NY Trip Rescheduled Due To Blizzard

It's up to you New York...New York!

It’s up to you New York…New York!

This is an update for all you New Yorkers hoping to see me…you did not miss your chance! Due to the blizzard my flight was cancelled (no flights were going in or out of NY). Rather than trying to cram the bookings I had into half the time I decided to postpone the trip.

In case you’re wondering what I do about deposits in cases like this: I have the ability to issue a refund via the helpful support staff at clips4sale which I did for 1 gentleman. All the others were happy to hold tight for when I do make it to NY (within the next few months).

Note that if you ask support for a refund without my giving them the go-ahead you risk being permanently blocked from clips4sale. They do that to prevent scams. But don’t worry, if there is a legitimate reason for a refund I’m happy to facilitate it so you won’t get blocked. I’m a fair person.

If you are generous & able to make a deposit send an email introducing yourself & describe exactly what you’re hoping for during our time together (social/private/specific activities). Email: MsT@MistressT.net

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