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Mistress T

Some of you know that I’ve been working on a book for the last year. The mostly done manuscript (1st draft of the book) was delivered to the editor the end of December. I knew it would take her a few months to go through it so I’ve just been waiting.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wrote the story in such a way that I thought she might want to rearrange things to make the story arc more compelling. Being my first time I figured that there would be a lot of changes.

We had a meeting the end of last week & it went really well. Far better than I could have dreamed. Not only was she very complimentary, she’s actually reducing her fee by a 3rd based on how little work she’s actually going to need to do on the book. That’s how I know she isn’t just blowing smoke up my ass, she really does think it is great as it is. Of course there is still work to do. We’re going to meet a couple times a week & chip away at the fine details. Things she feels need to be expanded on, etc. I also didn’t have an ending but discussed my ideas with her & we agreed on how it should go. I need to write that part but in the meantime we’ll work on the rest together.

I’m beyond excited & relieved. I feared that she would come back with it all torn apart & barely resembling what I created. I’m paying her to help me make the end result great, not just to stroke my ego. I wasn’t prepared for her to love it so much & to say that it actually didn’t need that much work. We even discussed a potential spin off series…but let’s get this one birthed first.

I can’t give you an ETA. Maybe a few months? As we’re wrapping up I’ll be working with a designer & marketing company to move it through the next steps. I’ll be self publishing. I also plan to have an audio book narrated by me, of course.

I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for the ongoing support of this project. It means a lot to me.


Mistress T

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18 thoughts on “Book update…

  1. Mistress T,

    You’re the best and I’m not just stroking your ego!

    Congratulations! 🙂

  2. I hope your book will be published just the way you want.
    Can’t wait to read it.
    Do you have a P.O. Box that I could send you a check for the book.
    The check would be in U.S. $s. Is that OK?

    • Thanks but the book will be available for purchase in all the usual ways, Amazon for sure. I won’t be processing individual sales myself unless (maybe) I sell signed copies…but I haven’t worked that part through yet. So just hold tight:)

  3. Congratulations! If they didn’t have to work it too much, you must have done really well with the manuscript!! A good editor is worth their weight in gold. I’m happy for you.

  4. Brilliant news. Please give us all a teaser, and (perhaps in only one sentence) tell us the main topic/direction/thrust of the book. Something like “why I prefer cats to dogs”, “My life in the last ten years”, “How to help Africa”, “How men should behave” etc.

    • Hmmm, I guess I haven’t announced what the book is about, have I? I wasn’t mysterious on purpose. The book is basically the story of how I became Mistress T & my life as Mistress T. It will paint a very clear, complete picture of the unique perfect storm that created my success. It will also be an honest study of the balance of objectification of sex work vs. the empowerment of it. It’s a complex issue. That’s about as simplified as I can get at this point. Perhaps after it’s done the description might be clearer or perhaps it will be more complicated:-)

      • My dear Mistress T
        Thank you so very much for responding to my request of a clue about the subject matter of your book. I will certainly want to purchase it when released, and would very much hope to be able to get a signed copy.
        One of your correspondents mentions an audio book – I’ve recently started to use Audible (an Amazon company) which I enjoy very much. For me, the two main requirements of a good audio book are a) the quality of the book, and b) the quality of the reader/narrator. if you are thinking about the possibility of releasing an audio version it might be difficult to find a high quality reader/narrator, but if you were to be that reader/narrator I would think that many of your fans would be willing to pay at least five times the price of the book for the audio version. You have such a lovely voice – soft, gentle, almost loving, and yet full of purpose and authority. Your voice makes me submit to you without the need for any threat of punishment. Put simply; you tell me what to do and I want to do it.

        Please believe me to be your obedient servant,


        • Thanks Lennard, I should have been more clear, I plan to do an audio book & of course I would narrate it. It wouldn’t make sense to have anyone else do it. My voice has been one of the keys to my success. xo

          • Dear Mistress
            How thrilling to learn that you plan to be the reader for the audio version of your forthcoming book. I will certainly watch out for it on Amazon and Audible (an Amazon company publishing audio books). Please let me (and your many other admirers) know if the audio version is not to be sold through Amazon/Audible and that we should watch for it’s release somewhere else.

            From one or your ardent admirers


          • Oh Lennard, you’re so funny. Like the other fan who asked me to somehow let him know when the book was released…let me dispel the mystery of marketing for ya: I will be trying to sell my book! Therefore I will keep no secrets as to where & when people can pay for it (in all it’s forms, including the audio version). I will announce that shit loud, clear & often in every way that I can, including my blog, twitter, mailing lists, etc…to the point of annoying a great many people likely. Fear not. If you are even remotely alert you will not miss it:-)

          • Oh, my dear Goddess
            I feel like lying on my back, with my legs and arms in the air, wriggling in delight (and submission) at your forthright and spicy reply.
            I keenly, and with patience, await the news of the release of your book.
            If you ever come to London and have time to see some of your subjects when you are here, I beg you please do let me know.
            I remain, as always, your obedient and submissive servant,

  5. Congratulations Mistress T, that sounds phantastic. Cannot wait especially for the Audiobook. Will it be available in Switzerland/Germany as well. Good look for finnishing the book.

    • It should be available pretty much everywhere (anywhere that can buy from Amazon…& I could potentially mail signed copies anywhere)…it doesn’t sound like you’re asking about other languages but I have considered having the book translated into other languages too. We’ll see:-)

  6. Dear Mistress T,

    With any art there is always that pause when you let your baby go for the first time. It is a scary moment, something that you have invested hours of your life over, crafted to the point that you are really pleased with it knowing that you have done your best, released into the wide world and all that you can do is hope that you have done enough. I am so pleased that you have had such positive feedback, it boosts one’s confidence and affirms that all the hard work is indeed worthwhile. I have recently experienced similar feed back regarding both my writing and my photography and I find it inspires me to do more and to challenge myself further.

    I wish you every success, to create anything is a beautiful experience and, for me, writing is one of the most beautiful, for you are painting a picture with your words, yet for everyone who reads them that picture will be different.

    Good luck and very best wishes

    Jo xxxxx

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