London: So far soooo GOOD!

Yesterday was a pretty epic day in London! The British have such nice manners. I received this email from the gentleman I had a private session with yesterday:

Hello Mistress Mommy T

i just had to write to say thanks again for an absolutely mindblowing session.  It
was everything i hoped it would be, and more besides!

What an amazing personality You have, and Your voice is totally hypnotic.

i was a little shy and tongue tied meeting You for the first time, but already i am
really keen to see You again - hopefully You will be back in London again soon - i
can quite understand why London loves You so much!  Maybe next time You are here, i
could be allowed to take You to lunch?

Well enjoy the rest of Your time in London. i am secretly hoping that You do spend
more time here in the future as we were chatting about!

Thanks again
Your panty pervert!

In case you’re curious about what I did with him it was a delightfully simple session. He loved panties and was a fan of my ‘Mommy’ vids. So I modeled a few pairs of panties for him, teasing him and guiding him through a masturbation instruction in my Mommy character. He knelt on the floor by the bed wanking himself while I stood above him on the bed, allowing him to get close enough to smell me, I teased him, grazed his nipples through his shirt, toyed with him not letting him cum until I gave him permission…

I also had a couple of great filmed sessions yesterday. One extreme blowjob tease & ruined orgasm with a cuckold twist. I was lucky enough to have a very thick cocked bull and a smaller dicked slave. I won’t give too much away but the vid will be dynamite.

That slave had this to say after:

“Dear Mistress

Hope the day went well for you, i just want to thank you again for being so understanding. I really enjoyed filming with you and as always i’ll still be recovering from the ache in my balls till next week…

Have a great stay, and let me know if you need anything while you are here.

Best wishes


Another film slave I did a combo bondage, satin glove HJ/stiletto trampling with a climax of me sitting on his face while he finished himself off.

He wrote this:

“Hello- thank you for agreeing to see me, it was (obviously!) totally wonderful… Would like to see you again.”


I’m off to Club Pedestal tonight accompanied by a wonderful slave from Paris who I met when I was there a few months ago. Tomorrow night I’ll be at Torture Garden with a very cute 18 year old female submissive. If you see me there you’re welcome to say hello just be respectful of my space if I’m having a sexy moment with someone else.

Things are getting pretty booked up this week but there are a few spaces here and there available until Oct 6 (Oct 7 is now fully booked for filming with Nikki Whiplash). Email me if you would like to be a film slave or if you would like to see me privately. I am receptive to just sharing a meal if you would just like to meet me. My first night I had a lovely dinner at a private members club with a fan. Sometimes delicious food and engaging conversation in a beautiful environment is even better than sex!

Double Domme sessions are also possible with Lady Bellatrix

Email to discuss:

Kiss Kiss

How's the view?


Black Bull Auditions: London

I will be in London Sept 28-Oct 7. London has a much higher percentage of kinky black men than Vancouver I’m sure, so I thought it would be a good place to look for a black bull for a cuckolding vid.

For those unfamiliar with cuckolding, the ‘bull’ is the one who gets to fuck the women, usually while the husband watches. There are variations on the theme but usually the wife is very attractive, the bull is well-endowed and fit, the husband is less attractive with a smaller penis. This is one of my favorite fetishes and I enjoyed making cuckolding vids for the last several years with my previous partner. Now that I’m single I still have many ‘husbands’ (slaves who want to play the role of my cuckolded husband) but I don’t have a bull.

The interracial aspect makes it even hotter. Who doesn’t love BBC? (Big Black Cock)

Please apply:

-if you are black, attractive and have a thick cock (must be THICK, length is not as important)

-if you feel confident you can get hard, stay hard & cum while being filmed (production is small and intimate, possibly just the 2 of us with the camera on a tripod, at most a cuckold & a camera person)

-if you have excellent manners (the bull doesn’t have to be submissive or Dominant but I have to like you so if you’re a cocky jerk it’s not going to work out)

Safe sexual practices only, condoms, etc. Interaction between you and the cuckold is optional. NO MASK or HOOD and you must sign a model release & show ID/age verification.

Please send a pic of your face/body & hard cock along with a little introduction to:

It would be hotter if he was black, right?!

Burning Man 2011

Burning Man 2011 was my 5th burn in 6 years (I skipped last year). For those who have no idea what burning man is I’ll just say a few quick things as to not bore those who already are familiar.

Burning Man is a lot of things and different for everyone. People of all different ages and backgrounds go and enjoy it. There’s a lot of art, costumes, creativity, music, hippie stuff, partying & socializing. It’s spiritual for a lot of people and just a big party for others. With 50,000 people in the dessert for a week it really is whatever you want it to be!

This video is GREAT (I’m not in it) and it really communicates the spirit of the event:

The pics below show me enjoying watching things burn (obviously fire is a big part of ‘Burning’ Man) and some pics in fun costumes. The one kissy pic is of the boy I had a little Burning Man fling with.  Yum.

By the light of 'The Man' burning.

Part of the crowd huddled around the burning remains of 'The Man'.

I love watching fire.

Giantess T: Roar!

That yellow stickers says: "Fuck Work" case u wondered...

Yummy 28 year old fireman who STARTED my fire!

Pink Power!

That's an ass worth kissing!

Bottoms up!

London Bound!

I’m excited to confirm that I will be in London, England Sept. 28 – Oct 7.

I will be attending Club Pedestal on Sept. 30 and Torture Garden on Oct. 1:

If you would like to attend one or both of these parties as my own personal pet, slave or play thing email to apply.

I am accepting applications for film slaves and private slaves Sept 28 thru Oct. 7.

Emails should be polite and brief. Include the specific activities you are most interested in, what you would be willing to try for my pleasure and hard limits.

Offer a couple of dates and times that you are sure you can commit to. Be respectful of my time. I network with other Dommes and we share no-see lists. If you have a reference and/or if you offer a deposit to demonstrate your level of interest you will be rewarded.



Strap-on Training: Learn to suck it properly and take it in your man-pussy...

mistress t bootlicker
Boot worship: Lick the filth off of my boots!

Roleplay: Mom's good boy...

Foot worship

Foot Worship: Lick my feet like you would lick my pussy...


Spanking: Naked, on hands & knees...

mistress T trampling

Trampling: Beneath me, where he belongs!

An Epic San Fran Day

Yes, I know, I’m still behind in my Burning Man blog…I will get to it and yes, there will be fun pics of me in bizarre costumes…but ‘this’ I can not wait to tell.

Today I met with For those with a short attention span: I got the gig. There is a happy ending.

For those who like to read, I’ll make it worth your while.

For the last year one of my main goals was to have an opportunity to appear on DivineBitches, a website. being the biggest fetish film producer in the world (as far as I know) located in San Francisco.

I voiced this goal to whoever would listen, including the big time agent I met with in LA last week (the one who did not want to take me on as a client) but he did give me the right contact info for…which led to my meeting today.

I arrived at the armory a bit nervous. Yes, they have an entire, historic armory. The talent manager was very nice and the meeting went well but was by no means ‘in the bag’. It depended on if the directors wanted to shoot with me, he said. We talked about everything that needed to be talked about and then it was picture time. I happily disrobed and posed naked in a few positions, especially nailing the butt angles. He complimented me on my ample bottom, and knowing that he didn’t know how famous I was for my ass I just smiled to myself.

We then went downstairs looking for Maitresse Madeline, the director for DivineBitches. We ended up in a dingy, empty basement with crumbling walls and floors. I commented that this would actually make for a great scene: gal comes for a meeting, gets led down to a deserted basement…fill in the blanks. That was not the case though and we did eventually find where Madeline was filming. As soon as we entered the space she recognized me, seemed excited to see me and asked why I was there. The talent manager explained that I wanted to work on DivineBitches and she said: “she’s hired, set it up for as soon as possible.” (I had never met her before but I suppose we both know each other from our online reputations.)

As we walked out the talent manager could probably read a bit of shock on my face so he said it again: “You’re hired. That’s it. We’ll set it up.”

I left feeling a bit shell-shocked but happy. I walked a few blocks, called my mom to tell her the news, got her voice mail and then started looking for a cab. I was standing on the corner looking for a random cab when the window of a parked limo rolled down and a middle-aged hippie rolling a joint asked: “Are you lost?”. I said I was just looking for a cab. He continued to roll his joint and asked where I was going, then said he would take me for $20. I knew my destination was at least a $15 cab ride away and read a dope smokin’ hippie with a limo to be relatively harmless so decided to go for it.

For the fearful and cautious, know that there are more people in this world who would rather hug you than hurt you…and I’m a pretty keen judge of character.

He turned out to be an entertaining dude. He ran a legal marijuana dispensary out of his limo. We even went for lunch.

After lunch I went back to my hotel room, filmed some smut and then it was time to clean laundry. I’ve been traveling for awhile now so it needed to be done. From traveling often I’ve picked up the habit of wearing just a few outfits all the time and really, this simplicity removes a lot of stress from my life.

I had to go to a corner store to get smaller bills for laundry change. Alcohol in corner stores is a novelty to us Canadians so I decided to buy a mini bottle of champagne to celebrate my good news. Booze and laundry? Why not. I was on my own as my travel buddy was off doing his own thing for the afternoon and it was nice to have some alone time to reflect & plan. So while my clothes were being washed I went for a walk, sipping champagne from the bottle feeling a bit reckless thinking that if my fans could only see me now…no doubt they would wonder:

A. Why is a slave not doing your laundry?

B. Why aren’t you drinking the champagne from a crystal flute instead from the bottle?

While my clothes were in the dryer I went looking for food (and more champagne as I had finished my mini-bottle). When I saw a place called ‘The Tipsy Pig” I couldn’t resist. I ended up having a nice chat with an Irish fellow at the bar until my friend arrived. Nothing else of note happened but just one positive meeting at is really enough to make a day epic, with or without the booze & laundry fun.

Below: a pic of the sign in front of the the building, a pic of me in the limo and a pic of me with my mini bottle of champagne. Tell me what’s behind me/where I am and get a free 3 day membership to my website: (Either email or send me a direct message through twitter:!/MistressTdotnet

Sign at

Mistress T in a random limo

Guess my location & win!

An Epic L.A. Day

I will back track later and tell you about Burning Man (complete with pics!) but today I want to tell you about my epic day in Los Angeles yesterday.

To set the stage, I left Vancouver on August 26 to begin a road trip of fun and business. I am still on the road. My worthy travel companion is one of my closest friends. One of the smartest people I know with just enough quirks to amuse me without annoying me.

We drove for two days to Sacramento to rent the RV for Burning Man, staying in low-budget but reliable Motel 6’s and eating at small town diners along the way. We both experience the same feeling of exhilarating freedom as the miles stretch out behind us. There’s just something magical about a road trip.

I’ll skim over the Burning Man part and leave it for another blog entry. I had an opportunity to meet up with Ceara Lynch. She’s one of my most favorite people and it was great to see her in that environment. I also plan on filming with her in Portland next week. By the way, she’s launching an exciting new website in a day: . I also met Lexi Sindel and Deviant Kade (  Check out his fascinating blog: ). More about Lexi in a moment.

After Burning Man we made our way to LA where Samantha Mack ( ) joined us for a few days. We had a great time hanging out on the swank rooftop of The Standard Hotel in downtown LA. Our first day on the roof I walked past a man dining alone and noticed a stunned look on his face. Later he did a somewhat obvious walk by me so I smiled and said hello. We spoke for a few minutes and it started to become obvious that he knew who I was. It turned out he was a huge fan of my vids and was blown away to meet me in person. He was very respectful and interesting so I spent a couple hours chatting with him. I loved hearing about his fantasies and kinks.

He emailed me later offering to be of assistance during my stay in LA. I took him up on his offer and he became an important part of my epic day. I’ll call him ‘slave driver’ as he ended up being my chauffeur.

Now that the stage is set I can tell you about my epic day, yesterday.

It started with a breakfast meeting with a potential publicist. That went well and was informative. ‘Slave driver’ then picked me up and we drove for an hour to ‘The Valley’ to meet Glen from and watch part of shoot. This was an AMAZING experience for me (and for my lucky slave as he is a big fan of MeanBitches too).  It’s always educational observing how other producers work. Glen couldn’t have been nicer and I would be honored to work with him in the future.

I then had a lucky opportunity to meet ‘The’ agent/manager in LA for porn stars. Although I knew it wasn’t a good fit (I am not the type of performer he represents) it was still a valuable meeting. I came into his home (left the slave in the car) and met his very clever cat who did tricks like a dog. His coffee table was covered in porn magazines. He was a quirky man, fast-talking, sharp-as-a-tack. He wasted no time. Reclined on his sofa, barefoot, wearing casual shorts and a t-shirt he rattled off names and email address’s for everyone in the biz he thought I should contact. He told me to say that he referred me to them. I double-checked to make sure he didn’t want to be my agent, he did not and for good reason (I am not a mainstream porn girl). Plus he said that I was bright enough to get my own work and now I had all the right contacts. He told me I could call him anytime…he made a fuss about how short I was and I was out the door feeling high on adrenaline from the information overload and intensity of the meeting.

During our drive back to the city my ‘slave driver’ asked if I would like to see his penis…is was in the backseat in a brown paper bag. Sure enough, there was a perfect reproduction of his erect penis (made from a mold) along with the harness he wears. He explained that he is a bit of a premature ejaculator and when he’s fucking his wife and cums too quickly he can then put on his strap-on and continue to pleasure her with his hard cock. Brilliant! Needless to say the conversation was fascinating. It was enlightening to dig into the imagination and real life of one of my devoted fans.

After arriving back at the hotel it was time for a dinner meeting with another potential publicist. This meeting also went very well giving me lots of food for thought. Who will I choose? Or neither? Maybe a publicist I haven’t met yet? Follow my blog to find out!

After this action packed day you might be surprised that at 10pm Lexi Sindel ( picked me up and drove me to her studio to film. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. We had both filmed with in the same month (April 2011) and we both have popular, top-selling clips4sale stores (Vicious FemDom: ). We had fun filming scenes for both of our stores and it was a pleasure meeting her well-trained slaves. We hit it off so well that we may even travel together to London the end of this month.

I slept very well last night. I’m told I even snored, which is rare. I must have been exhausted but satisfied with a very epic and productive day in LA.

I only have a few snaps to go with this post, I regretfully didn’t take pics with with Glen, Lexi or anyone else….but below is a pic with a pink banana vibrating dildo a darling LA slave gave me (which I love!), a fun pic of Samantha, my travel buddy & I in our funky bathroom at The Standard and a pic of me on the roof at sunset.

Next stop: San Francisco!

A hot pink vibrating banana dildo? Awesome!

Sharing a bathroom w/Samantha Mack & best travel buddy ever.

Mistress T on the swanky rooftop of The Standard Hotel in LA