VLOG2: Halloween Ballbusting, UK & Sex Ed


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Thanks for all the feedback on my 1st VLOG. I received a few requests for more sex ed stuff, guidance for virgins, the inexperienced or any fella wanting to improve sexually. So most of this VLOG covers sex ed tips for beginners.

Remember fella’s: sloooow down. Also respect women & treat them well. Mainstream porn is designed as jerk off material for men, it is NOT designed to teach you to be a better lover….for women. If you want to satisfy a woman sexually usually smacking her ass & slapping her face with your dick is the wrong way to go.

There’s a little ballbusting clip in my VLOG taken just before we all went out to a fetish Halloween party. I did not film something to sell because we were running late so there’s just this little taste.

I make a brief mention of my upcoming trip to the UK. So there it is…feedback is welcome & encouraged. Comment here, tweet me or send an email: MsT@MistressT.net


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7 thoughts on “VLOG2: Halloween Ballbusting, UK & Sex Ed

  1. The awkward sex thing you mention in the video reminds me of the scene in Watchmen when Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl are having (or trying) to have sex for the first time.
    There are a few elbows and an awkward position and in the end Nite Owl can’t do the business. Later on they try again and this time, it’s so much better.

  2. Why is there so little interest in Ponyboy’s pulling ponycarts, as in racing, general estate transportation. It’s such a passion for so many guys, yet the Dommes aren’t into using us as “Beast Of Burden” or they just don’t know the need for more content and recorded material? Is there a reason for this lack of interest?

    • How would you expect me to answer such a question?
      I can direct to a site where you can find many vids of myself & other women with pony boys:
      But, I can not speak for other Dommes or attempt to answer your question otherwise.

  3. Wonderful VLog MistressT. You truly are a natural, and make it look so easy. As a member I love your videos, and these more relaxed VLogs just reinforce a more personal side.

    Fabulous Satan costume by the way! I’m not a fan of ball-busting but there’s not much I wouldn’t do to please that devilish woman. I suppose that is what I admire about you the most, is that you can just about assume any role/persona and make it seem so natural. It never seems like an act.

    Have a great time in the UK, and look forward to hearing more about your trip.

    Your humble slave and member,

    • Mistress T, You are truly the most amazing woman. Although, I wasn’t allowed near you since I’m a new comer, you allowed me to experience pleasure beyond my wildest expectations with your friends. Thanks again, hope to get back to the U.K. soon…perhaps you might consider a cameo appearance over her in Los Angeles, thanks again, Kirk Carter Burbank, Ca.

  4. Hi Mistress T,

    I am struck by how sweet you are in real life and how you are only acting in videos. Do you think many other mistresses in the femdom community are also just exploring fetishes in a fantasy setting or do many of them not draw such a distinction between fantasy and real life?

    You seem quite a spiritual person, there is a great sweetness about you. I am wondering if you would talk more about your philosophy in real life. I am also very interested to hear your views on the different fetishes that submissive men desire, you seem very insightful and understand much better than us men ourselves!

    Thank you

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