Fancy-Ass Session

Today was a little surreal.

I was whisked away from my swanky hotel this morning & taken to a kinky hide-away. It was posh. Outfitted with antiques & custom made furniture. Loads of object d’art…fancy stuff, ya know?

I had been paid gobs of money to come here, to share ‘me’, to converse & play.

You can't buy my love, but you can rent it.

You can’t buy my love, but you can rent it.

Everything about this place screamed money…& it was a rarely used place just for such a rendezvous. I was given the tour & discovered that tucked away in the antique & custom made furniture there was a multitude of implements for pain & pleasure. Crops, canes, paddles, straps, ass toys, nipple clamps, bondage equipment, etc. etc.

We chatted over expensive champagne. We lunched on delicious healthy food. He took business calls & sounded oh-so-American. Arrogant. Canadians detest this.

Classical music played as we got down to business. Tied down & gagged he took the beating that I needed to give. I’d been dumped yesterday. He didn’t know that but it didn’t matter. He said he wanted to give himself over to me & marks didn’t matter. He laid out dozens of implements he was ready to take…so we both got what we wanted. I never beat a man in anger but when a man wants to be beaten harshly it’s convenient if I have some steam to let off. It keeps me going longer, more enthusiastically.

Do I look like I would beat you THAT hard? *blink blink*

Do I look like I would beat you THAT hard? *blink blink*

I especially enjoyed the rubber tubed implements that reminded me of…well, never mind.

When it came time for the ass fucking I switched the music to classic rock. I was tired of feeling like I was in Disney’s Fantasia. Journey, The Eagles, etc. guided me on a long slow ass fuck…him tied spread eagle & face down on that beautiful custom made bed. In my mind I was taking him without his consent. So sue me.

Chicks with dicks=good times.

Chicks with dicks=good times.

I was several glasses of champagne in at this point & it helped. There are those who say they don’t drink during sessions & I understand that. There are reasons for that, safety reasons mostly…& I don’t usually, for professional reasons…but I’ve seen this client a couple times already. We weren’t doing anything too crazy, nothing I couldn’t do a little bit tipsy. For Christ sake, I’ve beaten & ass fucked hundreds of men by now. He was drinking & I could handle him better if I wasn’t too sober.

At one point I used the hitachi wand on myself while he watched me cum. Sweet success…when you’re paid to have an orgasm.

After our fun he soaked his sore ass in the tub while I sat on one edge, by legs draped over the other side making a beautiful bridge over him. We chatted. Me with a glass of champagne, him in the bubbles, classic rock in the back ground.

Cheers to rich perverts!

Cheers to rich perverts!

I could have gone on about my beautiful lingerie, my heels clicking on the hard wood, my nails grazing his welting skin…but you probably got enough of that in 50 Shades. There’s always several ways to describe a scenario & this was mine.

My god, my life.
Mistress T

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An unusal day in the life…

It’s been an unusual day (for me).

I woke up at my Mothers house in Nova Scotia on my last day of my family visit. I opened my email & found out that I’d been dumped (more on that later). Mom drove me to the airport where we had our usual teary farewell before I spent the rest of the day traveling to an American city for a session I’ll have tomorrow.

I’m sitting in my swanky deluxe hotel suite reflecting on my family visit, my dying uncle, my dead relationship & mentally preparing for tomorrow. Between civilized conversations I’ll be administering extreme corporal punishment (beating him with various implements like paddles, canes, etc.), strap-on ass fucking/ass stretching with large butt plugs…& defecating in his mouth if I feel so ‘moved’. He has paid a ridiculous sum to have me come here…as is the case these days. “Make me an offer I can’t refuse” is my new slogan to those who want me to travel to their city for a session.

Another fancy hotel room...such extravagance...heavens-to-betsy.

Another fancy hotel room…such extravagance…heavens-to-betsy.

As for getting dumped this morning…it didn’t come as the biggest surprise. The ‘relationship’ barely had a chance to get off the ground before I left on this trip & I predicted it wouldn’t survive a month away. I’m a hellava drug, but my pull decreases with time & distance. We both knew that we weren’t compatible in the long term but the sex was fantastic enough to keep us both in play anyway. Well, until this morning when the dear boy finally mustered the courage to walk away from the best sex he’s ever had to seek a more compatible mate…one who wants kids (I don’t) & one who’s naked caboose isn’t all over the internet. Yes, as turned on as he was by Mistress T, he felt he could never introduce me to his family, friends & business associates.

When you’re married to your work all other relationships are just affairs. The combination of what I do & how much I travel is poison for relationships. This isn’t the 1st one I’ve lost because I’m not in town enough. It is the 1st one who has had that big of a problem with me being a Dominatrix/Fetish Film Performer. Probably won’t be the last.

“The best way to get over a man is to get under another.” ~ Mae West

I am lining up suitable candidates for when I’m back in Vancouver:-)

Nova Scotia was good except the whole terminally ill uncle thing. Heart breaking.

Here’s some random snaps of other moments like a lobster feed, farm fun & you know you’re at grandma’s house when the toilet paper has it’s own pretty basket.

Wish me luck tomorrow, ya know, with the whole bodily function thing.
Mistress T

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A Nova Scotia visit wouldn't be complete without a good feeding of lobster!

A Nova Scotia visit wouldn’t be complete without a good feeding of lobster!

An old barn that used to be so important for over 100 years, now just a home to cats.

An old barn that used to be so important for over 100 years, now just a home to cats.

Baby lambs: awwww.

Baby lambs: awwww.

Grandma's house...such a contrast to how I'll use the toilet tomorrow.

Grandma’s house…such a contrast to how I’ll use the toilet tomorrow.

On the move…

It’s been a week or so since I’ve blogged so here’s just a few bits from my life since…

My last week at The English Mansion was just as wonderful as the beginning. Loads of filth was captured on film for your viewing pleasure. Keep an eye on my clips store for exciting updates!

My next stop was a major Canadian city for just two nights. I didn’t announce my plan to go there & won’t bother mentioning it now. I didn’t want to be bombarded with session request emails since my time was already booked by a couple of good clients who had persuaded me to come there. I get tonnes of emails from all over the world from guys wanting me to visit their cities. I usually don’t ‘tour’ anymore. That means that even if I come to your city I won’t advertise that I’m taking sessions. Trying to coordinate a bunch of short sessions with guys I haven’t seen before is like herding kittens.

This trip a client booked the whole day + put me up in a 5 star hotel suite for the night (on my own). THAT is how you get me to come to your city: make it worth my while.

Mistress T in lingerie.

Enjoying 5 star luxury.

Now I am in Nova Scotia for a week or so. It’s a family visit. I wasn’t sure if I should blog about the purpose of my visit as it’s pretty un-sexy, but I guess it’s a part of life & a part many of you may be able to identify with. My favorite Uncle is losing his fight against cancer. I came home to see him for the last time.

My Uncle is an amazing man. When he had put 2 & 2 together & started to suspect my career had taken a turn from the vanilla…before I told the family that I was a Dominatrix…he shopped around for something to show he was accepting of anything. That he accepted & supported me, no matter what.

When I nervously confessed & explained what I was doing he presented me with a very kinky looking stainless steel instrument that was actually a veterinary syringe for giving animals medicine (see pic below) & a set of nipple clamps. Both he had picked up at a local thrift shop.

Mistress T in a nurses outfit.

The gift from my Uncle years ago, a kinky-looking stainless steel instrument.

He’s been one of my biggest personal fans & supporters. Not just being nonjudgmental but celebrating my choices & successes.

I will miss him very much.


Mistress T

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Pay what you want?

I watched an interesting Ted Talk by the musician Amanda Palmer. I strongly recommend you take the 13 minutes to watch it. It’s really fantastic & the rest of my¬† blog post will make more sense if you’ve seen it.

Here it is:

In a nutshell, she discusses the concept of asking people to pay what they want for her music (or music in general) rather than trying to make people pay for it.

I wonder if this would work for porn? Maybe not all porn…but would it work for mine?

We all know that the internet & file sharing has changed how we access music, movies, TV shows, games, education…& yes, porn. I don’t want to discuss piracy too deeply but would rather focus on the concept of letting people pay what they want. What would happen?

If I started a website with free access but asked people to just donate or tribute what they wanted to…what would happen? I know a lot of my fans feel like my content is worth a lot more than they pay for it. For example, I have a lot of custom vid buyers who have no problem paying $150 or more for a vid that others can then watch for $15 or less.

Naturally many would take advantage. BUT would there be enough others who paid a little or a lot to equal or exceed what I currently make charging a monthly membership fee?

Please comment. I’d like your feedback. What would you pay for access to my members site if you could pay whatever you wanted?

Mistress T

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English Mansion UK: lots of pics!

Wow, look at all the pretty pics! Lots of eye candy in this blog entry.

I’ve been at The English Mansion for the last week & a bit…& I’m here for another week. I love it here so much. Friends, fetish fuckery, filming, feline, food…& hot tubbing. I don’t have an ‘f’ word for that. A big THANK YOU to Sidonia Von Bork & Co. at The English Mansion for taking such good care of me.

We’ve filmed some great stuff in the last week for their site & mine…at a very civilized pace. We’ve still gone out for some nice meals, relaxed in the hot tub, spent lots of time chatting/connecting…even an outing to Mark’s & Spencer is a pleasure for me. Oh, how I wish we had a Mark’s & Spencer in Vancouver.

I’ve always said the UK has the best film slaves. I love filming with all the pervvy Brits here. They’re up for just about anything it seems. Today I had mud licked off of my boots & feet, severely caned a slave in the garden, had a slave jerk off on my feet & lick it up….& nearly drowned another one using him as a toilet. Four different wonderful slaves in 1 day! Yesterday I had the pleasure of using a young, fit one for more sexual scenes…bondage sex, encouraged bi cock sucking/facial & cum eating, etc. Another day this week I did some kinky scenes in a prison cell & in an autopsy room!

I also have had the pleasure of meeting Princess Neive Harper. What a devious vixen she is! She’s in her early 20’s & pulls off the Dominant brat girl thing too well really. Cute like a razor blade:

So, all is well here. Very well. I’m looking forward to this coming week. Follow my twitter for more pics & updates as events unfold.

If you’re wondering if there’s an opportunity to meet me this week, either privately or for filming email me to apply. Things look pretty booked but I know from experience that things change. I can usually squeeze in someone if they’re keen enough & flexible:

(Communicate clearly in any email to me. Tell me where you are, what you’re into/what you would be useful for, when you’re available. Send pics if you want to be a film slave.)


Mistress T

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Mistress T and Sidonia Von Bork.

Sidonia Von Bork & I…pointing out your inadequacies…again…

Mistress T making a slave suck cock.

It’s like a FemDom version of ‘Bobbing For Apples’!

Mistress t with pussy licking slave.

…an Easter egg hunt gone wrong…

Mistress T in a latex nurse's outfit.

“Yes, it’s an autopsy table…but don’t worry, I’m a Professional…”

Mistress T with slave in prison.

A prisoner doing ‘hard’ time…

Mistress T & Neive Harper

Princess Neive Harper & I ‘pretended’ to be lesbian lovers for a scene…ah, my job is SO hard. ha ha

Mistress T with SophieDoll.

Let’s see what’s under SophieDoll’s skirt…

Mistress T in lingerie.

Couch potato. Laying around in my underwear…

Mistress T as a prison guard.

“Damn prison guard budget cuts…can’t even get a full pair of pants anymore…”

Mistress T in stockings showing feet.

“Sniff that. See if you can guess what I stepped in…”

Mistress T in lingerie.

“Fuck, did I forget to wear panties AGAIN? I’ll just casually hold my hand there, no one will notice….”

Mistress T with a cat.

Token pussy pic. Too obvious? Seriously, one of my favorite things about being here: The Mansion Cat:-)