A little of this & that…

This will be kind of a hodge-podge blog post.

Banana’s don’t really go in Hodge Podge…

If you’re not familiar with that term…when I was growing up hodge-podge was a dish my mother made with fresh veggies from the garden (potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, etc.) boiled, water poured off and then cream and salt & pepper added. I loved it…and it means a bunch of stuff all thrown in together.

#1. Follow up to blog post about my judgmental neighbors.

About 5 months ago I wrote about my neighbors finding out about my profession. There was talk of them forming a lynch mob to drive me out of the building:


I received an outpouring of support and many inquires from folks wondering how things turned out. At this point, nothing else has really happened. Their worst nightmares or fears never became reality. I have been quiet and considerate. There has been no drama with me so no cause for them to take further action. For now it has blown over & I hope it stays that way.

Happy to have a home…for now:-)

#2. Follow up to my man-hunt.

About a month ago I wrote about my search for a partner:



I did not receive the avalanche of applications and proposals you might have expected. I tried a little online dating but other than that, there’s not much to report. I’m still single and often wonder if I really want my life to change. There are pro’s & con’s to being in a relationship vs. being single…and often the grass seems greener. My life is pretty awesome right now…

Awwww, pretty cute, eh?

#3. I just went on a swingers camping weekend.

And I didn’t get laid. Shocking, right?

There were about 40 people, all couples except myself and one other solo female. I was there with a half dozen wonderful friends who I’ve known for years…these friends just happen to be in open relationships…and they are an inspiration. They have the healthiest, happiest relationships I have ever seen…I’m referring to MY group of friends, not ALL swingers. Oh, by the way, they prefer the term lifestylers to describe the modern version of swingers who are younger & more physically attractive. (Although a google search for the definition of lifestyler will reveal that the term is used in a whole lot of other alternative lifestyles other than swinging.)

The highlight of the weekend was a very fast motorcycle ride along winding roads with breath taking scenery. It was thrilling being on the back of a motorcycle going that fast, feeling so vulnerable and so alive. I certainly get the whole adrenalin junkie thing. Zing!


#4. What’s happening now and what’s coming up?

I recently commissioned a portrait of myself. The artist/painter is working on it as we speak. The process has been very interesting as his art is more about telling a story about a person. He needed to get to know me which meant making myself very vulnerable to a complete stranger. He’s very talented so I’m excited about the end result. I may or may not post the image on my blog. I’ll decide when I see it if I feel comfortable exposing it to the world or if I prefer to keep it private.

The artist is Drew Young: http://dyoung.co/

I have been answering loads of interview questions lately which has been an interesting experience. It’s made me look at what I do in a different way. I’ll post links when interviews go live.

Thinking so hard smoke must be coming out of my ears…

This week will be busy with filming & editing. This weekend might be a bit of a crazy party weekend…then Monday I leave Vancouver for a bit. A couple days in Chicago with a special long-time client before I hit Tampa for FetishCon:


We are still looking for good quality film slaves and I now have an opening the evening of August 1 in Tampa (for a private meeting or for filming). Email: MsT@MistressT.net

I might be heading to New York for a couple days after Tampa before returning to Vancouver. A very generous slave is making it difficult to say no even though Vancouver is my favorite place to be in August. It’s about the only time of year we get decent beach weather here…& I love being naked down at our beautiful clothing-optional Wreck Beach. A couple days in NY with a fun, generous slave is pretty tempting though…we’ll see.

So that’s the next couple weeks…I am still planning to head back to London/Bath in the fall. Probably late September but I’ll know better by the end of August.

Lastly, I’d like to share part of an email from a fan who had the privilege of spending time with me recently:

“How often can you say in life that the reality was so much better than the dream.
I thank you for a truly wonderful experience.  I can genuinely state that I have never experienced anything like you gave me this evening, I repeat never.  
I would have willingly left without cuming just to have spent that precious time with you.
I will contact you the next time I am in Vancouver and if I have a long enough stopover in other places I’ll try and establish your availability.

Thank you for access to your site.  It was most unexpected and I am delighted.  I love the site password :).
However, I must admit I was very touched that you gave me a hug after.  I really appreciated that experience.
Please take care and safe travels and I hope to see you soon.

Happy Fetish Porn Star:-)

I did warn you it was going to be a hodge-podge blog post!

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One thought on “A little of this & that…

  1. Ha! You’re absolutely adorable! I love the picture series here.

    I’m sure that you’ll find someone right for you when the time is right.
    I know that sounds like something of a new-agey thought, but it often does seem like just about everything happens in it’s own time when we’re most desiring of it. I think that’s really more of a psychological thing than a spiritual one, though.

    I think it takes a bit more time for more intelligent people to find longer-term mates simply because we want to have an equal (surprise, I know) partner and we look for what we see as the absolute best in our selves in others.

    I’m sure you have a bit more experience in that experience (sorry for the redundancy, but it kinda works) being as you’re a wee bit older than myself, but I’ve spent the majority of my life studying people more so than interacting with them, so I’ve seen the troubles many of us have finding partners.

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