This, that and another thing…

I have a few random, mostly unrelated things to share on my blog today.

#1. My 2nd scene is live on’s DivineBitches.

#2. Telling my new roomie about my work.

#3. Ceara Lynch’s brilliant & helpful journal entry giving advice on approaching online Dommes.

#1. My 2nd scene (only two were filmed) has gone live earlier than expected. Find it on’s FemDom site: DivineBitches. You can see the preview, etc. here: (Be sure to leave a comment!)

I’m really happy with the end result. Being ‘directed’ by Madeline was a different experience. I’m used to controlling everything but she made it very easy by requesting a lot of input from me. It felt like more of a collaboration then me taking orders from someone else. She works with a great team which helped create a very fun vibe.

Everyone seems to want to know when I’ll be filming more with them. It’s a matter of scheduling but I would be receptive to the idea if it can be coordinated.

#2. This month I have a roomie who I don’t know very well. We had a chance to get better acquainted the other night when she came home tipsy. In her uninhibited state she asked me a lot of questions about what I do. She was fascinated and it was entertaining to see her reaction to my explanation of VORE, Giantess, cuckolding, small penis humiliation, etc. Usually I feel uncomfortable talking about the freaky stuff I do to people who I think are judging me, but she was so obviously enthusiastic about it I was happy to answer her questions. It’s going to be a little different trying to film & webcam with a roomie around. Yesterday she came home while I was standing naked on top of my dresser filming a giantess scene…I was in my bedroom with the door closed but it was still funny to me, the possibility of her walking in and seeing me like that and how ridiculous it would look.

She’s 27 and very hot. She seems interested in getting into the business…but don’t get too excited: I would be very reluctant to bring in someone completely green without them taking a lot of time to think about the long-term potential issues with having their image out there. Not only is this not the right business for a lot of women, very few make good money at it. I often say: “I may have sold my soul, but at least I got a good price for it!”

#3. Ceara Lynch recently wrote a fantastic journal entry giving advice to slaves/fans wanting to interact with online Dommes. It is slightly geared toward Financial Domination but it very much applies to any online Domme. I strongly feel that it should be required reading for any guy who ever wants to contact me…and I’ll explain why, but first, here’s the link, please take the time to read it:

Now I’ll tell you a story:

A few years ago I was contacted by a fan who wanted to meet me. He offered right away to pay my expenses to Houston, plus a generous tribute. He immediately sent a smaller tribute ($100 if I recall correctly) to demonstrate that he was serious, just to discuss the potential without me having to commit.

The Houston trip went great and about six months later he came to visit me in Vancouver. Again, he gave me a generous tribute and we spent a lot of time together going out socially for drinks, food & fun. It wasn’t a pay-by-the-hour session although there was some private play. It was about the overall experience without pressure or expectations. Two years in a row he has sent very generous birthday tributes to me. Thoughtful ones: a gift certificate for my favorite fancy restaurant in Vancouver (Blue Water) and the next year a fancy hotel room in Paris for three nights.

His name is Dave and he is my favorite all time slave. Why? It’s not just about the money but what it represents. He tributes to show his gratitude. Plus I genuinely like him and enjoy our many email exchanges.

The reason I’m telling you this story is to illustrate the importance of demonstrating you’re respectful of my time & demonstrating that right away. If Dave hadn’t sent a tribute within his first two emails nothing else probably would have happened. Why? Because I am flooded with emails from guys who waste my time.

Does it sound horrible to say that even a nice email just telling me how much you adore me is a waste of my time? Before you get your nose out of joint, please read Ceara’s post (If you haven’t already? She speaks a little more bluntly than I do). Note the part about women like me getting an inbox full of complimentary emails every day and how long it takes to sift through them to find the ones who want to pay for a custom vid, pay for a webcam session, pay for a private session or who are applying to be a film slave. All of those things are a priorities of my business. An email that just says:”I love your vids. You’re so beautiful!” is nice, but takes time away from business.

Dave loved my vids & thought I was beautiful. He has told me that a thousand times, but has also shown his gratitude and respect with tributes and gifts. He doesn’t make demands on my time but is just very grateful for the attention I give him, therefore he gets more attention from me than most. We have pretty much the ideal distance relationship. It feels natural and mutually beneficial.

I could have written a rant about all the different types of time-wasters there are. Instead I decided to paint you a picture of the type of fan/slave who I enjoy the most. I’m sure a lot of fans would like to please me and demonstrate how grateful they are but just don’t know how. I hope this has been helpful.

I don’t have a wish list or a ‘tribute now’ button because I don’t stick my hand out asking for money. If you want to tribute me just email me and ask me how. We’ll find something that works for both of us.

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  1. Excellent new photos. You’re body is looking so incredible these days.

    But that last photo is an early X-mas present.

    This is one of your best photos ever; your butt is so tight, sleek, round, and symmetric. You embody the platonic ideal of the female rear-end.

    And your legs look perfect here, too.

    And the gorgeous face.

    Those cheekbones–BOTH types–are so high and perfectly curved.

    Thanks for sharing your gift of beauty with us, once (or should I say, “thrice?”) again..

  2. Photo 2 caption suggestion from the ultimate size humiliatrix:

    Is that a piece of anti-matter in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

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