Last chance for Goddess Party Sept 29, 2017!

Top left: Samantha Mack with Evilyn13 (tongue out). Bottom left: Skylar Heart Right: Mistress T sitting on Miss Jasmine's lap.

Top left: Samantha Mack with Evilyn13 (tongue out).
Bottom left: Skylar Heart
Right: Mistress T sitting on Miss Jasmine’s lap.

A couple months ago I announced an upcoming Goddess Party for Sept 29, 2017:

With only 10 spots for slaves in the private (non-filmed) part of the party, it filled up very quickly, no surprise…BUT we decided to have a little sadistic fun & keep one spot available for y’all to fight over. So, how badly do you want the last spot? To be the last guy, lucky number 10 at a small private party with 5 Goddess’s: Miss Jasmine, Samantha Mack, Skylar Heart, Evilyn13 & yours truly?

It’s an auction boys & the prize goes to the highest bidder. Minimum bid is $800. Send your bid to Miss Jasmine after reading the party details here:

Deadline for getting your bids in: September 10th, 2017.

So that’s for the 2nd part of the party, the private part. If you’re a big ol’ whore & not camera-shy the more the merrier at the 1st part, the filmed encouraged bi gang-bang, circle-jerk, slurp & ass fuck cum-fest. Strap-on fun & cock sucking will be on deck for the 1st part of the party, this part will be filmed (hoods/masks to cover your ugly face are a-okay.)

Recent, clean STI tests are required to get your gay on & model releases will need to be signed!

We have a nice selection of man-sluts for the first part already, this is gonna be FUN. Read the party info for all the dirty details. Read it. Don’t just get all excited & go off half-cocked. Read the info. Got it? Good boy.

If you’re confused, this link should clear it up. But again, there are 2 parts of the party. The 1st part is the gay stuff, that’s filmed. No cap on the number of sluts for that one. The 2nd part is private, no filming, only 10 slaves allowed & the last spot is being auctioned off to the highest bidder:


Mistress T

Members Site:




Canadian wish list: Click here

US wish list: Click here

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  1. Man! That’s where I want to be, that’s my party of a life time, I want to be the guy getting pegged by you, the one in the middle of the jerk circle, the one sucking dicks and dildos, the one taking cock up my ass! The one being humiliated,And being in your presence Mistress T, serving you in anything and everything. I am yours, always!

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