London Fetish Weekend Sept/Oct?

I’ve been invited to London Fetish weekend: (Sept 30-Oct 2) and am gathering information to help me decide whether the trip is do-able. I would stay several days longer and film with other producers and/or film for my own site with London film slaves and possibly accept private bookings.

If you are a producer located in London and you would like to work together during that week, email me.

If you are a potential film slave or you would like to have a private booking, email me.

If I get enough interest and IF I can juggle my schedule it would be great to come to London for Club Pedestal and Torture Garden. I’ll keep you posted!


MistressT red corsette

Party in London?

Just 18

I’ve just had a blog-worthy sexual experience.

Those who are familiar with my work know that one of my frequent themes is ‘older woman/younger man’ or MILF/cougar. I know I look young for 35 but I have no issue with being referred to as an older woman. I like it. The whole Mrs. Robinson thing…Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham, etc.

“Older woman/younger man” conjures images of an experienced, confident, mature woman patiently taking a young man under her wing and teaching him, training him in the art of pleasuring a woman. Most men understand why this is hot for men and remember having boyhood or teen crushes on an older woman: school teachers, their mom’s friends, a female boss…but what some don’t think about is why this is hot for the older female. I won’t pretend to represent all other women. I can only give you my perspective.

#1. The situation: I knew this boy since he was 10. Being a friend of  his parents I would see him a couple times a year. The last time I saw him he was 16 and had grown/matured a lot in the time since I had seen him previously. His voice had changed and he looked at me with the eyes of a sexual man, not a boy. I knew that is was wrong to be attracted to him but there was no ignoring my full body flush & quickened heart beat. My primal sexual being was on ‘pounce’ mode. That part of me did not logically see age, it just saw youthful virility. 18 is the legal age of consent in Canada so I kept my distance.

On his 18th birthday last week his step father texted me to give me a heads up that the boy was now legal. I barely slept that night. I was conflicted. It was enticing but there was 17 years between us. I was old enough to be his mother, technically. Would he be interested in someone as old as me? Would he be mature enough? The next day I made inquiries. I confirmed that he was far from a virgin, he was very mature, had grown into a handsome young man and was in fact moving across the country next month on his own. I only had a small window of opportunity.

I texted him a simple belated birthday wish and received a reply that he was now legal…so it was on. The cheeky bugger was flirting with me right from the start. It took a few days to coordinate our schedules but we finally found a couple of hours on my last evening before leaving for Burning Man. By the time I get back he’ll have moved away.

#2. The look & feel: Veal kept springing to mind. I love steak but tender veal is a different delight. I boy who is just becoming a man, skin so fresh and soft…a body not quite filled out yet, a baby face…and that fresh, new man smell. Younger men do have a different scent than middle age men (and older men have a different smell too). I swear, you could blindfold me and I could guess a man’s age within 10 years just by smell.

He entered and kicked off his sneakers and set down his backpack. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, multiple piercings in his ears as is trendy with young people these days. I was surprised at how young he looked. I think I was expecting him to look older by now. If I didn’t know I might have guessed his age to be closer to 16. All of a sudden I felt like this was wrong. He was too innocent looking.

We chatted on the sofa for a bit and he seemed quite mature, not too nervous, charming really. I had had a drink to steady my nerves (yes, I was nervous) and knowing we didn’t have much time I leaned in and kissed him. He leaned in and met my kiss with such surprising sensuality I had to pull back and look to confirm that mouth belonged to that baby face. A kiss can tell you a lot about how someone will be in bed. That kiss told me that I wouldn’t need to do much training.

On the bed, cloths off, his slender frame was so boyish, his skin so smooth…it felt kind of wrong, which had a taboo sexiness to it, thrilling…I asked if he liked to lick pussy & he smiled eagerly and said he loved it (good sign). Down he went and I was shocked. Holy sweet mother of god. He licked pussy like he kissed. How could this 18 year old boy do what so many men can’t do even with instructions? He was so happy & eager down there too, all smiles just going for it like he knew he was a gold medal pussy licker. It was sweet & funny…and I climaxed before long. Ka-pow!

I’ll spare you the rest of the play-by-play. I’ll just say that it was ALL good and overall it was a very fun, positive experience.

In conversation I found his youth so refreshing…not yet jaded and bitter. He is so excited about his new adventures, learning about the world and himself. I couldn’t help giving some maternal advice and ensuring he knew how to get in touch if he ever needed help. I felt nurturing and like I was recapturing some of my youth at the same time.

I doubt this is the end…when he comes home for Christmas or other times I’ll likely be high on his to-see list…and if I make it to his city, he’ll be my first stop. It’s not love, it’s far less complicated than that. It’s casual, fun and lustful. I wish sex could always be this pure.

MistressT in bed

In bed with Mistress T

Fan Mail – Fuckdoll?

I get a lot of fan mail. Most of it isn’t worth repeating but once in awhile one comes along that is worth sharing. This one made me smile, then laugh. See if you can catch the humor too…


Ode to an internet beauty
Mistress T,

You’ve written about getting messages obviously written one-handed. Don’t slight us or yourself. I’m here because the moment I first saw your photo, I experienced involuntary movement of a major body part. Has that ever happened to you? Can you imagine if you saw a really sexy guy and all of the sudden your arm moved without you making it do so? I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, and my cock got hard until it throbbed incessantly. When I very soon after watched that first brief video clip somewhere on the web, yes, I couldn’t help but watch with one hand. I had no choice but to masturbate. I had to. You beauty forced an erection on me, forced incredible lust on me, and forced me to masturbate. My hand grabbed my cock as if directed by a power beyond my control, tightly, and starting stroking it like it was a jackhammer. Seeing you, that classically beautiful face, the high cheekbones, the petite, thin frame, the tiny waist, the very round hips, the perfect-size breasts that are perfectly shaped and are firm and high, those legs, and, just as much a work of art as your sculpted face, that absolutely round, extremely high, tight, and symmetrical rear end that makes for a perfect outward arch–such an incredible curve, the best curve a woman can have and you have every curve, one word inhabited my mind, my hand, my cock, my heart, my soul as I looked….

…My brain function devolved back in time to its most primitive state where I could no longer even think. Primal instinct took over and it made my cock hard and throb, made my hips thrust in a fucking motion even though I was alone, and made me think, over and over and over as I was captured by your sexual power, only of one one syllable word: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck her.  Fuck that woman. I need to fuck the hell out of this woman before I die. I HAVE to fuck her. It’s an animal reaction you create in us. It’s what makes us view, subscribe, write. I lose control over my penis where you are concerned: I get hard even if I don’t want to, I jackoff harder than I intend to as my body acts as it would were I actually be fucking you, I come harder, I ejaculate more, and I come much sooner than I’d like to because you take over my mind, body, soul and cock. You own my cock, in a way. In real life, I’d want to drill you forever, but in reality would surely come very quickly given how much you turn me on.  You are a living fuckdoll in the most complimentary sense. We men fantasize about having Mistress T the fuckdoll as our personal fuck-toy. That’s the secret hope for some of us; we’re not all submissive wimps. I want to take you under me and have my way with you, touch you everywhere at once, lick you forever, and pound you until my cock falls off.

It’s real–you capture our core beings merely by looking as you do, by being you. I have had innumerable orgasms while watching your videos and looking at your photos. You have the best ass–when a woman is so perfectly round back there, I get overwhelmed with lust.  I love everything about your appearence, but it’s that extraordinary rear-end of yours that keeps me coming back, and keeps me looking with only one free hand.

You’re the best.


Mistress T new pantyhose

Ass encased in pantyhose...*sigh*

MistressT saddle up

Saddle up!

MistressT latex panties

Under that juicy ass!

MistressT Bum

Love that ass!

Small Penis’s

I found this great documentary about small penis’s. It’s meant to be serious and I think it would be very helpful  for any man who feels his penis isn’t big enough.

If ‘small penis humiliation’ is a turn-on for you (yes it is a fetish) this documentary provides endless moments that you’ll love to jerk off to.

Here’s the 1st documentary called “My Penis and I” :

And the follow up documentary “My Penis and Everyone Else’s” :

I do ‘small penis humiliation’ vids. Otherwise known as SPH. Why do guys want to jerk off to me laughing at their penis and humiliating them for being inadequate lovers? It’s a form of ‘Erotic Humiliation’.  Although men are often considered visual creatures who just think with their dicks, the brain does play a huge part in the sexual arousal for most men, believe it or not *smile*.  Humiliation, degradation and shame are hot buttons for a lot of people and generalizing where this comes from or why is pointless. Does it start with something that happened in childhood? As a teen? Maybe, everyone has their own story and some men don’t know how it started, they just know they get turned on by being humiliated. I’ve even received emails from fans who say they have an average or larger than average dick and they still love to jerk off to my SPH vids.

Our beloved Wikipedia has a little more to say:

You can search the category ‘small penis humiliation’ on my clips4sale PPV store:

If you like to read, I recommend Literotica’s list of erotic stories including SPH:

dick too small to fuck

Dick Too Small To Fuck

Female Owned & Operated

Since my blog entry talking about C and I starting the business together I’ve had some questions about our relationship and roles in the business. I can move the story along and answer those questions at the same time.

We started the clips store and then the members site. C performed in some of the vids. He is the only male performer I had intercourse with in my vids. He is the only male in all of the shoejob vids. C also ran the camera for all of the scenes. He taught me to edit video early on and I enjoyed it so much I did the majority of my own editing. With my background in sales, marketing and business I did everything else. I answered all of the emails, did all of the advertising, decided on the themes & scenes, etc.

It has always been a female owned & operated business even though C was by my side and involved.

The tricky thing about a ‘tell-all’ story is not violating the privacy of those who are a part of the story. C has requested that I don’t write about our break up and I’ll respect that. I will simply say that it was my choice to end our personal relationship which meant an end to our business relationship as well.

There was a time, not long ago when I moved into a new place, alone, bought a new video camera, lighting and started a new chapter running the business solo. It was a difficult time on many levels. For example, I have always been intimidated by new technology and I was nervous about learning how to use the new camera. It sat in the box for weeks before I even tried to use it. Eventually I began and of course it was fine.

I used to film some of my solo vids with the camera on the tripod and some with C holding the camera. There are pro’s & con’s to both and now that I only film with the camera on the tripod, alone, I feel it’s more intimate. It’s just me and the guy (who I imagine) watching me, jerking off to me. I feel like I can go deeper into the head space of that fetish and moment. I love the vids I’ve been creating on my own.

Of course I can not grow a penis and fuck myself so I will probably need to find new ‘talent’ for the cuckold vids and other vids where I have intercourse. There is only so much one person can do on their own *smile*.

The future looks brighter than ever. In some ways I feel like I’ve lost something that was holding me back. I have started to explore new opportunities and as life often goes, new opportunities are falling in my lap. My step father always says of my great luck: “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.”

MistressT in a field

"Your actions, and your action alone, determines your worth."~ Evelyn Waugh



Story Paused: What else will I write about?

Some of you may be wondering what the dickens I’ll write in this blog when the story gets caught up to present day…and we are getting close.

I have a few ideas…one of which is digging into specific fetishes. The more bizarre the better. I’ll educate & inform, shock & titillate…maybe introduce some folks to new kinks. I’ll include pics & vids for those who are more visual.

I’ll also go back in time and recant some other personal stories that I left out in the first big picture of story telling.

I will answer questions. You’re welcome to email me and ask for something to be answered or explained in my blog:

I will give you insight into the current day-to-day life of a 35 year old fetish film producer & performer. I have some pretty interesting interactions with fans (privacy always respected but if you write me a crazy email expect that I might share it with the world without your identity).

You can come along with me on my journey which is no where near complete. What will happen next? Find out WITH me.

Subscribe and know the moment I add something new here…or follow me on Twitter…or both!

MistressT PVC Fetish Goddess

Fetish Glam

Thank you Club Stiletto

If you’ve been following the story you may recall that my first try at video was a flop. I gave up on making video’s. We all know something changed because I have now performed in over 1000 scenes!

A personal slave kept pestering me to meet the people from Club Stiletto. It was a local fetish film company who a few of the local Dommes had worked with. I reluctantly agreed. We met, we filmed and I loved it. Some of my first vids with them were big hits. They were really excited to keep working with me but I didn’t really understand why yet. I didn’t watch the top 50 charts on clips4sale. I lived in a bubble.

I enjoyed filming with them but I never watched my vids. I just saw it as a fun way to make some extra cash. They were very complimentary but I figured they just spoke to all of their models like that. I was still a busy Pro Domme. I had even set up a large, multi-room space for parties and dungeon rental for other Dommes. A sort of ‘Domme House’ modeled after places in New York.

About a year into my relationship with C he and I hit a rough patch and split up for six weeks. It was a hard time. The ‘Domme House’ wasn’t going so well. There wasn’t enough business to support multiple Dommes. I also got an eviction notice when my landlord found out about one of my ‘Foot Parties’. It was just a foot worship event but he called it a sex party and gave me notice. He didn’t have a legal right to evict me but I knew he would continue to make my life difficult so I left.

While C & I were apart he decided to pursue his dream of filming the type of shoejob porn he loved. He bought all the equipment and learned how to use it. He found models and although it wasn’t a runaway success he enjoyed it. Then we became friends again and I modeled for his shoejob clips store. I started to learn the business from behind the camera.

I made an offer to Club Stiletto to produce & sell them as much content as they wanted. With integrity rarely seen in the porn world they advised me to start my own clips store instead. They knew I had more potential than I was using. They could have kept me all to themselves and I might never have known what I could do on my own. It was their encouragement that gave me the push to open my own clips store.

In the first couple of weeks my clips store rocketed into the top 5 on clips4sale ( I had several #1 best selling clips in that first month as well. I wish I had known then what all of that meant. It was exciting when it was happening but I didn’t appreciate how rare and special it was at the time.

Eventually my friendship and business relationship with C evolved back into a full relationship. We traveled together (New York, Burning Man, California, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, across Canada, etc.) We filmed together, lived together and we were happy.

A year after I started the clips store I opened my members site ( It was also an instant success. I thought it would cannibalize my clips store but it didn’t. Business was booming.

Here’s a shameless plug for the good folks at Club Stiletto who you can thank for being instrumental in bringing Mistress T, the fetish film performer, to you:  and their clips store:

Mistress T Facesitting

One of my 1st facesitting shoots.

Story Paused: Travel Schedule

I’m pausing the story to give notice of travel plans.

From the end of August 2011 to mid-late Sept I will be on the move. Driving to Nevada for Burning Man. It’s my 5th ‘Burn’ and if you’re curious:

In the past I have made a bit of a road trip out of it and met fans on the way down and after, on the way back to Vancouver. This year I’ll be heading to California after Burning Man (San Fran, LA, Napa), then heading along the coast hopefully stopping in Portland to visit one of my favorite people Ceara Lynch (if you’re curious: ) and Seattle. I may go to Vegas before or after.

I will have my camera & camera operator with me and will be accepting applications for FILM SLAVES. I will also consider private meetings with fans. I am hoping to work with other producers as well.

If you are a fan and you would like to meet me, either privately or for filming, understand that it is up to you to prove that you are serious (not a time waster). You can do this by providing references from other providers or by making a tribute of some kind. Understand that I am inundated with emails from guys who are NOT serious, who do not have the best intentions…this is just a part of the business but knowing that, if you are worth my time you will have to prove that you are not like the others.

Exact locations and dates are not set and will remain somewhat flexible as this is part vacation road-trip and part work trip. The right client or filming opportunity will sway me so if you want to see me in Vegas, anywhere in California or along the West Coast email me:

-introduce yourself

-tell me where you are

-tell me whether you’re interested in being a film slave or a private meeting

-tell me what activities you’re most interested in

-prove you’re serious! Provide a reference or express your interest in making some kind of tribute (there are a lot of options here, the gesture is most important.)

-be brief but be clear. Please use paragraphs (look at the format of this blog entry. See how much easier it is to read then everything all squished together?)


While I’m on the topic, all of the above also applies to Vancouver when I’m in my home city. I am always looking for good film slaves and I accept private bookings with those who prove themselves worthy. It’s also possible to chat with me on Skype and NiteFlirt (phone & webcam).


Mistress T at Burning Man

I love Burning Man!


The client who became more…

At this writing I am 35 years old. The story at this point puts me at around 30/31. At that point I was happily working away as a busy Pro Domme. I traveled a bit for work, around Canada and the US. I had some great adventures and everything was going smashingly. Apparently that’s not a real word but I like it anyway.

One day a new client called asking if I would consider a trampling session with a shoejob finish. This was iffy because I did not give handjobs at that time…but rubbing the bottom of my shoe against his cock until he came seemed ‘just’ okay. He sounded nice. He requested regular clothing, no fetish attire and asked if I could just act like a normal woman, not like an in-role Dominatrix. I was used to all sorts of fantasy fulfillment so I said “no problem”.

I’ll never forget how he looked laying on the floor below me, candlelit, sensual music playing, his muscles straining under my weight as I dug my heels into his flesh. He was beautiful. I thought he was years younger than me. Such a nice looking boy.

It was unusually erotic for me. I was very professional in most of my sessions but there was something different about this one. I made a note of it at the time.

He came back to see me several times. He would bring wine. I bought a special glass so I could easily pour it into his mouth while he was laying below me. I would let him stay longer. We would chat. He had excellent manners. I looked forward to our sessions. Too forward. He was a client. I needed to stay professional, but he was different. There was no real Domination, just kinky games between two people who weren’t pretending to be someone else. It was fun and it was hot.

It feels silly now how I struggled with my decision. I didn’t want to cross the line. I took my profession seriously.

Finally, after a session had gone double overtime at no charge I just said it: “I want to fuck you.”

He consented and we had somewhat awkward sex….but it had potential.

I invited him back for a personal evening, no business. We fucked for hours. It was amazing.

Things were complicated at first. I didn’t want to feel like I was getting paid for sex, but he didn’t want me to feel like he was taking advantage of the situation and getting free trampling and shoejobs. He would still book sessions and it was all business. Then when the time was up, we’d have sex. Or if I felt like company I’d call him up and go over to his place. Before I knew it, we were dating and it didn’t make sense to continue charging him.

He will be referred to as “C” as the story continues…

Mistress T trampling

Sexy Trampling

Conformist Pro Domme

Just before I continue the story I want to ensure my readers know how to find me elsewhere:

My members site:

My clips store:


In my last entry I hinted that although I was happy doing ‘voyeur shows’ I was starting to look for my next big thrill. Some of the clients who called to see me respectfully asked if I would consider doing ‘other things’ during my time with them…and I don’t mean sex. Of course I was pestered non stop for sex, but these respectful gents would ask if it was okay to kiss my feet? Would it be okay if they wore ladies clothing while they jerked off in my presence? Would I consider giving them a spanking?

I had been playing kinky games in my personal life, going to fetish parties and reading alternative erotica for years…these ‘unusual’ requests did not bother me. They were exciting. I started expanding my services and early on in the game one of these gents wrote a positive review of my Domme services. All of a sudden I was the hot new Pro Domme in town. I cringe now at how easy it was to become that, with as little experience as I had. I needed to get up to speed quickly. I didn’t say that I could do anything I couldn’t do but bit by bit my list of abilities expanded. Some clients helped me learn the ropes, I took some lessons from professionals and I read a great deal. Clients bought me implements, equipment and attire.

The first time I used my strap-on was with a client. My strap-on was special. I had had it custom made in San Fransisco at Mr. S Leather in my mid 20’s. I never had a boyfriend who would take it but I finally put it to work.

I told a 50 year old gay male friend about the recent changes in my life. He pointed out that I would need to learn to fist. The first man I ever fisted was this man with his boyfriend coaching me along. I double fisted him up to my elbows!

That gay friend also put me in touch with a couple who where doing fetish video’s. They meant well and taught me a great deal. I’m sure the very first fetish video’s I did are floating around out there…I had braces at the time. The vids were nothing to brag about. Perhaps I wasn’t ready, maybe they weren’t the right mentors, maybe the timing was just off? In any case, my first attempt at fetish video’s was a complete flop (I’ve come a long way baby!). I gave up on vids and focused on private sessions. I was well-reviewed and as busy as I could handle.

In the early days I conformed to what I was told a Pro Domme was, except for the ‘no nudity’ rule. I’ve always been more comfortable in the nude…but I did not give handjobs, I did not allow oral worship or give it and absolutely no intercourse.  I would allow guys to jerk themselves off. I did a lot of ass play, golden showers, bondage, CBT, flogging, caning, spanking, sensory deprivation…I allowed shoe & foot worship, I dressed men as women, I humiliated them, I role-played their bosses, nurses etc. I had puppy boys, cuckolds and houseboys. There was a lot of variety.

I point out that I conformed because now my opinion has changed a lot. I strongly feel that a real Dominant does what she wants and doesn’t follow other people’s rules. I pass that along to all new Dommes. You don’t have to advertise it, and you probably shouldn’t unless you want to get into uncomfortable situations, but if you feel a connection with a client and you WANT to do something with him, as long as he consents then it’s really no ones business. I realize this is controversial and puts the many Pro Dommes who strictly do not offer those activities in a difficult position, as clients can say “she did, why won’t you?”…but that’s not my problem. I can’t police everyone’s actions or reactions.

That is my position now, years later but back then as I said: I was a conformist Pro Domme and I played by the book.

Mistress T fetish goddess FemDom

I beat & humiliate men for a living.