Upcoming trip to NY & Greece with Meggerz!

Me in NY in 2007! I've been back several times since but I didn't get any typical touristy photo's.

Me in NY in 2007! I’ve been back several times since but I didn’t get any typical touristy photo’s.

Meggerz & I have had a blast together in Vegas. NY & Greece will be EPIC!

Meggerz & I have had a blast together in Vegas. NY & Greece will be EPIC!

The Cupcake Girls suite in Vegas 2014.

We kind of look like we’re going to get up to no good…don’t we? 🙂

I have very exciting news! A very generous fan, a financial slave who serves my friend Princess Meggerz (http://clips4sale.com/12252), has covered all expenses for me to fly to NY to meet up with Meggerz & then for both of us to go to Greece on vacation for 2 weeks this summer.

I know, sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I was skeptical when she first told me about it but I have received my FIRST CLASS tickets to NY & Greece! This guy doesn’t fuck around. He’s treated Meggerz to a couple of these extravagant vacations before so she knew it was for real even when I doubted him. It’s all about the financial domination for him.

So although I’ll be in NY for a few days & I know there are many fans who would like to session with me, I don’t want to be inside a hotel room sessioning the whole time. I love New York & I want to experience it! I already have at least a couple of very generous fans there who want to take me shopping & out on the town, who just want to be in my presence. That’s perfect. I won’t be accepting any 1 hour standard sessions. My time is too limited & valuable. If you really want to see me & you’re willing to make it worth my while, you can throw your hat in the ring via email. Aim to impress.

As for Greece…well, it’s a vacation for Meggerz & I. I wouldn’t rule out seeing a fan under the right circumstances but again, no standard 1 hour sessions. You can propose something via email.

On a side note: I will be doing a big push on filming the first 3 weeks of July in VANCOUVER (before I go on vacation). If you are in Vancouver early/mid July & want to volunteer, I can always use stunt cocks for hand job vids: BIG cocks that cum a lot. I can use loose ass’s to fuck with big toys. Maybe a few other things too. Face not required. You can be headless. Ha ha. Model release/ID for age verification req’d.


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3 thoughts on “Upcoming trip to NY & Greece with Meggerz!

  1. Holy crap! Greece?! You are a lucky mistress. 😉

    Touring the Mediterranean is on my bucket list. You guys have a great time and take lots of pictures.

  2. I am dying to worship you in greece….can we meet mistress T ?? Your slave that adores you so much……kisses at your feet……..

  3. Have a wonderful trip ladies 🙂 would love to worship underneath you, have my small penis humiliated and have my virgin ass tamed by you….enjoy your trip fuck with some boys

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