I’m staying at The English Mansion for another week!

I’ve had an amazing week at The English Mansion in the UK. I’m just having too much fun so I’ve decided to stay here. I know there will be some disappointed slaves in Barcelona who were hoping to meet me but as I’ll be in the UK for another week & a bit I invite them to visit me here.

Barcelona was meant to be the vacation part of my trip but I don’t feel like I need a vacation. THIS feels like a vacation! I have luxurious accommodation in a beautiful location, a hot tub & I get to play with the most wonderful film slaves. There’s enough naughty fetish toys & equipment here to keep me entertained for two lifetimes. The most compelling reason for staying is just to spend more time with one of the most intriguing people I’ve ever met: Sidonia Von Bork. We’ve become close over the last couple of years & I cherish my time with her.

Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion & I lounging in latex in a cement room…the truth is we’ve really been in the hot tub more but haven’t taken pics of that…yet:-)

So, more filming this week, at a leisurely pace. Nov 10th will be more of a full-on work day as we’re having a big shoot day at a special location. Since I’m sticking around we’re turning it into a shared shoot day so film slaves who would like to film with me near Birmingham on the 10th are welcome to apply. I haven’t fleshed out the exact scenes I want to film but I can always find a use for slaves with decent bodies & hard cocks. I especially adore fit slaves with hard cocks who also suck cock!

If you would like to offer yourself up as a film slave OR if you would like to see me privately this week near Bath please send a polite email introducing yourself: MsT@MistressT.net

Note: Do you love my cuckolding vids? Do you imagine being my cuckold (either hubby in a domestic setting or cuck slave in a dungeon)? Do you love to see me fucking a man with a thick cock…filling me & pleasing me in ways you never could? Would you fluff that big cock for me? Would you clean up my pussy after? Is your heart beating a little faster?

You could be my cuckold this week in the UK. You could live your fantasy and have a video souvenir of it. I want to film you being my perfect cuckold so email me to arrange it. You only live once!


Mistress T

Email: MsT@MistressT.net

Members site: www.MistressT.net

Follow me on twitter!: twitter.com/MistressTdotnet

This is cool…My profile & the vids of me they’ve released on The English Mansion from previous visits: http://www.theenglishmansion.com/mistress.html?id=135

Also very cool, Sidonia Von Bork’s blog entry all about yours truly (lots of hot pics!):


Here’s some random snaps of my adventures this past week at The English Mansion:

I just adore the furniture here…

Nina Birch & I…LOVE this woman! See lots of her on TheEnglishMansion.com

Top notch sissy film slave for TheEnglishMansion: Sophie Doll…& the effigy that later got ceremoniously burned on a bonfire during an intense Female Supremacy scene.

I get a delicious breakfast shake brought to me in bed every morning. Seriously. How could I leave this place?!

This is my nest…don’t I look relaxed & happy. Fuck I love it here.

Filming with Nina Birch & Bellatrix. We did very bad things to very good slaves. If slaves are bad they get punished. If slaves are good they get punished. That’s a slaves life!

I had a fun filming day with the very naughty Jessica Jensen. I made her fuck the toe of my boot….but she liked it:-)

A screen shot from a vid where a woman has sent her husband to me for training…

A giant strap-on scene…obviously…

I do love forced bi & cuckolding! Look how happy it makes me!

6 thoughts on “I’m staying at The English Mansion for another week!

  1. You do look like you’re having a grand time…are there any brown slaves or Master/Mistress’ there?

      • That’s awesome! I don’t really know very many African Americans who share my proclivities.

      • I would like to obey YOUR every command in a cuckold scenario! Is that possible?


        • Well, you’re off to a bad start approaching me via a comment on my blog. The appropriate way to start that conversation is to email me privately: MsT@MistressT.net (unless you are very serious, reliable & willing to prove that please do not waste my time. Thank you!)

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