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Want to meet me in person? Here’s what you need know:

#1. No, I am not coming to your city. I don’t ‘tour’, which means that I don’t announce I’m going to a place & then take a dozen sessions with multiple clients. I did this years ago & I am no longer interested. I occasionally accept an invitation to travel to another place IF the fan has compensated me extremely well AND we’ve built a rapport/I’m interested & feel comfortable with him. So start with an introduction and a tribute to get my attention. (There is a section on tributes on my FAQ:

#2. Want to see me in Vancouver? Your best chance of seeing me in person is if you are in Vancouver or willing/able to come to Vancouver.

#3. I don’t escort/engage in intercourse or oral sex with clients (no oral sex means no oral sex of any kind between us. No licking my genitals or anus.). No hard sports.

#4. What I do: Dominatrix/fetish/woman-in-control scenarios. My specialty is tie & tease/orgasm control/ruined orgasms/FemDom hand jobs. I am equally comfortable with sensually Dominant sessions or cruel humiliation scenarios. I have a full wardrobe of leather, latex, lingerie, hosiery, boots, shoes, gloves, etc. Minimum: $400/60 mins. (or $550/90mins. $700/2 hours.)

5. My social rate is $100/hr. Conversation over dinner, drinks, coffee/tea, etc.

Disclaimer: To be honest I really don’t have much time for private sessions these days. I rarely accept them as I’m either creating new content or enjoying a balanced personal life.

Email a brief but clearly communicated message that includes the specific activities you’re interested in, when you’re hoping to meet in Vancouver & session length request:

Mistress T

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4 thoughts on “Private Sessions

  1. Indeed your time is precious ……..Wish you a happy and a prosperous new year ahead………!

  2. Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog, you come across…well…nice. I now know you are Canadian and a bit more about the sort of person you are and how you like to be treated.

    You mentioned the English mansion, do you have plans for the UK this year?

    I am near Manchester but could travel to London. I would enjoy showing you round, having lunch and some time in a hotel if it is possible please.



    • I assume you know that a comment on my blog is not the appropriate or effective way to approach me for this?

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