Goddess Party: September 29, 2017!

Miss Jasmine, Mistress T & Samantha Mack

Miss Jasmine, Mistress T & Samantha Mack

There’s a lot of history between Samantha Mack, Miss Jasmine & I. 10+ years of history & that includes some EPIC Goddess Parties. They weren’t all filmed but some of them were. Oh yes. If you search “Goddess Party” on my clips4sale studio or members site you’ll find many debauches party scenes of women playing with submissive men. Highly entertaining stuff.

It’s been a few years since we’ve thrown a party & the requests have never stopped rolling in, so we decided to have one! Yippee! We’re combining filmed with un-filmed activities & keeping it really intimate. The bigger parties tended to get a bit too crazy so we’ve capped the private party to 10 sub males & 5 Goddesses.

Jasmine, Samantha & I have chosen a couple of other great gals for the party. Evilyn13 is a well regarded fetish model with a playfully sadistic side. She’s been very involved in the local fetish party scene in her personal life for many years. A feast for the eyes & will have guys groveling, no doubt. More on Evilyn13: http://www.evilyn13.com

Skylar Hart is a whip smart, highly skilled & experienced Dominatrix. Don’t let her youthful looks fool you, this woman knows exactly what she’s doing. For those who are more into the technical aspects of BDSM, Skylar will be a dream come true. Skylar Hart’s clips4sale page: https://clips4sale.com/110176

We announced the party a few days ago on twitter & we’ve already filled 3 spots (for both parts of the party), so if you want in on this get your application in ASAP! (Demand has been higher than expected so we might auction off the last couple of spots to the highest bidder…we’ll see *grin*)

Before the private (non-filmed) party we’re having a filmed encouraged bi gang bang. The main focus there will be guy/guy cock sucking & strap-on play. If that’s your main interest &/or you’re on a budget that’s a great option. Masks/hoods are optional if you don’t want to show your slut face.

You have the option to come to just the 1st part, just the 2nd part or both.

All the info is here: https://www.eurasianpersuasion.com/party Please read it carefully before applying. We are getting quite a few applicants & your chances of getting in on this will be better if you’ve applied properly/communicated clearly.

Can't read the tiny print? Of course not. Clink the link up there & go to the actual info page!

Can’t read the tiny print? Of course not. Clink the link up there & go to the actual info page!


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8 thoughts on “Goddess Party: September 29, 2017!

  1. This looks like a dream come true! Having served both Jasmin and yourself. Wonders! I’m sadly stuck in Edmonton otherwise I’d be there for a “CRUELER SURPRISE” haha

  2. Aww!! I wish could be there for all of it as one of your submissives! ThT would have been my greatest dream!

    Have fun my beautiful Mistress T!

    • I believe the party is now all booked up or there may be 1 spot left. There has been so much interest we are encouraging slaves to still apply as we may have another party shortly after (within a month of the first party, similar but different…depending on the types of applications we get).

  3. I am sure you all will have a great time. Part one looks like a good opportunity to explore the desire some of us have to relinquish restraint and give freely to try and please and serve powerful and controlling women.

    Looks like a great way for a guy who is not skittish about sucking cock to experience a Female Empowered Reality, and offer himself to some special Ladies for their enjoyment. I hope you all have fun.

    I hope for some lucky subs sake that he can convert on this opportunity, and give himself fully to a perceptive and appreciative Mistress who is both Happy and Luxuriant in her control over her adorer.

    Vic Valles, AKA OldBearSwitch

  4. I would love to fly there and join the private party but can only dream about it. I am putting together my all time favorite list of 10. I knew it would be difficult but the hardest part is force ranking my top 10.
    Just a suggestion…perhaps in a blog you could ask your fans for their top 10. Then value each # 1 as 10 points and # 10 as one point and get your fan top 10 ranking….Award the fan that was closest to the fan top 10 a pair of your stockings from real clip. I will gift you the stockings from your wish list.
    Just an idea but I bet your fans would have a lot of fun.
    Kisses your lovely toes

    • I am vehemently against comparing women to each other & ‘competitions’. I strongly dislike when slaves say one woman is “the best”. Woman are stronger when they support each other. We each have our strengths & we’re each on our own path of development. Slaves are welcome to like or prefer whoever but they’re best off making their choices with their wallets (supporting their favorites) & verbally keeping their opinions to themselves.

      • Not comparing women, Mistress. Rating your clips, only. Your fans top 10 Mistress T clips that are on your web site. Sorry I did not make that clear. I bet all your fans have a few special clips that they downloaded and view often.

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