A pain in the neck…


It all started with a sore neck. I don’t know why but I woke up Sunday morning with a stiff neck & I badly wanted a massage. I was also horny & feeling like some adventure. I decided a massage/orgasm combo would be perfect.

Long-time readers of my blog may recall a couple blog entries I’ve written about my adventures in paying for sexual services or getting “Rub n’ tugs” (Massage with hand release/orgasm):



So Sunday I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a guy with massage skills to work out my kinks with the potential of more if it felt right in the moment. My inbox was immediately flooded with eager applicants. It was difficult to sift through the mess to determine who would actually be any good at massage. I did the best I could wadding through the promises of horny, desperate guys & made a choice.

For anyone with any experience hooking up with random strangers on the internet for free or paid sex or dating, you understand how this often goes:

I show up to the guys place, he opens the door and weighs about 100 pounds more than he did in the picture. So I know I’m not going to fuck him, but my neck does hurt, so what the heck. He’s nervous but obviously over joyed that I showed up looking better than he expected. He starts the massage & it felt like drunk kittens were staggering around on my back. This guy had the massage skills of a fish. I guided him as best I could & when my neck was at least slightly more relaxed I flipped over & told him to lick my pussy. Fat & ugly or not, I could close my eyes & pretend he was someone else.

Happily, his oral skills were decent & it didn’t take me long to cum. I didn’t plan on reciprocating but as he stood up I noticed the wet spot on the front of his pants & on the bed. He had blown his load in his underwear without even touching himself. He was very embarrassed about it. What a stud. I wish I could make this stuff up folks, but I’m telling you, this really happened.

A couple days later I still had a stiff neck & I passed by a massage place that I was pretty sure was one of those (Korean/Vietnamese?) “Rub n’ Tug” establishments. I decided to give it a go. I walked in & was greeted by a slightly confused looking Asian woman. She said they just had ‘a rush’ & it would be about 20 minutes. I said no problem, I would wait. I sat down in the small, kind of grubby front area. A moment later a tall, handsome black guy walked in & looked confused to see me sitting there. I smiled, knowing that he was there for an Asian girl to massage & jerk him off & he was confused to see a Caucasian woman. Another Asian woman came out & was confused to see us both & assumed we were there together. I laughed & said we weren’t together yet. It was a pleasure to see him squirm.

Eventually I was led down a narrow grubby hall into a dark room with a massage table. The linens all looked clean & there was soothing music playing. I disrobed & laid face down. A woman entered & I could tell she barely spoke English. The massage was fantastic! I had lower expectations because I thought they usually focused more on the “tug” then the “rub” but I was very satisfied. I kept wondering if I would get offered “other services” but I didn’t & I felt funny asking so I just enjoyed the massage.

Afterward, when I sat up & looked at her for the first time I was surprised to see a very young looking Asian woman, maybe early 20’s, very slender, no make up but pretty in a plain way. I wondered if this was typical of these places. It felt like I had been transported back to Vietnam or Thailand. A whole different micro culture within modern Vancouver.

When I paid the Madame I confirmed that if my male friends were interested in coming there for a massage it would be possible for them to get ‘other services’. I wanted to be sure it really was ‘that’ kind of establishment.

There are ethical issues around this. There are many massage parlors that do not treat their girls well. I only know a tiny bit about this situation. I know that this one has been around for a long time so my hope is that it is one of the better ones. For what it’s worth, I will go back…& I would recommend Tiffany at Hollywood North on Seymour for a quality massage.

My neck is feeling much better.

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  1. After reading the first volume of 50 shades of Grey I was so nauseated I could not bring myself to read part two…..Inner Goddess indeed…..this woman did not have a the slightest modicum of understanding about S&M and obviously never came from money. Her English shall we say was rather sophomoric and on a 10th grade level…….T while you are a bit of an enigma I do enjoy you’re blogs and I think we should so a book together.

    Dr. George L. Shillaire III AB BA MA JD LL.M Phd 🙂

    • I confess, I didn’t read her books after hearing so many bad comments about them. I am fascinated with the marketing. She may not have come from money but she sure as hell has it now. Good for her. She did something right.

      As for you & I writing a book…thank you…I’m not sure who you are but I’m amused to see so many typo’s in an offer to write a book together:-)


      • Well I must confess…..spelling is not my strong suit but in defense of that I would have to say….that my computer constantly corrects things that do not need correcting and I proof read only those things that are important. On the other hand I speak 5 languages and have a net worth of 30 million….so I do not really give a fuck! 🙂 Still, I have always found you a bit truculent and an enigma …one one hand fucking black men to the point where your you need a hymen platy as your labia is falling out of your womb……then screaming about the brutalization of women and still again not taking into account that over 40,000 white women were raped by black men last year in the US…..estimates run to over a hundred thousand when you take in to consideration those unreported…..and yet not one black woman in the US reported being raped by a white man…..of course your stock and trade is baby you have a small dick….and I love BBC……so I should take that into account. You also love to surround yourself with complete losers and freaks and then you sing the song of the truly hopeless….Oh why or why can I not find a good man……:)

        • I do love an entertaining nutter. THIS is why so many people these days don’t read articles, they just skip to the comments to see what fucked up stuff John Q. Public will say. So please, carry on & entertain us.

          Tell me more about how not a single black woman in the US reported being raped by a white man. These ‘facts’ fascinate me!

          • Well they are FBI statistics, I am sure with your massive intellect you can look them up as easily as I did. Perhaps it is old age that is getting to you……I know you always rant and rave how getting old does not bother you when in fact it does…..being insulted by a midget with a beat up pussy does not bother me my dear. Matching wits with you is really unfair for sure……you are the entertainer, I guess?! 🙂

          • Nutter……talk about a low class English term………but then an English Country with a German Queen what can one expect….….oh well at least I do not charge for the entertainment……xxx

        • You’re kind of “crazy” George and indignant. Mistress T indulges certain fantasies. She has her own, her viewers and clients have their own. Some like seeing her all dolled up and having nice passionate sex, others like seeing her as a domme clad in leather, and having S&M play with a sub, and others have a “cuckold” fantasy in which they see their “woman” be satisfied by someone other than them. The reason “black men” are used, is because it ties into an emasculating fantasy for the white male cuckold. Jimmy Canuck won’t feel as emasculated seeing Johnny Canuck who is just a few inches larger giving it to Mistress T, as opposed to Darrell Canuck who is black and muscular etc. Of course it’s all fantasy and myth. Black men aren’t all muscular men with 8″ members, just like all Asians aren’t genius nerds with computers who know Kung-Fu.

          I agree some pornography can be degrading at times, but these are adults who are creating it, for adults to watch it. To say white women aren’t equally degraded by certain types of pornography is wrong.

          As for your FBI statistics. Yes, black males commit crimes disproportionately to their population. But you have to factor in poverty, racism, lower levels of education. And as the white population is easily 5 times the population of the black population, you will of course encounter more black on white crime. But by sheer numbers, white men commit more rapes than black men. Mistress T is equally likely to be a victim at the hands of a white man to a black man.

          And I suspect the reason this type of pornography is so successful can be explained by your post. Look at what kind of a rant you’ve just gone on. Speaking about one topic and then going on completely another. Why are white men so scared of the fact white women are finally being in control of their destinies, not only economically, but sexually? Mistress T can easily disprove your paranoia by stating her past serious relationships have all been with probably white men. But why? Why is it that she’s done, what, 1-3 films with a black men, that supposedly she’s so tarnished in your eyes and so unlikely to “find a good guy” as you state?

          Do the black guys ever care Mistress T has been with white guys before? Been with Indians or Chinese (just guessing)? No, men are men. Look inwards, you’re words are dehumanizing in a sense, not only to Mistress but to other humans.

          • Now that is funny…..you sick fuck…..debating with a moron is just a waste of time….perhaps you feel ….that the overweight midget pushing 40 will give you a turd to eat as a reward….lord this is funny……well once a slave always a slave!

          • “Debating with a moron IS a waste of time.”
            …she says as she doesn’t bother responding to anything else:-)

        • Don’t worry so much bro, as a white guy you have it pretty good. White women still prefer white guys to the exclusion of everyone else. And many other women prefer white men to other races. Look I am an Asian guy and none of our women even want us, they all want white guys to. Even more than white girls want white guys. White women are always fucking and sexually preforming for white men as oppose to Asian women who only do it for white guys and never an Asian man. Asian women are against Asian men so there not much for you to complain about. Try being an Asian guy.

      • by the way…….you might want to check your spelling and or grammatical usage of word typos…………………….so funny xxx

        • My uncle is an agent in the FBI field office in Atlanta. He did a quick search of their database and found nothing anywhere near the stats you quoted. If you care to share your exact source, he’d be more than happy to verify it for us.

  2. Sounds very familiar to my experiences at Asian massage places. Its not common for a women to go to one. I bet that’s why they had those confused looks. My MP breakdown – Asian places give great massages n mostly only HJ’s. Latin places give poor massages but offer menu of sexual favors. Russian places so-so massages n same menu but a little more kinky.

  3. I’d love to entertain an ad on Craigslist but I’m afraid I’d wake up in a tub with a missing kidney. But knowing someone like you may be on the other side… I guess I’ll have to give it a try…

    • Benny, to be honest, it’s likely to be a waste of time for you. Firstly, men outnumber women by about 100 to 1. The women that are on there are frequently escorts of some kind & they get ads that are considered competition flagged & removed within minutes. (My ads have only ever stayed up for a max of 30 mins before being flagged & removed, despite the fact that they do not violate any the rules for CL).
      As a guy, it’s extremely difficult to get a successful ‘free’ random hook-up. If I was a dude, I would just pay or not bother…but if you have no budget, try CL or some of the dating sites I guess.
      As far as safety is concerned, as a guy the worst that might happen is you get robbed, but I think that’s pretty rare.
      If anyone else has any advice for Benny, please chime in.

      • Well I have experience in successful random hookups as a dude but it may not be what Benny wants to hear. The secret is simple, just answer ads from gay guys. It helps if you’re comfortably bi like I am but honestly a mouth is a mouth, and blowjobs feel good coming from anyone. If you really want good sex just go get your dick sucked by a random gay guy, they’re usually incredibly talented and grateful too!

  4. Damn…. makes me wish I was in your area and looking through CL for such an enticing opportunity! I’m an athletic guy with strong hands (for real) yet some scrubby overweight guy got his hands (and tongue) on the beauty that is Mistress T. That lucky SOB!

    Oh well… maybe I’ll be blessed by fate in some other random situation in life down the road. 🙂

  5. At least you’re in the “industry” so to speak and are more comfortable around strangers, especially sexually, but be careful as you yourself say the ratio of guys to girls on Craigslist is easily greater than 100 to 1. As you saw firsthand, most guys lie just to be able to see a naked girl. It’s good that you at least got something out of it yourself.

    As for the rub and tug places, most of those places are human trafficking areas and unregulated. I guarantee more than a few of those girls you saw are easily illegally in the country and not treated well, with little to no recourse for help. I found that it’s best to just go to an actual sports/massage place, and pay slightly more, without any “services” to get the knots and kinks out of sore muscles. I figured why pay $20 to some massage parlor that is probably unlicensed and takes advantage of the girls there, and pay $50 and go to the same massage places that professional football players and soccer players go.

    I’m curious as to how your massage skills are mistress? If someone was to say they need their lats/lower back massaged etc.

  6. As someone who has used Craiglist for random sexual encounters I too understand the perils and pitfalls one will inevitably face. I’ve often wondered about getting right to the heart of the issue and simply paying for what I want, when I want it. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’d be interested to know how it goes when you go back!

    And then I got to the comments.

    “you might want to check your spelling and or grammatical usage of word typos”

    That is somehow my favorite. Utterly fantastic.

    • coming from a sick piece of shit like you…..I am not bothered….instead of giving these whores money my don’t you get some psychiatric help….the money would be better spent than here…..

      • To each… his own… Don’t like or enjoy these incredible women? Then leave. Why are you even wasting your time?

      • Just 2 days ago, George’s own words:
        “Submitted on 2014/04/03 at 9:28 pm

        T while you are a bit of an enigma I do enjoy you’re blogs and I think we should so a book together.

        Dr. George L. Shillaire III AB BA MA JD LL.M Phd 🙂

        And less then a month ago:

        “Submitted on 2014/03/12 at 6:45 am

        I would have not problem with who you are in any way.
        Why the hell don’t you give me shout and lets get to know each other..
        Why you waste your time with such losers is beyond me.

        How quickly the tune changes…

        • Well I must say, I enjoy looking at your 20 year old pictures…..but you are really getting fat old girl…..:)
          I thought you were not going to answer me anymore?

        • A wise person once said “give a man enough rope and he will eventually hang himself”. Consider George hung…..and not in a good way.

  7. A note to the George’s of the world: I will censor/delete comments (as I just did) if you cross the line. In this case, hateful, blatant racism will not be tolerated. I engage in race-play as a fetish but no one wants to read YOUR genuine hateful racist comments.

  8. Guys, just catching up on blogs….

    George is a TROLL

    In future I’d suggest don’t give him the attention (s)he so craves!!!!

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