & occasionally personal friends or lovers. I rarely use professional paid male porn stars (less than a half dozen times in a decade). I film my own content, usually without a camera operator (tripod or the cam is held by myself or the slave). I come up with the ideas, unless it’s a paid custom vid, I figure out what to say & do, I edit the vids and I do my best with marketing.

I’ve appeared on several other well-known fetish sites:

Kink.com’s Divine Bitches:



The English Mansion:


Nikki Whiplashes FemDom sites:





Club Stiletto:


I have also collaborated with several other ladies in the industry including Ceara Lynch, Lexi Sindel, Mina Thorne, Princess Meggerz, Samantha Mack, Princess Rene, Domina Snow and Sarah Blake.

My business is my passion and takes up most of my life. When I’m not working I enjoy connecting with friends over a cup of tea, a drink or meal. When I want to let loose I go to fetish parties, gay bars or upscale lounges. I also practice yoga frequently & live a very healthy lifestyle. I pride myself on having a healthy, balanced (almost vegan) diet. I also walk a lot. It’s good for the body & the mind.

I enjoy reading. Some of my favorite authors are: Margaret Atwood, Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins.

Some of my favorite movies are: Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Wild Orchid, The Princess Bride and Forest Gump.

I’m VERY petite: 5 feet tall, 115 pounds, size 4 feet.

I hope my work and this blog serves as an inspiration to other women. I hope that it helps men to be less objectifying to women. I hope that it educates and entertains.

Feel free to contact me personally: MsT@MistressT.net

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  1. I loved the story about why you moved to Vancouver. I have seen your clips online and love you work.
    I never thought of you as so 3 dimensional and as a real person with a real life so it was great.


    • Thanks Kyle,
      Yup, I’m a real 3 dimensional person with an interesting history. I didn’t come out of the womb a fetish porn star…although I may have been hard wired that way many things had to happen for me to get to where I am. That’s what this blog is about and I hope others will find it interesting.
      Mistress T

      • You are a very fascinating woman, very desirable, you’re a very interesting and you’re the only one I ever watch, I just love your Superior, confident and articulate ways. It’d be a dream come true to meet you some day and have coffee.

  2. Very good writing…yes, I know the hurt very well, unfortunately, of a breakup with a loved one…nothing hurts more I think. Been to Seattle but didn’t get up to Vancouver….its absolutely gorgeous up there!!! Visited Mt St Helens and marvelled at how one could smell the slightly sweet scent of the forest…

  3. I’m thrilled that you started a blog. I love the creativity of your work – its always interesting and artistic and – of course – highly erotic. Its very cool to know more about you and your background.
    I’m looking forward to escaping this Texas heat and visiting your city of Vancouver later this summer.

  4. Dear Mistress T,

    I just wanted to say how happy I am to discover this blog. Discovering your videos recently has been fascinating. At the same time, you yourself remain a larger than life woman, so close to knowing what goes on in my head yet so far away. Then I saw you went to the playa. I have been nine times myself and have participated in various ways by building theme camps, art projects and cars and so much more. You immediately became so much more real to me. I wonder if you made it to our big photo camp (I’m deliberately not mentioning the specific name) in center camp this year. If I spot you in the photos, I’ll let you know. I’d love to communicate more, about BM, the Valley or lif in general. -Jeff

  5. Hi Mistress T, love your blog and I would love to interview you for a podcast that I am putting together about interesting people. The interview would be a one on one. I am based in London so we could do it in skype for wait until you are in town next. Would you be interested in doing this?

  6. I’m glad to discover someone who combines the psychology of sex, with great looks, and the hottest part is your seeming desire to undermine your men, and also an appreciation for foot fetish. Hope to see much more of you. Thanks!

    btw, have you ever done ballet?


  7. Dear Mistress,

    I must admit to wondering if understanding more about you as a rounded individual was a good thing from an admirers pov. After all, they say it is not always a good thing to meet your idols. In your case I have found your entries truly fascinating and it has only served to increase my admiration for you and the work that you undertake. Things are barely black and white in life and as complex as many of your subjects psyches are it is also reassuring to know that you also think deeply about the situations you are presented with. Your visit to Nova Scotia was very enlightening.

    Kind regards,

    Adam x.

    • Adam,
      I have asked myself the same question: is this blog too personal? Does it kill the fantasy for some? Maybe. I think the good outweighs the potential detractors though. I’m glad you are enjoying it, and it seems that many others are as well.
      Mistress T

      • Dear Mistress,

        I imagine most public figures realise that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. As for killing the fantasy, if a few of your fans struggle with the concept that you have a ‘normal’ life outside of your profession then ignorance must be bliss. I don’t for a moment consider that reading your entries gives me an encyclopedic knowledge of your personality but from my point of view it only seems to increase this notion that you are an intelligent, confident, successful woman who truly enjoys being exceptional at what she does and takes satisfaction in providing a service to her followers. It is reassuring to know that you are a decent person who appears to be able to flick a switch and through a combination of your strength of personality and accomplished acting skills is able to make fantasies feel a tangible reality x.

  8. Hi

    This private things about you and your life makes you and this blog very friendoy, you’re normal woman with normal life, heart and questions and answers…

    So let write here what you want and about you want! Your life day by day, normal non fetish but normal life photos (me too have Nexus S:-) your thoughts, problems plan etc.

    Mister M.

    P.S. “Nova Scotia” – it seems like Czech or Polish language?

  9. Hello.

    You wrote that you are a woman with her life story that many of you had to be found here where you are. It’s your personal blog so write us something about yourself about your life once your decisions and events in your life. I am very interested in you as a woman and not fetish porn star …


  10. Greetings. Salam. Hola.
    I just wanted to ask you if you are truly afraid of God. Your creator did not put you in earth so that you can worship the devil. This whole life is an illusion and your body is your temple. If you want to continue doing this please remember the after life. Please remember the scale of good deeds and bad deeds that will be presented. Not just you. Mankind.
    What you are doing is a whisper of the devil telling you to do this.
    Please stop what you are doing and do something far away from this satanic worship you have put yourself through.
    The devil is laughing at you because he has deceived you sister! Wake up !
    Please think about what you are doing. It’s evil. It’s dirty. It’s dark.
    Find the light. Listen and feel God in your heart. Don’t let the devil tempt you into this world full of deception. If you get mad or upset, that’s the devil whispering in your heart.
    You’re a lady. Don’t behave like this. Respect your body. Everything you do is for $???
    Is $$$ going to be there for you in the afterlife sister?its paper money.
    It’s printed. The real value is in natural resources such as gold.
    Please think about this. Forget about the evil whispers and listen to God.
    Listen.You have potential and you’re selling your body ? Say Bismillah. Realise you should listen to that voice that tells you what you are doing is dirty.
    May God give you guidance.

  11. Dear Mistress,

    In your blog I read about your travel to India. Being from India am just curious to know more about it. For us in India, there isnt anything like Mistress, professional dominatrix etc and we look upto the internet for satisfying our femdom thoughts.Am a sub and I found your blog a few months before. I have been a fan and follower ever since. It was great to know and hear about the common things of a dominatrix woman.

    Would love to read about your trip to India. Was it a personal one or a bussinees trip.Pl write about it in detail if/when you feel like.

    Also hope that the problems you had with your neighbours is over now. Somehow I felt bad after reading about that. Hope its all settled and you are in peace.


    • So far so good with the neighbors. Nothing new.

      India: I went twice, two months each time, only for personal travel, not business. I’m not sure how many other people are really interested in hearing details of my personal travels in this blog so I doubt I’ll be writing a detailed blog entry about it.

      • Yes! I am. Even though i am an Indian by birth. I am from UK. So i am into Munches, Fetishes, Kinky Devils etc. But yea! As kiran says. It is hard for people with fetish thoughts to explore it their. May be because of shy. Or some religious beliefs too. Anyways its good to hear that you went their for a visit. I use to see your videos too. Lol Xxx

  12. Mistress T, First let me say that I am a huge fan. I want to respond to your blog post I am ok, Your okay. I feel exactly like you do on fetishes. You said it, and expressed it so much better then I ever could have. I have said very similiar thoughts on Divine Bitches before, If it doesn’t push your kink button, then just don’t watch. Don’t hate or denounce the posting. Just wait till what does push your kink button does come up and enjoy it ! I am very much into chastity and cuckolding, not everyone is. That’s cool, I am not into ball busting, but I do not judge those that are. Your video on Divine Bitches was SUPER hot, having the stud cum on the key and the chastised slave lick it up was amazing. Just like when you did that request for me on clips 4 sale. To each his own is my thoughts. Don’t be haters, just enjoy your kink when you find it. Let the clips that you don’t like stay in the not purchased list ?? It is really simple, Life is too short ! Enjoy people !

  13. Mistress T, I was shocked to read you are from Nova Scotia as I myself do live here and find there are not nearly enough Dominant women around like yourself. I love your photos and videos. Just saying Hi from NS 🙂

  14. Dearest MT,
    Apologies for replying rather late to one of your posts.
    Some men certainly do ‘hate’ women, no doubt about it. I have heard men speak about women they know well and some they have never met in shockingly derogatory terms. Perhaps their bile has festered because of their experiences with women in their past and in their present? Some misogynistic men look down on women with contempt as an inferior species. I would be suprised if they even recognised or admitted this trait as it will be so ingrained in their psyche. Apart from my mother who bluntly I can take or leave after only a satisfactory upbringing, I had no close female role models in my formative years. No sisters with which to form any lasting impressions. I had to get out into the wide world so to speak and draw my own conclusions. At forty years of age I am finally ready to publish my findings. Are you ready lol?
    Women! What an amazing bunch you are. My wife raised two wonderful children while I sort of fumbled hopelessly at it. How on earth did she find the energy to devote herself so fully to the role while fulfilling all the other requirements that society demands? I have seen hundreds of other women doing exactly the same thing. You seem to be able to juggle a dozen things at once and make it look effortless. Women are more capable than men – fact. Intellectually, most women I know are at least our equal. Women come in all kinds of sizes, colours and shapes and beauty seems to find a way to exude from nearly all of them. Some women are of course unspeakably beautiful. So although there is the exception to every rule when I meet a women she always starts on a high rating until she decides to prove me wrong. This is happily a rare event. Believe it or not I try not to judge women. I am more preoccupied with how they judge me. If a woman shows me attention it always makes my day.
    Others, including your neighbours may not think it but you have a huge following because to your devotees you truly represent the potential of womankind. I can’t imagine any man taking an interest in you because they view you as inferior, almost certainly it will be the opposite. In respect of you, personally I would be happy to go straight to source, pucker up and suck your farts out, however crude. It is called devotion. You’re a woman, a wonderful one and you deserve it!

  15. Hello Miss T. wow is all i can say. you are a stunner,and do fetish scenarios so well,everything kinky catered for. 10 out of 10 all day long. keep up the good work. Made an English man happy.:)x perfect body head to toe. x

  16. Hi Mistress T!
    I’m writing this from my desk wit My flatmate and I love your blog. I think most of your readers are men, but I want you to know we are two NYC women who really enjoy it. Whenever possible we use our male friends as desk chairs to sit on while enjoying your latest entry. We love your hand job videos because you say such filthy things all the while flashing a beautiful smile that has a warmth not seen in other fetish videos. I told my flatmate that were I a man, I’d want you to give me a hand job. We would love to take you out for a vegetarian meal or coffee if you ever have time when you’re in town. And if you would be kind enough to share a few hand job pointers with us it would be so cool! Thanks. Keep up the great work.


    E & T

    • Thank you! Wow. Well, if I’m coming to NYC I’ll announce it on my blog so you’ll know…& I’d love to hang out with y’all.

      Hand job pointers:
      -most guys love lube or spit, grease that fucker up.
      -up swirl, down swirl/up twist, down twist
      -experiment with playing with his balls or doing things to his bum (lightly touching with a lubed up finger or actually sticking your finger IN his butt. A condom on the finger is good for insertion.)
      -each guy is different so either watch how he jacks himself off or ask for guidance about how he likes it.


  17. Mistress T, I love your work and I’ve noticed you’ve said the men in your vids are fans (in some cases) my question is what would it take to be in your video? I would love to roleplay with you, I being your son and you my mom, let me know I live in California.

    • Those serious about being in my vids should email a proper application including pics, a list of what you’re willing to do on film, plus hard limits. Indicate whether you’re willing to show your face or not. MOST IMPORTANT: LOCATION. My home-base is Vancouver. If you’re not willing/able to come here to film it gets more difficult. I rarely come to California. I will be in Vegas mid January & I’m encouraging US fans who want to meet me to come Vegas. In any case, email is the appropriate venue for this conversation. MsT@MistressT.net

  18. Hey Mistress T – Just discovered you at hornbunny and am amazed. Thanks for your classy,kinky,sensual work. You are an adult entertainment genius!

  19. You’re a very interesting person and performer! You mention that you travel a lot, but do you ever travel within Canada for performances?

    • For now I’m not interested in traveling farther than I can walk within an hour…I’m really enjoying being home after being out of town so much the last 6 months. But no, I don’t normally travel much within Canada & have no plans to. I’m in Vancouver. Anyone who wants to see me should come to me:-)

      • I have been watching and jacking off to your videos for several years now.
        Of all the cuckolding mistresses, you are my absolute favorite.
        I dream of being in one of your humiliation videos.
        I’ve got a pretty small cock and the humiliation videos drive me insane with the desire to clean you up.
        Multiple cream pies make me hungry to the point of being ravenous.
        Everything about you is perfect.
        Your tits, your nipples, your beautiful pussy, the works.
        The fantastic work.

  20. I am sure you are well aware of your looks, so If I may, I would like to tell you that you have the most distinctive mouth and lips that in my humble opinion are perfect in every way. You truly are a stunning woman, who by the way, looks exactly like the Australian actress, Jacki Weaver, both of you are petite and perky and a pleasure to look at. Thank you for the opportunity to say these things. Kerry COX.

  21. I recently found out you and I felt terribly attracted by your sex appeal and felt in love with your voice. I wish to meet you some day.

  22. Hello Mistress T,
    I’ve been a great admirer of your work since I first came across it several months ago. You have a hypnotic face that for me is just perfect. I just started to find out more about you today and here I am. Its a strange thought to think that you maybe reading this soon. I was surprised to read that you are petite at 5′ and that you are Canadian.
    It would be a dream for a slave like me to be able to meet you and serve you. Do you ever come to Scotland. By the time you read this we may be independent so you must come and help me celebrate.
    I am also a photographer and i could think of no better model.

  23. I would like to serve you and be your slave. I am from Malaysia and it would be great if you want to come here. Its a beautiful country and it will definitely make you a happy person. I have a high end condominium near the best place in Kuala Lumpur and you are most welcome to stay with me and enjoy your stay here.

    We can have lots and lots of fun here together and I am prepared to pay your coming here. What say you dear? Serving you is my ultimate aim. You are so beautiful and have a great body! I wish I have met you earlier.

    Please let me know if this is acceptable.

    My love and obedience to you. Greywolf Malaysia

    • If you are serious & have the budget to pay for myself AND a friend to come then it’s actually possible…but the comments area on a blog is not the place to have this kind of discussion. Email.

  24. I will just start out by saying I love your videos. I was bored and thinking of you so I decided to start reading your blog for the first time.
    You are truly a beautiful person, my true feeling of dommes and mistresses was that they are really just stuck up people like they are in your videos. You are truly nothing of that sort. I just wanted to let you know that you have fascinated me today and I would love to know so much more about you but I know that is a no no in your eyes.
    I have so much more to say but I know you don’t like your emails to be to long.
    Much Love,

    • Hi Matt,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Regarding this: “I would love to know so much more about you but I know that is a no no in your eyes”…I’m not sure what you’d like to know but you can go ahead & ask it. There is a lot of info here already if you start from the beginning (the first half dozen blog posts tells the story of how I became Mistress T).
      Mistress T

      • First off, what do you feel when you think about men jerking off to your videos?
        What advice would you give someone who is scared to show their fetishes?
        Last; do you appreciate video tributes? Men cumming in their own mouths, taking a load on their face from someone much bigger, etc.

        • Working backward: 1. Video tributes? Having me look at you is a privilege. Having my attention is a privilege. So unless a guy pays me (money) to look at him/his dick then sending me any kind of dick pic or vid is considered very rude. So: NO ‘video tributes’ (unless a money tribute is also sent).

          2. Scared to show your fetish? Too vague. It depends what the fetish is & what the specific circumstances are.

          3. How do I feel about men jerking to my vids? Again, pretty vague question. Obviously I’m okay about it as I’ve been doing it for years. I don’t get a big power trip from it. I’m a pretty grounded, realistic person. Guys tend to be visual, they like to look at stuff when they jerk off, I give them good stuff to look at. Maybe you had a more specific question in mind but didn’t know how to word it?

  25. Love your work……o from Mexico anu chance of you comming here!?? I use to watch porn sites …and i found you..you have become my fantasy ever since …always dream of you .you habe awaken a very deep passion in me,hope i can one day share it with you….!!

    • No plans for Mexico at this time…but I don’t ‘tour’. I would never plan a trip to Mexico & advertise sessions/see multiple clients. I pretty much only visit a city now if 1 fan pays my expenses to come there to meet with them. So if you’re in a financial position to do that (return airfare from Vancouver, accommodation + a tribute) email me to discuss details.

  26. Hello Mistress T,
    I’m from Germany and I just wanted to tell you that I adore the stuff you do in your videos, especially your cuckold videos. They make me realize that sex can be so much more psychologically complex than many people imagine. I wonder, after doing so much work in the sex industry, would you (still) call what you do your passion? Or is it just a normal job for you?

    I wish you the best 😉

    • I am perhaps more passionate than ever about some aspects of my job. Currently I’m feeling driven to educate, inform, enlighten.

      Over time I have lost interest in different parts of my work & changed focus. Things naturally evolve. I don’t think this could ever be ‘just a normal job’ for me.

  27. What would a guy had to do to conquer your heart???..you are every mens dream come true….you are every desire i ever had encarnated…if only you gave me a chance to at least se my reflection in your eyes , i would show you how you deserv to be treated(like the Queen that tou are)….

    • Posting a comment on a public blog rather than emailing me is a bad start. The sloppy punctuation, spelling & grammar also don’t help.

      • The person above has made me curious. How many marriage proposals from e-weirdos do you get? How annoying do you find it?

        I think there is always a danger of being overly fetishised and turned into a commodity in a business like this, so I think that it is pretty important for performers to have blogs like this try humanise your presence.

        One last question; out of anyone in history, whom has been your biggest influence in life?

  28. Greetings Mistress T..

    I’m Ajay from India. As mentioned above by one of the members, I would love to meet you in person, during your visit to India. Your videos are absolutely stunning.
    I’ll keep watching this space, to keep myself updated about your trips.
    Hoping to meet you soon..

    (An ardent fan of yours)

    • I have no plans to return to India. I’ve been there twice, a couple months each time. If a fan wanted me to come to India (or anywhere else) to meet with them my rate would be VERY high & ‘activities’ would be VERY limited (no intercourse or oral sex, etc.) So, if you have a generous budget, realistic expectations & you’re able to prove immediately that you are serious (by sending a tribute to apply) feel free to email me to discuss.

  29. Hey,

    It’s good that you personally reply to all of us, that makes you special.
    I’ve googling for some time now and “man’ your videos make me so horney that i nearly raped my girlfriend. I’m masturbating a lot because of you.
    It kinda ruing things for me. I’d like to know what you of it.

    Mister M

  30. Since you have spoken a bit about your personal life, I just wondered how a mistress is perceived in her immediate family ? How do parents,cousins,siblings,neighbours look at you? Is there awe/fear/bemusement/curiosity/disgust/quiet acceptance?
    At family functions are you a celebrity or is there finger pointing. Sorry if i am intrusive but i have always wondered how normal is life for you outside the lifestyle. Sometimes i wonder how my mom or close family would react if i told her/the that i had paid a woman to be able to drink her pee. Wonder how your mom reacted the first time you told her you humiliated a strange man into similar deeds. Just curious since you are a larger than life femdom celebrity.

  31. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your blog! I have a website called http://femdoming.com/ and I would LOVE to publish some of your articles on our page. Please check out our site and if this sparks your interest please get back to me! I look forward to publishing your articles!!


  32. Hello from Russia! I love your creativity, well, not against pouchavstvovat some filming on certain subjects. Yes, and do not mind to spend nice time with you. How to contact you? And I apologize for any mistakes, so as I write through the Google translator. And it’s not advertising Google, Yandex pizzhe joke only the best :))
    Mistress T

  33. Hi beautiful, you really are an amazing women you know. Your very suductive and sweet I would love to someday experience some one like you taking control of what the want and sexually desire the way you do. If you ever want some one new to play with send me a mrssage. In 30 male and and think you exceptional. I would love to give you that energy no one else can and satisfy all your needs and wants. from the kiss of your lips to the tip of your nose, youll fall in love with me for forever and never want to let me go 😉 I’m also a poet and hiphop artist that makes adult music..

  34. Hi Mistress T!

    I love your videos, especially since you’re Canadian. I live in TO and it’s nice to see a Canadian with such a distinct imagination and creativity with a deep personality as well. I only stumbled across a few of your clips just recently but I’ve been impressed by the variety that your site offers. Life can be tough sometimes and it’s nice that you offer a way to connect with your fans. By the way your skin is absolutely gorgeous.

  35. I think the Video you did with Gordon as your husband ROCKS!… I was so hoping he was indeed your real husband because the Cuckold Blackmail scenario…With a little Divorce threat is so appealing to me…I would gladly serve as your Cuckold and happily wear your chastity cage & locket!

  36. Now I’m a big fan of your work. It’s very hard to find TRUE “dominas” out there. ( here in Brazil, even harder…) I just love (and get awfully hot!!) watching your videos, hearing the kinky things yous say to your slaves while you pump them as hard as they deserve. And dream of becoming one of them myself one day.
    Well, I’m not gonna waste your time with praise, you know hot hot and hard and good you are. Keep up with the amazing job. Your videos make our dreams come true.
    And, by the way, if my mistress can forgive me, you’ll eve be my late night vampire visit. Yep, that was your first video I ever saw. And it was AMAZING! My blood is yours, Mistress!!!!

  37. I’m confused it said that she is 37 yo and first comment was added in 2011. Is it safe to assume that she is 43 now?

    • If by ‘she’ you mean me, Mistress T, I turn 41 the end of this month. I’ve never lied about my age so not sure what you’re referring to there, maybe I updated my age on that page at some point but didn’t keep updating it every year? But also…who cares? Why do people put so much emphasis on age? For what I do for work is there really much difference between 37 & 43 anyway? Whatever.

  38. Hi Mistress T, I am Roshan from Srilanka, love your blog and I love you.
    ’As mentioned above by one of the members, I would love to meet you . Do you like to visit Srilanka?.


  39. Hi Mistress T
    I love your website and blog they’re very professional and all of your videos and photos have a unique style. I have an idea for a video, you should make a silent videos shot on super 8 film. It would be totally unique and would stand out from every other porn video on the internet today. Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was a teenager and I have been shooting on super 8 film since my early 20’s.
    I have a collection of of vintage super 8 cameras and I read here on your site that you accept gifts, I’d love to send you one of my super 8’s with a couple of rolls film included. One of the labs in Canada I know of is Niagara custom lab. You don’t need a projector anymore because now they can just scan it to DVD, let me know if you’re interested. Keep up the great work on your site, and im really looking forward to your book.


  40. Dear Mistress T,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your hard work. I came across your clips by accident about 3 or 4 years ago on other sites and they really helped me.

    I came out of the closet in october last year at the grand age of 37! The whole process of coming out late was traumatic for me as I had hidden my true sexuality since I was 14. I was living two lives in my head, I was trying so hard to be what everyone else wanted I didn’t consider my own feelings.

    Your clips were a real eye opener for me and made me confront my gay desires head on and I realised I wasn’t living an authentic life.

    I’ve only just joined your main site but I’m really enjoying the clips. The gay themed ones are exactly what I was looking for, sometimes you just need that push and encouragement to admit and reaffirm your feelings.

    Thanks Again

    ADE x

    Ps. Everyone knows I’m gay now including my family. I’m much happier and I’m kind of seeing someone! It’s early days but I feel like I have a future now. xx

  41. Watching porn gets boring fast.
    But you bring a wicked sense of fun to your videos that I like.
    That combination of a kind face with a mean mouth is killer! 😉

  42. I love your pics and videos, and reading about your life and perspective on things makes it all the better (along with the fact that your height is 5′ 0″–perfect!). I’m wondering if you have considered doing non-femdom porn. The thought was provoked by photos of you relaxed on the beach or in some ordinary situation. What about a romantic pegging scene, with a couple vacationing in a cabin by a lake . . . or by the ocean at sunset? What about a couple who just started going out, and she gives him his first anal fingering? Or newlyweds on their honeymoon, and the bride puts on a strap-on to deflower the groom? Just a thought.

    • Custom vids start at $200. If you have a hankering to see me in a certain scene just zip me an email & we can discuss.

  43. Hello Miss T.

    I wanted to express how much I’ve enjoyed your work over the years. I particularly love the cuckolding and the creampie work you’ve done. Maybe I’m a little different in the fact I prefer you fully covered, as I I think what you do using your mind and words is all that’s required to get the message across. Plus you look simply sensational in black leather or latex. I’m in Vancouver and Seattle in the next few months, and would happily pay to come and see you, serve you and be of use. The more intricate details I will of course email, but you are by far and away THE best domme I think I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been in the fetish world for 20+ years. There is one video you’ve done in particular which I found unbelievably hot. Anyway, with permission, I’d like to email and try to arrange something. I’m in the UK but have no problem coming to you. Thank you Miss.

  44. Judging from what I’ve seen, you’re certainly a feminist, but your videos seem to convey a genuinely profound hatred of men. I’m just wondering: do you hate men as much as Mistress T seems to hate them?

    I’d love to read about your thoughts.

    • Do you also wonder if Johnny Depp is actually a pirate? Porn is entertainment. I am a performer. I play roles. I fulfill fantasies. Asking me if I’m really a man hater is like asking me if I’m also a giantess, a therapist, a doctor, a teacher, a cheating wife, a prison guard…
      I also question the shallow view point that Mistress T is a man hater. Dominating, controlling & humiliating men who crave that treatment strikes me as the opposite of hating them. If I hated them, wouldn’t I deny them of their cravings?
      I am a feminist. I believe in equality, for all genders, sexual orientations, races, etc.

      • OMG, give me strength!!….how do you do it Mistress!?? You are truly a wonderful committed and patient angel. Guys, Mistress knows us better than we know ourselves, and you can’t have that knowledge without being truly passionate about something/someone. Ipso facto, Mistress has a deep passion for the clearly messed up maleness!

        Forgive me Mistress, this is my first day of trying to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, but I just had to speak out after a string of passive horny postings with little real interest in who you really are!!

        I was hoping to find insight like postings many years ago of you travelling to Machu Picchu, and bumping into back packing fans. Seeing your day to day experiences is wonderful.

        You are the real deal, and I can only marvel at the delicate balance you walk between worlds. Me, I struggle more with that, but hope to take inspiration from You.

        Thank You for Your genuine exquisiteness Mistress.

        From our hearts, we love You.

      • Looking back, I agree it was pretty ignorant of me to think of it like that. It might be obvious I’m unfamiliar with the femdom scene, so that’s my excuse for my ignorance! I suppose it’s testament to how convincing you are on camera. Your performance is very genuine, and thinking of it like that, it’s almost inspiring.

        P.S: I wish I had lips and eyes like yours.

  45. Mistress T – this is Rocket Kirchner a professional musician from St Louis . I think that some people dont understand the difference between a performer and the real self . They confuse the two . I would have to say of someone ( age 62 ) that has been playing the guitar and writing and performing my whole life, you are one of the best at what you do

    . In your point of view clips like ”Feel my power”, your hand motion and verbal execution of Eros / Venus fusion in your timing of the rests and silences between your monologue creates a time stopping intimacy with the viewer . This of course gives the viewer a chance for verbal response that heightens the experience . Have you ever read Camille Paglia ”Sexual Personae”? i highly recommend it . Rocket

  46. Hey! Hi!

    I really want to have the Big Blue “hotrod” penis you were wielding in the clip my husband I ran across while drinking wine and cruising Strapon porn. It was large and flared larger towards the base.
    I feel bad asking as it was a free movie so I have to admit I have not in any way supported your business, but I looked everywhere and can’t find it, and am desperate to have one just like it. 🙁

    • Patricia,

      You missed the part where you say: “So we joined your site (or bought a few vids from your clips store) to show that we respect that you’re running a business & your time is valuable.”

  47. Mistress t love everything you do. I’m a 34 blk male. I love the race play and everything. My dream is to be dominated by you one day. Keep up the excellent work. You are truly the best.

  48. The eroticism of a confident and assertive woman, blended with beauty and angst, all held together by a just-under-the-surface sadist that only being a friendly Canadian can hide from the outside world.
    The most surly intriguing part of your videos is your eyes, as if they smolder through my monitor and stare directly into my soul.

  49. Hello from California, USA. I am a really big fan on yours and love that you do most of your own work. Would love to see you do a video with an Asian man. Most videos I see involving an Asian man, they for some reason blur out the man’s penis. Only reason I want to see you do a video with an Asian man is because I am Asian myself. You are definitely one of my favorite girls on the internet. Hope I get you meet you one day.


    • I work with what I’ve got…I film in Vancouver with volunteers. But you might not even know he’s Asian as most guys don’t show their faces in my vids.

  50. I’m a big fan from Tennessee.
    I was wondering if you do your own makeup? It’s always stunning and actually what I like best about you. It’s not ‘over the top’ but is remarkably sexy and pretty at the same time. I particularly like your choice of lipstick shades. Would you be willing to sell your used lipsticks?

  51. I assume you do your own makeup. If not please correct me. It’s always perfect, pretty and sexy at the same time, not over the top but very sensual. Love your choice of lip color especially, would love to know brand/shade of some of the lip colors you wear.

  52. I am truly fascinated and always excited when I watch your well fllmed videos.There is just a great understanding of what makes me tick with domination varieties in your films like spices, the spaghetti sauce is always good , just different in each video.You have more sex appeal than any of the chromed porn actresses, you are real and authentic which truly makes you a star (and powerful ;))in my book.

  53. My goodness I had no IDEA you were so petite. Your intellect makes you seem larger than life…at least to me. Anyway, without wasting anymore of your time, I’ll cut to the chase. The artwork, very sexy. Your short hair, fucking love it. I look forward to being humiliated by you some day.

  54. Hello Mistress T, I am 22 years old girl and recently I started a relationship with a boy (24y.o) who is into femdom, dominatrix and that stuff. I had never experienced this before but I am open minded and I really like the idea of empowerig woman taking control over man. The problem is that as I said I am very new in this area, and many times I dont know what to do, and especially what to say. I want to be like you! Watching you is so pleasent, what do you recomend me? Where I should start?
    P.D: sorry for my english I am from Argentina. Hope to hear foward from you!

    • Best thing you can do is communicate with your boyfriend about what he’s into. You can even do a role play interrogation scene where you either seduce or force via pain the information out of him. You can also ask him to show you his favorite porn vids & tell you what it is about them that he likes. Once you understand what he’s into you can figure out what he likes that you also like & feel comfortable & excited doing with him. Your pleasure is more important than his when it comes to FemDom, remember that…but boundaries should be per-discussed, safe words used & mutual respect given. Have fun!

  55. I love that you look like you are having so much fun stroking a hot cock! I will never get tired of watching you give handjobs! I would happily volunteer, but I only have an average cock. I can only dream of you stroking my cock. Well, unless you would like to do an average cock series!

  56. Having dealt with loss, looking at your face gives some comfort. Haven’t looked at any of the x-rated stuff tbh, but seeing your face is comforting. All the best to you.

  57. You are by far the most gorgeous absolutely beautiful woman that I have ever seen you have The most beautiful eyes and lips and you have the most gorgeous perfect body everything about you but I have to tell you I have never in my 64 years have ever seen such a gorgeous well manicured ass as yours just absolutely delicious you are very yummy

  58. Hello Mistress T! I enjoy very much your videos. Most of the guys have very nice cocks, and hopefully in future we’ll see more uncut cocks, maybe. Thank you for inspiring me and I was wondering if you have any anal sex videos.
    Greetings from Nevada!

  59. Hey Mistress T!

    Just wondering . . . Have you ever thought about a “books on tape” kind of gig? I love your videos, but as an aside your voice has such a comforting cadence I can’t decide if you turn me on more or make me want to take a nap (which I love almost as much, lol!). I’m 6’6 and am intrigued by your petite stature. You’re a knockout. Anyway, please keep up the great work. I could listen to you as easily as I enjoy watching you.

    All the best,


  60. I was deep into gooning, browsing gay porn for hard kicks when I came across your encouragement video and was smitten! I *love* your voice and your presentation – very eloquent and engaging! Needless to say I watched quite a few of your videos and then read your blog. You stopped me in my tracks Mistress T and gave me a very positive and human moment. Thank you! I shall be following you with interest: sexy, smart and honest… that most powerful of aphrodisiacs! Best wishes. Peter

  61. I wish my dreams become true to meet you Mistress even 10 minutes or do a session with you
    I know it is not possible as I live in the UK which is far away of Canada and can’t afford the money to travel to Canada or even book 1 session with you.
    Everyday I watch your videos and think about you (I am 42 years old live in the UK .
    Thanks Mistress for adding an extra touch to these kind of videos .
    You are the best ever

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