Just 18

I’ve just had a blog-worthy sexual experience.

Those who are familiar with my work know that one of my frequent themes is ‘older woman/younger man’ or MILF/cougar. I know I look young for 35 but I have no issue with being referred to as an older woman. I like it. The whole Mrs. Robinson thing…Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham, etc.

“Older woman/younger man” conjures images of an experienced, confident, mature woman patiently taking a young man under her wing and teaching him, training him in the art of pleasuring a woman. Most men understand why this is hot for men and remember having boyhood or teen crushes on an older woman: school teachers, their mom’s friends, a female boss…but what some don’t think about is why this is hot for the older female. I won’t pretend to represent all other women. I can only give you my perspective.

#1. The situation: I knew this boy since he was 10. Being a friend of  his parents I would see him a couple times a year. The last time I saw him he was 16 and had grown/matured a lot in the time since I had seen him previously. His voice had changed and he looked at me with the eyes of a sexual man, not a boy. I knew that is was wrong to be attracted to him but there was no ignoring my full body flush & quickened heart beat. My primal sexual being was on ‘pounce’ mode. That part of me did not logically see age, it just saw youthful virility. 18 is the legal age of consent in Canada so I kept my distance.

On his 18th birthday last week his step father texted me to give me a heads up that the boy was now legal. I barely slept that night. I was conflicted. It was enticing but there was 17 years between us. I was old enough to be his mother, technically. Would he be interested in someone as old as me? Would he be mature enough? The next day I made inquiries. I confirmed that he was far from a virgin, he was very mature, had grown into a handsome young man and was in fact moving across the country next month on his own. I only had a small window of opportunity.

I texted him a simple belated birthday wish and received a reply that he was now legal…so it was on. The cheeky bugger was flirting with me right from the start. It took a few days to coordinate our schedules but we finally found a couple of hours on my last evening before leaving for Burning Man. By the time I get back he’ll have moved away.

#2. The look & feel: Veal kept springing to mind. I love steak but tender veal is a different delight. I boy who is just becoming a man, skin so fresh and soft…a body not quite filled out yet, a baby face…and that fresh, new man smell. Younger men do have a different scent than middle age men (and older men have a different smell too). I swear, you could blindfold me and I could guess a man’s age within 10 years just by smell.

He entered and kicked off his sneakers and set down his backpack. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, multiple piercings in his ears as is trendy with young people these days. I was surprised at how young he looked. I think I was expecting him to look older by now. If I didn’t know I might have guessed his age to be closer to 16. All of a sudden I felt like this was wrong. He was too innocent looking.

We chatted on the sofa for a bit and he seemed quite mature, not too nervous, charming really. I had had a drink to steady my nerves (yes, I was nervous) and knowing we didn’t have much time I leaned in and kissed him. He leaned in and met my kiss with such surprising sensuality I had to pull back and look to confirm that mouth belonged to that baby face. A kiss can tell you a lot about how someone will be in bed. That kiss told me that I wouldn’t need to do much training.

On the bed, cloths off, his slender frame was so boyish, his skin so smooth…it felt kind of wrong, which had a taboo sexiness to it, thrilling…I asked if he liked to lick pussy & he smiled eagerly and said he loved it (good sign). Down he went and I was shocked. Holy sweet mother of god. He licked pussy like he kissed. How could this 18 year old boy do what so many men can’t do even with instructions? He was so happy & eager down there too, all smiles just going for it like he knew he was a gold medal pussy licker. It was sweet & funny…and I climaxed before long. Ka-pow!

I’ll spare you the rest of the play-by-play. I’ll just say that it was ALL good and overall it was a very fun, positive experience.

In conversation I found his youth so refreshing…not yet jaded and bitter. He is so excited about his new adventures, learning about the world and himself. I couldn’t help giving some maternal advice and ensuring he knew how to get in touch if he ever needed help. I felt nurturing and like I was recapturing some of my youth at the same time.

I doubt this is the end…when he comes home for Christmas or other times I’ll likely be high on his to-see list…and if I make it to his city, he’ll be my first stop. It’s not love, it’s far less complicated than that. It’s casual, fun and lustful. I wish sex could always be this pure.

MistressT in bed

In bed with Mistress T

6 thoughts on “Just 18

  1. Wow, what an experience for You Mistress T, and the very lucky 18 year boy/man.

    Thank You for sharing this – I do love Your blog (and following Your tweets too)


  2. Wow!!! Those are some of the same thoughts and disires I have when I’m with a younger lady. I guess men and women are not really that much different.

  3. Hey miss T

    May I just say I’m 29 and my x gf is 48 we broke up because she felt uncomfortable about the age her daughter was younger then me…I’ve been with other women but nothing beats an age gap that makes it really naughty and damm well good 🙂 any way it reminded me of her which is always a good thing :)….. I’m not standing for a while 🙂

  4. I enjoyed the hell out of reading this. One of the hottest things a woman has ever said to me was, “Want to see my breasts? They always made you look and smile when you were a boy.”

  5. So in essence what you are saying is that you met this child at age ten, creeped on him when he was prepubescent and then he was pimped out to you by his stepfather the moment he turned 18? only because anything else would have been illegal. WoW!

    So how is this any different than a pedophile grooming the victim and the parents?

    You clearly have a predilection for young men based on what you wrote here, and I think what you have described is the most vile recounting of a predator in action in the guise of a coming of age story.

    While many would say good on the young man for ‘getting laid’ – the truth is he was groomed from the age of 10 so did he really have much of a choice in the matter?

    You may not have crossed a legal boundary, but you most certainly crossed a moral one. How can you justify fucking your friends child? and worse, what was the stepfather thinking offering this barely 18 year old (not his child) to a predator? Would he have done the same if the child was a girl and you a man???

    To be fair, I am not closed minded about what you do for a living Mistress T – in fact, your post about being judged hit very close to home for me. You clearly offer a service to the most depraved among us, and certainly birds of a feather flock together.

    I wouldn’t normally be so quick to judge a persons actions, but when I read this post, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I thank goodness you don’t have access to my son.

    • Oh, fear not my friend. I am no danger to anyone. No one was hurt or mistreated in any way what-so-ever. He was not groomed, pimped or hunted. I hadn’t even seen him for 2 years before I slept with him. I had never been inappropriate to him prior to that. I did not want to fuck him when he was 10. When I saw him at 16 I hadn’t seen him for a couple years at that point and he had developed into much more of a man than a boy…but I did not and would not have slept with him then either…although he would have very happily slept with me (he did say that). He is certainly not the victim you’re trying to paint him as!

      As for his step-father, it was his opinion that a young man can benefit from an experience with an older, more experienced lover. This is not really a very original idea…it’s not uncommon for fathers to pay a courtesan to take the virginity of sons of a certain age. Although I will remind you that the 18 year old we’re referring to was far from a virgin and all the step-father did was suggest the idea. There are many men who would have loved to have had a positive sexual experience with an older women when they were 18.

      Sooo, calm the fuck down and stop implying I’m a pedophile. That’s pretty much the greatest insult you can possibly hurl at someone and you have an much reason to call me one as I have to call you a delusional stalker. Think about that carefully before you respond with anything else defamatory.

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