An Epic San Fran Day

Yes, I know, I’m still behind in my Burning Man blog…I will get to it and yes, there will be fun pics of me in bizarre costumes…but ‘this’ I can not wait to tell.

Today I met with For those with a short attention span: I got the gig. There is a happy ending.

For those who like to read, I’ll make it worth your while.

For the last year one of my main goals was to have an opportunity to appear on DivineBitches, a website. being the biggest fetish film producer in the world (as far as I know) located in San Francisco.

I voiced this goal to whoever would listen, including the big time agent I met with in LA last week (the one who did not want to take me on as a client) but he did give me the right contact info for…which led to my meeting today.

I arrived at the armory a bit nervous. Yes, they have an entire, historic armory. The talent manager was very nice and the meeting went well but was by no means ‘in the bag’. It depended on if the directors wanted to shoot with me, he said. We talked about everything that needed to be talked about and then it was picture time. I happily disrobed and posed naked in a few positions, especially nailing the butt angles. He complimented me on my ample bottom, and knowing that he didn’t know how famous I was for my ass I just smiled to myself.

We then went downstairs looking for Maitresse Madeline, the director for DivineBitches. We ended up in a dingy, empty basement with crumbling walls and floors. I commented that this would actually make for a great scene: gal comes for a meeting, gets led down to a deserted basement…fill in the blanks. That was not the case though and we did eventually find where Madeline was filming. As soon as we entered the space she recognized me, seemed excited to see me and asked why I was there. The talent manager explained that I wanted to work on DivineBitches and she said: “she’s hired, set it up for as soon as possible.” (I had never met her before but I suppose we both know each other from our online reputations.)

As we walked out the talent manager could probably read a bit of shock on my face so he said it again: “You’re hired. That’s it. We’ll set it up.”

I left feeling a bit shell-shocked but happy. I walked a few blocks, called my mom to tell her the news, got her voice mail and then started looking for a cab. I was standing on the corner looking for a random cab when the window of a parked limo rolled down and a middle-aged hippie rolling a joint asked: “Are you lost?”. I said I was just looking for a cab. He continued to roll his joint and asked where I was going, then said he would take me for $20. I knew my destination was at least a $15 cab ride away and read a dope smokin’ hippie with a limo to be relatively harmless so decided to go for it.

For the fearful and cautious, know that there are more people in this world who would rather hug you than hurt you…and I’m a pretty keen judge of character.

He turned out to be an entertaining dude. He ran a legal marijuana dispensary out of his limo. We even went for lunch.

After lunch I went back to my hotel room, filmed some smut and then it was time to clean laundry. I’ve been traveling for awhile now so it needed to be done. From traveling often I’ve picked up the habit of wearing just a few outfits all the time and really, this simplicity removes a lot of stress from my life.

I had to go to a corner store to get smaller bills for laundry change. Alcohol in corner stores is a novelty to us Canadians so I decided to buy a mini bottle of champagne to celebrate my good news. Booze and laundry? Why not. I was on my own as my travel buddy was off doing his own thing for the afternoon and it was nice to have some alone time to reflect & plan. So while my clothes were being washed I went for a walk, sipping champagne from the bottle feeling a bit reckless thinking that if my fans could only see me now…no doubt they would wonder:

A. Why is a slave not doing your laundry?

B. Why aren’t you drinking the champagne from a crystal flute instead from the bottle?

While my clothes were in the dryer I went looking for food (and more champagne as I had finished my mini-bottle). When I saw a place called ‘The Tipsy Pig” I couldn’t resist. I ended up having a nice chat with an Irish fellow at the bar until my friend arrived. Nothing else of note happened but just one positive meeting at is really enough to make a day epic, with or without the booze & laundry fun.

Below: a pic of the sign in front of the the building, a pic of me in the limo and a pic of me with my mini bottle of champagne. Tell me what’s behind me/where I am and get a free 3 day membership to my website: (Either email or send me a direct message through twitter:!/MistressTdotnet

Sign at

Mistress T in a random limo

Guess my location & win!

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  1. I love it that you are open about your life that you can share this great news with your mother. Congratulations and best of luck


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