Far fetched or closer to reality?

I was thinking today about how close to reality people like their fantasies to be. Some people enjoy fantasies that are so far from reality that they simply could never actually happen. I would put them close to a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. For example:

-having sex with a vampire

-becoming a human dildo for a giant Goddess

-having sex with a comic book style super hero or super villain

-having sex with a hybrid half man/half dog/werewolf

Then there’s the other end of the scale where fantasies could very likely happen. For example, fantasizing about a coworker or your friends husband or wife…having a hot threesome or picking up a mysterious stranger from a bar. Sometimes people just fantasize about hot experiences they’ve already had.

What about you? Do you more frequently fantasize about scenario’s that are basically impossible or closer to reality?

Do you fantasize about real people in your life in scenario’s that are unlikely to ever happen? So many of my fans wish their wives would Dominate them, take control and play these kinky games with them…but for whatever reason, maybe they married before they understood their desires or maybe they married someone they loved even though they didn’t share the same kinks. I play the role of their cheating wife, their mean girlfriends humiliating them, their Mothers, their sisters, their teachers, therapists & nurses.

Even more far fetched, I also play the role of a Super Villain, Giantess, Erotic Assassin, evil Hypnotherapist, etc.

People’s fantasies are complex. I could spend a thousand years doing what I do, exploring & learning and still not even scratch the surface. I have always been fascinated with fetishes, kinks and people’s sexuality…and I’m sure I always will be.

To go with this theme I’m sharing a full length (9 minute) FREE vid where I play the role of your girlfriend who skillfully manipulates you into humiliating yourself with the promise of a sexual favor. I don’t mind saying that I felt especially proud of my performance in this vid. I think it’s easy to imagine that I really am your girlfriend and that you would do pretty much anything I suggest…

“Cum On Your Own Face 2” :

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Cum On Your Own Face 2

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4 thoughts on “Far fetched or closer to reality?

  1. Dear MIstress T,

    thanks a lot for these free video. I really love the end. If I see your smile I’m melting away. With this simile the bad new and the end sounds so sweet.

    again thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you very much for the free video Mistress T. My biggest fantasy is something down to Earth but not possible, Mother-Son incest. I am not attracted to my actual mother, it is just that it is so taboo. Also I was raised by a strong single mother so I attach a lot of power and respect to maternity.

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