Merry Ho…Ho:-)

Click the link below to see the free vid.

Click the link below to see the free vid.

Link to vid above:

Happy (whatever you celebrate)! …or in some cases…it may not be happy. For some this time may be dull, lonely or even depressing. Some of you will have some happy moments but will also have extra time on your hands with vacation time from work.

I am sensitive to the fact that this is not necessarily a happy time for some of you. In an attempt to escape those unhappy moments you may choose to spend more time masturbating to porn. I’m not a therapist (I just play one in adult vids) but masturbating may not be the worst thing you could so for yourself right now. So I always release a few extra vids during this time & I release at least a couple special ones that I think many guys will really love.

I also made this casual little free vid (see above) to hopefully give you a warm feeling & put a smile on your face. It’s been scientifically proven that the act of smiling, even if forced, releases some of those happy chemicals that lift your mood. So maybe watch some comedy stuff too?

As the vid says: “Thank you for being a fan…& take care of you.”

Big love,

Mistress T

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10 thoughts on “Merry Ho…Ho:-)

  1. I loved this video because of the spontaneity. I appreciate your smile and your kind words. It was also very nice of you to state that you were not drunk. Lol 😀 Yes, you contributed to my happiness, so THANK YOU. xoxo

  2. Sorry can’t resist: is the nickname of your left breast Catzilla. 😉

    By the way, a sexy person can do sexy videos even in pajama.

  3. THAT is you best video yet. Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful and prosperous new year.


  4. Mistress. May I return the good wishes for Christmas.

    It has been an incredible privilege to appear in some of your videos this year and I appreciate that it something that so many of your fans would so love to be able to say. But for me it lends special depth to your Christmas message and, yes, you have certainly contributed to my happiness and wellbeing!

    I hope so much that Christmas and the New Year bring you everything you desire and deserve.

    Your obedient slave, sova x

  5. Thank you so much for this very nice and warm video. Every time i buy and watch your videos i am convinced more and more that you are an exceptional woman. Obviously, i come to your clip store and website (i used to be a member some time ago) because you interpret my fantasies very well and i would like to thank you for that. Your art (yes, i consider your work to be erotic art) really does touch me and give me the pleasure i seek.
    Thank you for being you. And thank you for this message.

  6. Through the house of mirrors that is “fetish” acting, it is sometimes easy to forget that you don’t actually hate (most of) us. You are an impressive and kind women. It was nice to see “behind the curtain”.

    love you too..

    -the internet

  7. That was so sweet that I bought some more clips! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mistress T! I cant wait to see what you have in store for us in 2015!

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