Small Penis’s

I found this great documentary about small penis’s. It’s meant to be serious and I think it would be very helpful  for any man who feels his penis isn’t big enough.

If ‘small penis humiliation’ is a turn-on for you (yes it is a fetish) this documentary provides endless moments that you’ll love to jerk off to.

Here’s the 1st documentary called “My Penis and I” :

And the follow up documentary “My Penis and Everyone Else’s” :

I do ‘small penis humiliation’ vids. Otherwise known as SPH. Why do guys want to jerk off to me laughing at their penis and humiliating them for being inadequate lovers? It’s a form of ‘Erotic Humiliation’.  Although men are often considered visual creatures who just think with their dicks, the brain does play a huge part in the sexual arousal for most men, believe it or not *smile*.  Humiliation, degradation and shame are hot buttons for a lot of people and generalizing where this comes from or why is pointless. Does it start with something that happened in childhood? As a teen? Maybe, everyone has their own story and some men don’t know how it started, they just know they get turned on by being humiliated. I’ve even received emails from fans who say they have an average or larger than average dick and they still love to jerk off to my SPH vids.

Our beloved Wikipedia has a little more to say:

You can search the category ‘small penis humiliation’ on my clips4sale PPV store:

If you like to read, I recommend Literotica’s list of erotic stories including SPH:

dick too small to fuck

Dick Too Small To Fuck