The Spirit of Giving

Maybe someone should buy me something to wear?

Maybe someone should buy me something to wear?

Tis’ the season…the season of commercialism. The spirit of giving is certainly not lost on me. I love randomly giving…but I’m not a fan of obligatory or expected gift-giving on designated occasions, like Christmas.

Having said that, every year I have fans who want to mark the occasion by spoiling me with something & I appreciate these gifts very much. This year, along with the usual options I suggest making a micro-loan to Kiva, which directly assists people living in poverty do something constructive to improve their situation. When you help one person start a business, you also help their family & community. It’s economics that makes sense.

You may recall my “Free Porn for Charity” blog entry from less than a month ago?:

It is already a success with 10 guys “loaning” $900! You are welcome to make a micro loan (with or without the free porn part)…instead of sending me a present. That would make me happy.

Otherwise, if you really want to send me someTHING check out my updated Amazon Wish List:

You can send Amazon Gift Cards (or other gift cards) to my main address:

There is a tribute button on my clips store (not visible on some mobile devices).

If you want my mailing address to send something, email me.

I also really appreciate guys supporting my work by joining my members site. December is a great time for that because I add a few extra vids the last week of December to ensure those with extra time to masturbate have lots of fresh goodies. (I also add a few extra on my clips store if you prefer the pay-per-view option.)


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