English Mansion UK: lots of pics!

Wow, look at all the pretty pics! Lots of eye candy in this blog entry.

I’ve been at The English Mansion for the last week & a bit…& I’m here for another week. I love it here so much. Friends, fetish fuckery, filming, feline, food…& hot tubbing. I don’t have an ‘f’ word for that. A big THANK YOU to Sidonia Von Bork & Co. at The English Mansion for taking such good care of me.

We’ve filmed some great stuff in the last week for their site & mine…at a very civilized pace. We’ve still gone out for some nice meals, relaxed in the hot tub, spent lots of time chatting/connecting…even an outing to Mark’s & Spencer is a pleasure for me. Oh, how I wish we had a Mark’s & Spencer in Vancouver.

I’ve always said the UK has the best film slaves. I love filming with all the pervvy Brits here. They’re up for just about anything it seems. Today I had mud licked off of my boots & feet, severely caned a slave in the garden, had a slave jerk off on my feet & lick it up….& nearly drowned another one using him as a toilet. Four different wonderful slaves in 1 day! Yesterday I had the pleasure of using a young, fit one for more sexual scenes…bondage sex, encouraged bi cock sucking/facial & cum eating, etc. Another day this week I did some kinky scenes in a prison cell & in an autopsy room!

I also have had the pleasure of meeting Princess Neive Harper. What a devious vixen she is! She’s in her early 20’s & pulls off the Dominant brat girl thing too well really. Cute like a razor blade: http://www.princessneive.co.uk/

So, all is well here. Very well. I’m looking forward to this coming week. Follow my twitter for more pics & updates as events unfold.

If you’re wondering if there’s an opportunity to meet me this week, either privately or for filming email me to apply. Things look pretty booked but I know from experience that things change. I can usually squeeze in someone if they’re keen enough & flexible: MsT@MistressT.net

(Communicate clearly in any email to me. Tell me where you are, what you’re into/what you would be useful for, when you’re available. Send pics if you want to be a film slave.)


Mistress T

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Mistress T and Sidonia Von Bork.

Sidonia Von Bork & I…pointing out your inadequacies…again…

Mistress T making a slave suck cock.

It’s like a FemDom version of ‘Bobbing For Apples’!

Mistress t with pussy licking slave.

…an Easter egg hunt gone wrong…

Mistress T in a latex nurse's outfit.

“Yes, it’s an autopsy table…but don’t worry, I’m a Professional…”

Mistress T with slave in prison.

A prisoner doing ‘hard’ time…

Mistress T & Neive Harper

Princess Neive Harper & I ‘pretended’ to be lesbian lovers for a scene…ah, my job is SO hard. ha ha

Mistress T with SophieDoll.

Let’s see what’s under SophieDoll’s skirt…

Mistress T in lingerie.

Couch potato. Laying around in my underwear…

Mistress T as a prison guard.

“Damn prison guard budget cuts…can’t even get a full pair of pants anymore…”

Mistress T in stockings showing feet.

“Sniff that. See if you can guess what I stepped in…”

Mistress T in lingerie.

“Fuck, did I forget to wear panties AGAIN? I’ll just casually hold my hand there, no one will notice….”

Mistress T with a cat.

Token pussy pic. Too obvious? Seriously, one of my favorite things about being here: The Mansion Cat:-)



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  1. “Princess Neive Harper & I ‘
    Hmm. All sorts of possibilities.

    Daddies little princesses, plotting new ways to twist their respective dads even further around their little fingers…….

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