Fancy-Ass Session

Today was a little surreal.

I was whisked away from my swanky hotel this morning & taken to a kinky hide-away. It was posh. Outfitted with antiques & custom made furniture. Loads of object d’art…fancy stuff, ya know?

I had been paid gobs of money to come here, to share ‘me’, to converse & play.

You can't buy my love, but you can rent it.

You can’t buy my love, but you can rent it.

Everything about this place screamed money…& it was a rarely used place just for such a rendezvous. I was given the tour & discovered that tucked away in the antique & custom made furniture there was a multitude of implements for pain & pleasure. Crops, canes, paddles, straps, ass toys, nipple clamps, bondage equipment, etc. etc.

We chatted over expensive champagne. We lunched on delicious healthy food. He took business calls & sounded oh-so-American. Arrogant. Canadians detest this.

Classical music played as we got down to business. Tied down & gagged he took the beating that I needed to give. I’d been dumped yesterday. He didn’t know that but it didn’t matter. He said he wanted to give himself over to me & marks didn’t matter. He laid out dozens of implements he was ready to take…so we both got what we wanted. I never beat a man in anger but when a man wants to be beaten harshly it’s convenient if I have some steam to let off. It keeps me going longer, more enthusiastically.

Do I look like I would beat you THAT hard? *blink blink*

Do I look like I would beat you THAT hard? *blink blink*

I especially enjoyed the rubber tubed implements that reminded me of…well, never mind.

When it came time for the ass fucking I switched the music to classic rock. I was tired of feeling like I was in Disney’s Fantasia. Journey, The Eagles, etc. guided me on a long slow ass fuck…him tied spread eagle & face down on that beautiful custom made bed. In my mind I was taking him without his consent. So sue me.

Chicks with dicks=good times.

Chicks with dicks=good times.

I was several glasses of champagne in at this point & it helped. There are those who say they don’t drink during sessions & I understand that. There are reasons for that, safety reasons mostly…& I don’t usually, for professional reasons…but I’ve seen this client a couple times already. We weren’t doing anything too crazy, nothing I couldn’t do a little bit tipsy. For Christ sake, I’ve beaten & ass fucked hundreds of men by now. He was drinking & I could handle him better if I wasn’t too sober.

At one point I used the hitachi wand on myself while he watched me cum. Sweet success…when you’re paid to have an orgasm.

After our fun he soaked his sore ass in the tub while I sat on one edge, by legs draped over the other side making a beautiful bridge over him. We chatted. Me with a glass of champagne, him in the bubbles, classic rock in the back ground.

Cheers to rich perverts!

Cheers to rich perverts!

I could have gone on about my beautiful lingerie, my heels clicking on the hard wood, my nails grazing his welting skin…but you probably got enough of that in 50 Shades. There’s always several ways to describe a scenario & this was mine.

My god, my life.
Mistress T

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  1. Oh, and when you say your heels clicking on the hard wood, you meant the floor, right? 😉

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