3 thoughts on “mistresst_lh_lace_dress_cleavage

  1. Hello from Iceland !
    I like it very much and I wish I could serve you sometime. Im a dr. dentist in Iceland
    and if you come there I would like to serve and meet you.
    Best regards
    dr. Siggi

  2. Hello Mistress T,

    It’s nice to get another post from you. Please let us know when you publish your book, I will definitely buy your book when it comes out. You are my favorite Mistress, and you are the most beautiful one too, and actually just one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and you’re dominant and powerful, an awesome and wonderful combination. You will always be my Mistress.
    Good luck on your book I know you’ll sell millions.
    Love ya!
    Philip E

    • Ha ha, do u think I would give all these updates on the book & then keep it secret when I finally publish it? Of course I’ll announce it far & wide. I’m glad you’ll buy it. That’s 1 sale I can count on…but how could you know I’ll sell millions? lol

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