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52 thoughts on “MistressT.net

  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering if you ever rented dungeons in San Francisco? You seem very familiar and I think I’ve had sessions with you before. My mistress suddenly disappeared from a website that I use to frequent, and I think you might be her! If so, I would like to schedule a appointment with you. For I have been longing for you discipline. Our scenes where race related and very intense. I’ve notice that you have used some of the same vocabulary that my mistress use to say. Have you gone by any other name other than mistress T? Hope to hear from you soon. Frederick

    • I’ve only ever been Mistress T & I am certain I am not who you are thinking of (your former Mistress). I have no SF plans.

    • Hey ian, commenting on my blog doesn’t really seem like the best way to go about applying to be a film slave, now does it? Not if you’re serious…right?
      Send an email.
      -List what activities you’re willing to do on film.
      -Include clear pics of your nude torso & erect penis (don’t just send a ‘dick pic’).
      The best time to send that well-communicated but brief email is the end of Sept. Again, email me the END of Sept. By then I should have my UK dates booked (for Oct probably).

  2. I don’t speak well english; but i’am very pleased to meet you : wonderfulMistress t !
    If you’re Have a plans to come to paris :l’am very very happy to meet you . I’am on your service if you to com paris !

  3. Bonjour,
    I just discovered recently your beauty and videos. I was quite impress by the special kind of seduction and charm coming out from you. We’ll probably never meet, you’re living in Canada…i’m living in the south of France…and being just a regular normal man, i’ll probably never afford to meet you in real life, what is kind of sad…
    Anyway, i want to offer you tonight this little poetry by Charles Baudelaire “les bijoux” in a good english translation, this poetry seems to be write for you :
    The Jewels :
    My darling was naked, and knowing my heart well,
    She was wearing only her sonorous jewels,
    Whose opulent display made her look triumphant
    Like Moorish concubines on their fortunate days.

    When it dances and flings its lively, mocking sound,
    This radiant world of metal and of gems
    Transports me with delight; I passionately love
    All things in which sound is mingled with light.

    She had lain down; and let herself be loved
    From the top of the couch she smiled contentedly
    Upon my love, deep and gentle as the sea,
    Which rose toward her as toward a cliff.

    Her eyes fixed upon me, like a tamed tigress,
    With a vague, dreamy air she was trying poses,
    And by blending candor with lechery,
    Her metamorphoses took on a novel charm;

    And her arm and her leg, and her thigh and her loins,
    Shiny as oil, sinuous as a swan,
    Passed in front of my eyes, clear-sighted and serene;
    And her belly, her breasts, grapes of my vine,

    Advanced, more cajoling than angels of evil,
    To trouble the quiet that had possessed my soul,
    To dislodge her from the crag of crystal,
    Where calm and alone she had taken her seat.

    I thought I saw blended in a novel design
    Antiope’s haunches and the breast of a boy,
    Her waist set off so well the fullness of her hips.
    On that tawny brown skin the rouge stood out superb!

    — And when at last the lamp allowed itself to die,
    Since the fire alone lighted the room,
    Each time that it uttered a flaming sigh,
    It drenched with blood that amber colored skin!

    PS : I really hope you enjoyed it ! Take care 😉

  4. Mistress T,
    I love your videos, love your natural sensual tones. It comes through as a genuine enjoyment of your work. Which leads me to fantasize about being the subject of your attention. Which is the point right? Keep up the good work
    -just another fan,

    • Hi Jack.
      I see you.
      Looking at your light box, reading this.
      Knowing that I’m watching you.
      There, how was it having my attention? Hot? Or a little bit creepy?
      Mistress T

  5. Dear Mistress,It was very wonderful seeing your wonderful photographs from England.Thankyou sincerly yours sissy slave ted

  6. The English Mansion was exciting and liberating.i would love to join.i would love to be in one of your movie’s as a sissy slave.i was ashamed to hear read your rant Mistress.Some of us slave’s must be taught our place and almost constandly reminded of our place.thankyou sincerly yours sissy slave ted

  7. I’ve always been so amazed by your beauty, then I read about you… turns out you are originally from Nova Scotia, which is where I am born and raised, your way of control is perfect too,3/3. You’re the only Mistress I don’t think I could bear with not ever getting a session with. Someday I will make the long NS to Vancouver trip just for that purpose, that’s not a dream either, that’s a promise.

    • I visit NS about once a year. Although I don’t normally take sessions there you never know, maybe I’ll make an exception. Email to inquire if you are serious & have a decent budget.

  8. Hello mistress T , if you ever come to london ontario canada I hope to be your little cuckold slave who will do anything you say

  9. Dear Mistress,,

    I am i owe of you, I was wondering if you would be travelling to bali again?

    would please mistress please provide me with your contact email?

  10. Good Afternoon Mistress T What a wonderful thing You’re doing with Your offer to help KIVA & give some lower income or guys sitting on the fence about subscribing to Your site an opportunity to watch some of the best kink on the web & You are one of the most articulate creative caring & sexy Mistresses around, sounds like a real worth while charity. Just to let You know that i haven’t been a mbr. for a while now but i will join your site once again & give a $50 donation to Kiva. Thanks proud of You being Vancouver is my home town too. robertxoxo

  11. I guess I’m a casual fan. I really like to read your blog to understand where you are with this whole mistress T deal. Love your attitude and your outlook and I think you are very brave. I may not be your target market, since I’m madly in love with my wife, but I’d love it if you could teach her that attitude to spice up our marriage.

    • Not my target market…yet you’ve found your way to my blog? From a marketing perspective: how did you find me? (If it involved a tube site or free sharing/piracy site pls do not name it or promote it in your reply).
      As for your lovely wife…not that you’re asking me, but I have been asked to train wives/girlfriends many times. It’s something I’ve thought about but not something I’m keen on yet. I can train someone on specific play, safety, how to use certain toys/props/implements…I can even teach role-play…but I can’t teach any person to have an authentic Dominant attitude or a desire to be Dominant. A woman either wants to be like that or she doesn’t. She either is or she isn’t…in my opinion:-)

  12. Hello mistress,
    I love your videos your so beautiful and Kinky, would dream and wish to Be in one of your videos and worship you but don’t think it will happen, I’m young in early 20s and I’m from new York but glad to see you on this!

  13. Hi there. Huge fan. You have honestly opened my eyes to an entire genre of kink. I have had a wonderful time watching your videos and enjoying your siren-esque voice.
    Do you ever come to San Francisco? Love to meet up for a drink or a chat or a session or a… or a.. or a…


  14. Hi Mistress T. Not shure what to say or send a email. Maybe I should have sent thIs years ago, not shure. I am a Norwegian living near by London, been obsessed of you for years now, and the thought of being dominated by a woman, hope to conclude my thougths by enter a femdom session, with you or some near London, and I would do anything for you if you could help me out, or not. x

  15. I thought your blog was interesting making an important point but also missing an important point. Maybe I see what’s missing because most of what you wrote, I repeat, most not all, of what you wrote is interestingly is 180 degrees opposite of myself. That’s not bad, diversity make life interesting.

    You said think it’s dangerous for people to objectify you into the Mistress T box. I think it can be dangerous to stray out of that box. You suggest that people should look beyond the person they just jerked off or watched eat his cum for you. And that both people should try to see or at least understand that there is a whole other side to cum eater or the tits and ass. Recognize that there is real and different person “behind the curtain”. Unfortunately, unlike the Wizard of Oz, the person behind the curtain could be the real monster. I think it is important to remind people of that.

    It’s safe to say that for most people, that person behind the curtain has another side to their life that deserves consideration and respect is fair and accurate. However, people should also be reminded that the person who just got off to someone’s latest foot fetish video or blew their load while being totally humiliated by someone on NiteFlirt, may not have an important job to get back to, or a sick mom, or a wife and kids to spend time with. That person might have a serious problem and use that pent up frustration and humiliation as the fuel to maybe beat up his wife and kids, or worse maybe he hits the street and rapes or murders someone.

    And on the flip side, let’s not forget about the adorable sweet princess brat, escort, or dominatrix on NiteFlirt and C4S and other sites who may be a sociopath and a thief. Who’s only real interest to rip people off, steal information from a credit card, and their identity for the sole purpose of stealing as much as they can. Don’t forget the sweet people who meet for real time sessions only to have their boyfriend (or pimp) beat and rob the poor fool who comes to visit. It happens all of the time.

    I can see your point of wanting people to know there’s a whole other side of you. You seem very intelligent. You’re smart, experienced, can be trusted, and most importantly, see the boundary between the box and the real world and know when it’s safe to cross it.

    A lot of women with less experience, and men too look up to you. Clearly you influence a lot of people. Perhaps you should consider writing a few words in your blog about how you’ve used your intelligence to keep yourself and your reputation safe and unblemished, would also be helpful.

    And remember… Respect is a gift. It’s not a right, and people can’t demand it. It’s an earned privilege. A gift that comes over time with actions, not words.

    • Oh “Jim”, my poor, fearful friend. I want you to really let these words sink in: “There are more people in this world who would rather hug you than hurt you.”
      Read it again. Understand that it is true.
      Are there bad people in this world or people who do bad things? Yes, of course. But there are far, FAR more good people. As a petite female who has travelled all over this world solo and worked in the adult industry for a decade (both considered high risk for rape, murder, abuse, stalking, etc.) I can tell you that the real world is not as scary as the media would like you to believe. You are best served in this life thinking more positively. You can hope for the best while preparing for the worst…taking a bit of precaution but not expecting the worst.
      As for your specific fears, the examples you gave seem to be from certain areas of the sex trade that would be considered riskier. There’s a lot of different ways to exchange sexual services for money. There’s also more than one way to buy a car. Stay with me here. If you buy a new car from a reputable dealership you will likely get what you pay for. If you go to the worst part of town and look for a drug addict in an alley who might have a used or stolen car to sell you there is a good chance you’re not going to have a positive experience.
      There’s a lot of ways to buy a car in between those two extreme examples…but I hope you’re following me?
      So if guys seek sexual services from reputable, independent providers (online or in person) they are likely going to have a more positive experience. It’s just a matter of being smart about how they shop. This is also a more ethical choice as a reputable, independent provider is less likely to be trafficked or exploited.

      Your post is the kind of stigmatized fear-mongering that the adult industry doesn’t need, on either side. Porn doesn’t cause men to beat, rape or murder. The sex trade doesn’t turn women into scam artists. Your statements indicate that you have a very narrow & negative understanding of the adult industry/sex trade…like how the media & church tends to portray it. The reality is not what most people think & unless you have been a sex worker in some way or you have been a long-time customer with varied experience…you can’t really know what you’re talking about.
      I hope that my comments cause you to be less fearful. My intention is only to educate not to belittle or lecture. The world really is full of kind people…in my experience, there are even more kind perverts and kind people working in the adult industry:-)

  16. Mistress T,

    Your amazing and not a lazy lover. Nor do I see it as selfish for you to be thoughtful enough to allow a lucky person to service you. Your beautiful very sexy and all a real man desires is to fuck your perfect little pussy until he is finished. I think its kind that you allow a cuckold to massage your swollen come oozing pussy lips to orgasm not to mention we get to swallow. Please don’t feel selfish. It’s fair .

  17. Hi Mistress T. If someone requests a custom video by email, how long would it usually be before the video was done and uploaded? Do you do all requests as long as they fit into your own fetishes/theme? Thanks and you truly are the best in the business, you are indescribably amazing

  18. Dear, beautiful Mistress T,

    I am submissive from Serbia, Novi Sad… Really big fan of You and Your art of Dominating! My biggest wish is cuckolding and forced bi included in it and I am trully addicted about that theme… I know that is not realistic that You will come in my country to see me, but it is nice that I can send You all my love, hugs and kisses and giving to You attention that You deserve … allways the best and the biggest … 😉 ❤️❤️❤️♠️♠️♠️❤️❤️❤️

  19. you the most beautiful woman, congrats. and best wishes in whole you do to make us happy & satisfied watching you on TV. you are the best

  20. You are an unbelievably sexy and alluring woman… or should I say Goddess. Your videos turn me on so heavily. You have a perfect body to die for, beautiful hair and seductive eyes… and you have amazing intuition in the technique of male masturbation; you have it down to an art form, just as I have great intuition of the female technique . I so wish my own hand was yours. Oh to make love to you with all my amorous desire for you.
    I live in a totally different country… so I could never be one of your slaves, but at least I can enjoy your online work. Please keep it up, I especially love the ones where you jerk off your “son”.

  21. I’ve seen your recordings recently and I liked it because you look completely different from other girls in the business, and then I saw you were born the same day as I did, interestingly

  22. Mistress T,
    There is a photo of you I have seen as a jpg entitled “Beach Bum” in which you are laying on a log, facing into the sunshine. Is it possible to purchase a download of that photo. It is an attractive picture of you.

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