Confessions of a lazy lover…

I confess, I’m a lazy lover.

I expect the guy to do most of the work.

I like to lay there & be serviced.

I’m rarely keen to suck cock. It’s uncomfortable to hold my mouth open like that so even if I give a ‘blow job’ I’ll mostly lick, suck on the tip & use my hand. I’ll give deep throating a shot for like a half a second.

If a guy isn’t willing to lick me until I cum I think he’s a jerk…even if it takes me a loooong time. I don’t care if it’s uncomfortable for him. If my pleasure isn’t important enough to him to endure some discomfort than fuck him. However I’m a bigger jerk because if a guy is having a hard time cumming for some reason I give up easily & don’t care. I won’t work at it or let him fuck me for longer than I want just so he can have an orgasm. I feel like if I stay close while he jerks himself off (as a last resort) I’m being generous enough. Yup, I’m an entitled jerk.

Speaking of entitlement & other attitude problems…I feel like most guys should feel very lucky to get a chance to fuck me. Am I the best looking woman out there? Nope. Am I the sexiest? Nope. Do I have mad bed skills or am I a freak in the sheets? Nope & nope. So why do I have such an attitude problem? Gee, maybe years of hundreds of guys telling me that I am the sexiest & most exciting woman they’ve ever seen. Yeah, that might have gone to my head. This job can fuck you up even if you try to not let it. Even if I rationally know that it is a fantasy all those guys are seeing. That in reality if they got a chance to fuck me & I just laid there while they licked & fucked me they may not feel like they’d won the lottery. (Disclaimer, I’m lazy but I’m not a dead fuck. I do move & moan, I do fuck back. I’m not a starfish…but I’m not a bucking bronco either.)

Years ago I took a swing at escorting. I didn’t think I’d be into it but wanted to say I’d tried it. I wasn’t very good at it. Do you know why? Have you been paying attention here? I’m a lazy lover! Being an escort means servicing the client. It means you have to work. It means you need ninja level bed skills. Okay, well that’s what really good, highly paid escorts need to run a successful business. I wasn’t well-suited for it.

Why am I writing this today? I felt like confessing. I felt like getting it off my chest. After having a sexual encounter with a potential ‘guy-on-the-side’ who said I gave him the saddest hand job he’d ever had. To be fair, I wasn’t that into touching his half hard dick after he came up for air without making an effort to give me an orgasm. He was actually lucky I didn’t rip his dick right off after that lack-luster oral performance…but there was no point in getting angry. I just called it off & sent him away. We obviously didn’t click sexually…because when it clicks…my good god. If a guy loves licking pussy I can tell. My pussy tastes like candy & it doesn’t matter if I’m thrashing & screaming like I’m possessed, if a guy likes licking pussy he fucking LOVES my pussy, nothing else matters…and my hand job skills don’t factor in because his dick is so hard from licking my pussy he’s ready to fuck that amazing pussy & there would be no handy work required.

I’m not interested in working to make a guys dick hard. If his dick isn’t hard just being pressed against my naked body, kissing me, than he’s not horny enough for me. I like to feel wanted. Don’t we all?

So, hopeful suitors…if you’re into selfish, lazy lovers with entitlement issues, look no further. I will demand you pleasure me in whatever particular way I want, I will expect that gives you enough satisfaction that you won’t ask me to do anything special for you. I won’t work to make it work. If you’re not hard & into it for any reason I’ll call it quits & send you away. I’m basically a complete bastard sexually.

As hopeless as that all sounds…my current partner is the best sex I’ve had & we’re oddly compatible in all our mutually quirky ways…which perhaps makes me even less tolerant of others short-comings. I still like a bit of variety as does he, even if more often than not it leaves us feeling more grateful in what we have in each other. (We practice consensual non-monogamy, in case you’ve missed that from previous blog posts.)

Mistress T (well, not really. In this case it’s certainly the woman who plays her. Mistress T is a sexual dynamo…or whatever your fantasy tells you she is. *wink*)

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UPDATE Aug 31, 2016: In a million years I would not have anticipated the response I’ve received from this blog post. In addition to the comments left here I have received numerous emails from men who resonate with what I’ve written. Men who crave to serve a woman orally & sexually, who expect nothing, even prefer to not have any reciprocation. In some cases this is a submissive act but for others it’s simply their sexual preference. I would never have guessed!

14 thoughts on “Confessions of a lazy lover…

  1. This was a nice post. It struck me because of the self-awareness and honesty. It sounds like your current partner has figured out how to accept you as you are while you both travel along the same path, something I’ve come to appreciate.

    I say that because I recently re-connected with a friend from my youth. In our 20s, we were both lazy lovers of a sort. Unfortunately at the time we both tried to change the other person, which so didn’t work. This time around we’ve come full circle, gladly accepting the other for who they are and appreciating their needs and desires, without assuming they diminish or undermine our own.

    Thanks for your honesty

  2. Thank You for your honesty after all that is what makes one good at being a wonderful Mistress.
    Personally, i love going down and service a woman. When i was younger, i expected to get hat same service in return. But then i met my first Mistress who guided me and instructed me to give pleasure using my lips, tongue, and fingers. Also my ears to know when to speed up slow down or move to another position. It’s not all about just licking and sucking. The taste the smell the soft ness of the thighs. oh how i wish i was in between some thighs now.
    Hava a great day and continue being a wonderful Mistress

  3. Mistress T,
    I like that you’re strong, even ruthless and i think it’s not an act but it’s the real you. You’re scary and you’re intimidating even emasculating because it is usually the man that speaks like you speak, you know what you want and you go for it. Bit i really like it and it turns me on, i would like to try to satisfy you whichever way you want but i’m scared that i wouldn’t and you might rip my balls off, i’m afraid of you but turned on by you at the same time. I am truly your servant and your sissy even though we’ve never met. I think you’re awesome and amazing!!

  4. WOW. What a candid and personal post!

    After reading, rereading and reading a third theme it heightened my humililiation knowing that I would give anything for the opportunity to try but know I would likely never live up to your expectations

    I know now that at best my station is as your cuckold relegated to pampering you as you ready yourself for your bed chamber, fluffing your lover to relieve you of that burden and since I am afraid I could never live up to your expectations for oral pleasure I can only hope that I would only be allowed the privilege of clean-up as you and he lie in blissful afterglow

  5. Omg. This post is why You are a true Goddess! It should be an honor to pleasure You and Your magnificent pussy whenever and wherever it is required. The number one goal should always be Godess’ pleasure. This blog excited me so much and makes me worship You even more. You are truly the best out there.

  6. Thank you. Refreshingly honest insightful and brave. Even at the risk of alienating fans who can’t get beyond the fantasy to know the real woman – you are right, fuck them too. Perhaps what strikes me most is the potential underlying resignation. Life stuff, the daily grind, social awareness and the disgusting ways humans can behave for purely selfish reasons has a sneaky way of fooling us into thinking this is they way life is supposed to occur and we have ample history and reasons to support this. However, there is also something about Dominant personalities in all the sexes that can lend credence to a sense of entitlement both the good and bad sides of it, of which, can only be assuaged when another has YOUR best interest at heart for the pure pleasure of seeing the joy on YOUR face and in YOUR heart. Of The Five Love Languages some men such as myself discovered for our entire life, we have embodied “Acts Of Service”. This discovery allowed an otherwise masculine man in his vanilla world to completely own his deeply felt sense to serve women albeit identified as Alpha Slave which as you undoubtedly are knowledgeable about and for some women, find a sort of utopia knowing he will Honor You, Protect You if you need protection, Worship You, Adore You, be your masculine man for you in your vanilla world if you so desire and be your devoted and deviant slave for You should You desire this whenever you desire him in that role. Just don’t let the resignation take over which of course a woman such as yourself has to deal with on much grander scales because of the life you choose to live compared to your vanilla counterparts. But it’s still all the same just different playing fields and YOU Miss, play a big game in live. I am betting your partner you mention is a very well balanced and stable man who just might agree with me. I for one, loved today’s entry you offer.

  7. i am a great great fan of yours and I often wish I lived close enough to able serve you the way i see others serve you. That one video where you are having sex with a man and your cuck is watching, then he pressed into action by your cum filled pussy. He can’t resist and sucks your pussy clean. I keep having dreams and waking dreams about being that guy, sucking your lovers cum from your pussy, I am addicted to that so much I will gladly suck cock to please you and in order to taste you and that cum. Do you think you could ever use a Texas boy as your cum eating cuckold?

  8. The older a man gets, it becomes impossible to keep up with a woman, in orgasm count. It would be my total pleasure to eat your pussy for as long as you wish. For as many orgasms that you want. I have always loved eating pussy. I love the taste, I love the reaction from my partner. I love when she cums on my face. I love eating her cum….When she is finished she is normally quite tired. So I don’t mind jerking off looking at her wonderful body…Of course it is nice if she might rub my balls…possibly torture the head of my cock…But at this stage of the game for me..I will eat you my dear mistress whenever, wherever and you do as you wish with me…

  9. Mistress T Last time i viewed one of Your clips Your are a Goddess men serve You men should be honored to please such a Women . Quite frankly i’d be disappointed if You weren’t a lazy lover. xoxo

  10. I love servicing my wife, especially when she is “distracted” by checking her phone or seemingly ignoring me completely. I love spending unrestricted time exploring her body with my mouth and tongue…seeing how much pleasure I can give her. It’s my bliss!

  11. Lately I seem to be having some success in becoming my wife’s cuckold, twice this week she has had a guy in our bedroom. I keep asking her to allow me to clean her but she said I’m not ready for that yet. Damn I wish I was your cuckold I know you would feed me your lovers cum, perhaps even fluff him for her. What can I do, i love sucking her pussy so much. I wish I knew you dammit.

  12. I was Right I was right. I told you a while back that I feel that you are a bottom is real life. When you look at some of the pics you post on your blog have sex, you’re always on the bottom. When I see some of your videos like the one with the black stud, you for the most part are on the bottom. And it seem that you enjoy it more there. And when you are do mount him(for a few seconds) you can see that you are not as into it. I email you also that you aren’t really into blowjobs and you told me because yeah your blowjobs are to toothy. And remember when I said that just because women are on the bottom doesn’t mean that she like being submissive. That they actually are in charge because they make the man service them while she enjoy all the pleasure. Plus I also disagreed with the assertion you made that if you please a woman that she reward you twice as much. And I said that wasn’t true because women are selfish. And you told me that I sound angry towards women when in fact I was just tell the truth of how reality is. In conclusion Ms T you’re a woman and the way you describe yourself sexually is how most women truly are. I would love to hear from you.

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