Audiobook is finally available!


I know, it’s been far too long. Somehow you managed to survive without me updating my blog. Well done!

The current big news: my audiobook is finally out. I narrated it myself & I’m proud of how it turned out. It’s professionally recorded & edited. Nearly 11 hours of listening to my velvety voice: lucky you!

Available via Audible/Amazon/itunes:

Since I released the printed version of my book last December I’ve been really touched by the feedback. It’s not just my first book, it’s my life story. Vulnerable? Oh yeah. So many of you have written to tell me how you felt about my book and I appreciate the support more than you’ll ever know.

You can also find it on Amazon along with the paperback & kindle versions:


If you haven’t read or listened to my story I hope you will. It is more important to me than anything else right now. I don’t say that to “sell more books” for financial gain, it’s more about humanizing myself & other sex workers in ways that most fans don’t usually get opportunities to experience. In this age of porn I feel that is vitally important. Even for those who don’t think they objectify sex workers, this book will likely still shift your perspective.

Having said that, even after discovering what the T stands for (it’s in the book!) kindly address me by my chosen professional name, Mistress T, if you choose to write to me. Cheers.

Please rate & review! Thanks again for your support!


Mistress T

10 thoughts on “Audiobook is finally available!

  1. Dear Mistress T,
    Hello, I’m paul dunn.
    I’m a sub from Chicago and I am a HUGE fan of Your’s
    for it seems like forever!!!
    I just bought the Kindle and Audible version of Your new book.
    I can’t wait!!
    I drive tractor-trailer round trip between Chicago and Louisville, KY every night(M-F)
    and I look foreward to hearing it tonight!!!!
    Love and all the Best to You!!!
    Paul Dunn from Melrose Park, IL

  2. I read your first book and I just ordered the Kindle version of your new book, and looking forward to experiencing more of the real you.
    Thank you for your effort.

  3. Welcome back – always good to hear from Planet T and hope this project is going well for you xx

  4. Thankyou Mistress T for taking time out of your busy life to write a book. Not any book either, but a book about your life story. I am a sissy submissive (a very convincing TV at that) and I came across you a few years ago when my wife found me dressed and doing things in private. She found some of the sites I visited (yours the most popular ) and put things in place how you would have done if I were your husband- she told me she had a few secrets (Paul her boss, Carl her Salsa dance partner, Sean her mechanic and Jerome her fitness instructor!) I didn’t know because I was too busy sissifying myself. I dress almost daily, cook and clean greet her boyfriends at the door, take their jackets fix them a drink etc. I get her a bath ready on date nights, select her underwear brush her hair, do her nails etc and wish them a good night. They go for meals, cinema or theatre or stay in and fuck – I listen at the door in tight smallest chastity and I love it. I clean her pussy regularly when her hunks have came – this is all down to you Goddess and Mistress T
    Thank you

    Respectfully SissyFreya
    Living Near Chester UK

  5. Where have you been? I ordered your book (enjoyed it much, btw) then you disappeared from your blogs.

    • I know! And I obviously owe everyone a full explanation. Oh wait, no I don’t:-)

      Thanks for buying my book though, hope you enjoyed it.

  6. “Having said that, even after discovering what the T stands for (it’s in the book!) kindly address me by my chosen professional name, Mistress T, if you choose to write to me.”

    Mmmm – don’t forget, Mistress T, that name did actually feature here once before…

  7. Hi Mistress T,
    Just bought your audiobook…..
    From the description I believe Im in for a good listening experience….

    Will be happy to leave a review…..
    All the best!

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