If I can do this, I can do anything!

I was just reading “Choke” by Chuck Palahniuk (Author of Fight Club, which happens to be my favorite movie next to Pulp Fiction).

I wanted to share a bit with you…then I’ll share some personal thoughts:

Start excerpt from Choke: “The point was, it’s not the sex part of pornography that hooked the stupid little boy. It was the confidence. The courage. The complete lack of shame. The comfort and genuine honesty. The up-front-ness of being able to just stand there and tell the world: Yeah, this is how I spend a free afternoon. Posing here with a monkey putting chestnuts up my ass.

And I really don’t care how I look. Or what you think.

So deal with it.

He was assaulting the world by assaulting himself.

And even if the guy wasn’t loving every moment, the ability to smile, to fake your way through this, that would be even more admirable.

The same way every porno movie implies a score of people standing just off camera, knitting, eating sandwiches, looking at their wrist watches, while other people do naked sex only a few feet away…

To the stupid little boy, that was enlightenment. To be that comfortable and confident in the world, that would be Nirvana.

“Freedom” isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind.

That’s the kind of pride and self-assurance the little boy wanted to have. Someday.

If it was him in those pictures with the monkey, he could look at them every day and think: If I could do this, I could do anything. No matter what else you came up against, if you could smile and laugh while a monkey did you with chestnuts in a dank concrete basement and somebody took pictures, well, any other situation would be a piece of cake.” ~End excerpt from Choke.

MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS on ‘confidence’ and how making porn prepares you for anything:

I’ve done some crazy stuff in front of a camera. There have been a lot of moments where the comedy of the whole thing seemed to outweigh the sexiness. MANY times. Like when I fucked myself with a tiny plastic man pretending he was a real mini man and I was using him as a human dildo. Like when I ate a hamburger with my mouth open showing me chewing and swallowing, pretending this was a man I turned into food who could still feel everything I was doing to him. Like when I jerked off a guy into a funnel going into a slaves mouth…really, who would do that in real life?!

I could give many more examples. My whole business model is based on doing the obscure, the ‘niche’ and doing it in a believable way so the guy who has this kink can do what he needs to do: have an orgasm.

I receive tons, I mean TONS of emails of gratitude for the fucked up shit that I do. It means a lot to some people. I enjoy the variety and creativity but the humor is not lost on me. I do not laugh at those who have these fetishes, we can’t help the way we’re hard-wired, but I do laugh at myself. To stand back and watch me flirting up a storm with my video camera, you would think that I have a camera fetish!

Obviously it takes a lot of confidence to start doing what I do. You can’t have a thin skin because there will be critics and petty, catty, jealous people who will try to tear you down to make themselves feel better. One must remember that there will always be someone out there better than you (and someone worse!) but at the end of the day you’re only in a race against yourself.

There certainly is a “If I can do this, I can do anything” attitude that comes after being successful in this business. After exposing yourself, spreading your ass cheeks for an HD close up of your asshole and any other body part you’re not real sure looks good enough to be seen in that light. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves and HD video is unforgiving. Aging in front of the camera is a whole other can of worms, but I’m doing it anyway because I’m as addicted to this business as many of you are addicted to me. We’re in this together. I die-hard exhibitionist needs her audience, her creative outlet, the dirty thrill of being a pornographer.

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Shoving a hairbrush up his butt?!

Would I REALLY be talking on the phone?!

Twisted Giantess Porn

Fuck Santa

You might think from the title that this is going to be some angry rant. I know how people love the drama so I’m sorry to disappoint. What this IS though (better, me thinks) is a dirty Xmas story. If you like erotic literature you might enjoy a piece of my very own creative writing…

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house the only thing you could hear was the faint sound of uncomfortable moans and the slow, impatient tapping of an exquisitely sculpted stiletto shoe.

Tia had not been a good girl this year. After several years of marriage she had finally had enough. She was sexually frustrated and started to take it out on her increasingly wimpy husband. It started with her taking matters into her own hands during sex, forcing him to just watch her get herself off better than he could. Then she introduced toys, bigger and thicker than his unimpressive little dick. Then she started to enjoy having all the pleasure and denying him an orgasm, punishing him for years of disappointing lovemaking.

Now, months later, she was ready to take things to a new level. Her husband was tightly tied, gagged and sweating bullets. He had been locked in chastity for weeks while she teased him mercilessly. Her cruelty, although intimidating seemed to have him entranced. Sure, he could leave anytime he wanted, he went to work every day but he always came home to her. It seemed crazy that they had this bizarre life behind closed doors but at the same time, this was the most excitement he had ever had. Tia had also grown more more attractive over the last year. Her sexual power beamed out of her and men stared everywhere they went. He was lucky to have such an attractive wife.

He looked at Tia now and it nearly took his breath away. From that impatient foot tapping on the marble floor, up those killer legs encased in silky stockings. The heels causing her foot to arch beautifully, her calf to flex and her ass to lift. That ass. My god, a work of art with the garters framing it, the tiny piece of sheer fabric nuzzled into the dark place which he was sure must be getting very wet. The perfect proportion of hips to waist. Her skin looking like velvet in the soft light…

There was a noise at the fireplace and she turned to look, a small smile turning up the corners of her red painted mouth.

With a flare of the fire all of sudden there he was: Santa Fucking Claus.

Tia had written Santa a letter telling him what she wanted for Christmas: a nice, long, hard fuck from a REAL man with a thick juicy cock. She wanted her sexually useless husband to watch her being truly satisfied. The thought of her husbands suffering fueled her sexual appetite.

Words didn’t need to be exchanged. Santa started to remove his bulky red suit and beneath was a strong, broad shouldered man used to carrying large sacks of gifts. His cock stood at attention, so erect it curved upward and impossibly thick at the base…the thickest Tia had ever seen and immediately her cunt started to flex and pump juices in preparation. He closed the space between them in a few paces and pressed his hardness firmly against her as he brought his lips within an inch of hers, giving her a second to caught her breath. Her knees went a little weak as his tongue started to softly probe her mouth the same way he would soon be licking her pussy. The tiny bit of fabric between her legs was now soaked through with her horny juices…her tied up husband nearly being forgotten in the moment…his eyes bulging and watering as he looked at the giant cock pushing against his wife’s tummy, seeing the size of it next to her he felt entirely inadequate…

Santa laid Tia down on the bed within a few feet of her bound husband, his cock now pressing painfully against his chastity device and drool pouring from his gagged mouth.

After a brief stop at each nipple, panties were slid down and Santa’s mouth was kissing and licking Tia’s sweet pussy. His strong hands cupped her ass as he scooped her in closer to devour her horny cunt, tonguing her clit as she erupted in a powerful orgasm. Her cunt was plump, pink, dripping wet and ready for that massive, rock hard cock. Santa held her legs wide so her (now panting and slobbering) husband could see clearly. They were both enjoying making him suffer now and it was fanning the flames of their passion.

Just the head slid in at first…he paused as he felt her hungry cunt flex around his cock, felt her hips raise to take more…slowly, inch by inch she took it all as he slowly rocked it in and out, stretching her horny cunt. To her, it felt like nothing else in the entire universe existed except her beautifully filled pussy. The pleasure bursting like fireworks. Tears filled her eyes as a wave of emotional passion washed over her…and she started to cum again, her whole body orgasming around that glorious cock.

He then started thrusting faster and harder, abusing her cunt with that giant cock…and she loved it. He flipped her over on her knees where she could look directly at her husband while she was getting fucked from behind. He saw a primal, animalistic lust in her eyes as she pushed back on that thick cock. Santa was looking at him too, smiling smugly as he grasped her hips, pulling her in hard, fucking her aggressively, fucking her like a REAL man, in a way he was certain her husband had never done.

Seeing the husbands humiliation combined with his sexual frustration was a turn on and Tia came again, hard, as she felt Santa thrust even harder, his cock pumping her pussy full of cum.

She collapsed in a puddle on the bed, smiling, purring…as Santa undid the husband, removed the gag and gestured towards Tia’s open legs. The chastity device was still on so Santa could only mean one thing. What else had Tia written in her letter to Santa?

There was a sparkle in her happy eyes but also a look of supreme feminine power that her husband could not refuse. He was too weak. He would do whatever she ever asked of him. Forever.

Kneeling between her legs, he caught Santa’s wink to her as he went out of sight. He got to work gently licking and cleaning his wife’s well-fucked, cum filled pussy as she moaned softly, cumming again quietly….

Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD night.

Entranced by her feminine power...

A determined, horny, powerful bitch...

A woman who deserves a good fuck...

Below ME, where you belong...

That magnificent ass...

And the winner is…

Some of you may already know that my site has been nominated for an XBIZ award under the category of “Specialty/Alternative Site of the Year”. (XBIZ Awards are given annually to honor “individuals, companies, performers and products that play an essential part in the growth and success of adult entertainment.) The award events are in LA Jan 9-12. Initially it made sense for me to go. A no-brainer, as they say. It would be an excellent opportunity to schmooze with others in the industry, make new connections, etc.

Then I got an invitation I couldn’t refuse: share a (free) room with Ceara Lynch at the AVN awards in Vegas Jan 18-21. (Otherwise known as the ‘Oscars for Porn’). We can film together, schmooze & socialize together. Am I nominated for an AVN award this year? No, but I could have been if I hadn’t dropped the ball on the paperwork. I was in the middle of bouncing from one city to another when I missed a deadline. That’s what happens when you try to do everything yourself: balls get dropped.

Not being nominated for an award doesn’t really matter for AVN anyway. Most people go just to schmooze and get content. It’s a highly productive and fun event. Ceara Lynch is one of my favorite people, highly intelligent and cute like a razor blade. Her journal is brilliant: http://cearalynch.livejournal.com/

She & I are looking for film slaves (male & female) in Vegas. Although our styles are different and my content tends to be more sexual, there are some common things we are looking for in film slaves: unmasked, willing to sign a model release, male slaves must also tribute (females get paid)…shoe/foot worship, spitting, ballbusting, humiliation…other scenes might be possible, just ask.

Scenes with ME for MY site that Ceara may be the camera person for or be a voyeur for could involve more sexual acts like forced milkings/ruined orgasms, forced bi, cum eating, even sexual intercourse with the right, attractive, well-hung, perfectly behaved film slave…sex acts between the female slave (oral service!) & I or sex acts between the female slave & male slave…again, to be clear: Ceara will NOT be getting naked or engaging in sex acts. This part is all about me…but she may be there as a fellow Dominant, voyeur and/or camera woman.

CUSTOM VIDS involving Ceara & I are also possible. We’ve filmed some amazing content together in the past (“Mum Sister Tag Team” is my favorite). You can email a brief outline of your request. I’ll let you know if it’s possible and what the rate will be.

So, I will be at the AVN awards for certain. If you’d like to meet me there send me an email. This invitation is extended to other industry folks who may want to hire me for their content, interviews, etc…as well as those with a big enough budget to have a private session with me. I could extend my stay in Vegas by a day or two one way or the other.

I’m sure that some of what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas *smile*…but with luck some of it will be filmed & sold on the internet for all the world to see!

Mistress T

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Mistress T & Ceara Lynch

"Little Ninja vs Ceara and T" featuring Ceara Lynch & Mistress T

"Mum Sister Tage Team" featuring Ceara Lynch & Mistress T

My Porn Can Be Theraputic – Part 2

If you scroll down you’ll see the first part of this from Nov. 18, 2011. This is the follow up, after showing the vid I created to his therapist. Interesting indeed:

Mistress T,

My therapist watched the video you made at my request.

His first comment was about you: “She’s quite a find,” or maybe it was “She’s quite something.”

He was extremely impressed by your role-play/acting talent. He found you very focused, very authentic in your performance, believable, and was impressed by how you never deviated or slipped up/out of character for a second. I had told him you were one in a million in your acting, professionalism, intelligence, class, and that your videos were very professionally produced, but it didn’t prepare him. With so many women who are low-rent, cheap, low-class, lacking in grace, intelligence, refinement, and classic, real (not modified, enhanced, or buried in Wal-Mart cosmetics) beauty to be found on-line selling low-rent, cheap, inept, amateur-in-the-negative-sense sex-themed services of poor quality, you are the proverbial diamond. And I’ve wasted enough money on the others to know this.

He made a simple comment about your attractiveness–obliquely via saying something akin to “I can see why you find her so attractive.” Your beauty is the easy part–what you were born with. What truly blew him away most was your talent and professionalism–your performance and the production quality. He thinks you’re a great actress (so do I and many of your fans).

Relating to my issues, the video did help him better understand what I’d gone through, he said. The “performance” aspect definitely fleshed out the experience for him, as I’d hoped. My attempts to tell the story of the incidents (particularly that one that’s the basis for the video) often left a lot of stuff out, particularly how my mind had extrapolated from the facts of the real events to develop the fantasy elements. I guess I’d found it hard-nee-embarrassing to describe the fantasy parts that I’ve developed over the years to him, so the video revealed things to him that I hadn’t spelled out previously due to my holding back. In this way, the video was a safer way to open up about the feelings and thoughts I’ve carried inside me for decades.

Those less-familiar-, or less-explained, to-him fantasy aspects brought new material for us to work on. The therapy process has been re-invigorated with this material after years of stagnation, as those fantasy aspects opened up much discussion and brought out material that we can now work on.

The process of articulating the fantasy material to you in concrete form in the outline and suggestions I gave you to make the video was very helpful, we both agreed. I’d never really put words to paper about those things. So, just based on how writing the material down made me think intently and with the purpose of needing to be very clear about the issues and events to explain them to you, he thinks it was a good idea even just to request the video.

But he also thinks that having the video actually made of you performing the scene offers the ability for me to reflect on the real events again and again as needed via objectifying the events and issues in an external form, i.e., not just inside my head, is a good thing. It helps get “it out of my head,” not just the once, but repeatedly. Above all, though, from his perspective, having him see my real experiences (and fantasies drawn from them) acted-out allows for better therapeutic use of the material; it has been and will be very beneficial. In a way, I could see–this is not something I mentioned to him so he’s not endorsing the idea– the process of having a video made that replays trauma and addresses fantasies derived from the abuse could be helpful for victims of abuse; it’s a very “safe” way to revisit the events and thoughts.

Two very important things came out of his viewing the video:

1. It better revealed the element of my sexual feelings for my mother in the fantasies. I had been told years ago by another therapist that my mother kind of sexualized our relationship–though there was physical contact that I recall–in a form of “covert sexual abuse.” But those sexual feelings hadn’t really been addressed much in my therapy, as much as it is standard psychology theory to do so.¬† Covert abuse is hard to pin down; it is more abstract and mysterious because it is shrouded and a kind of–my words–“mind-fucking.” It also is harder to deal with in therapy due to the lack of concrete specificity, i.e. clearly identifiable incidents in space and time. The video puts some of that abstract, ethereal, less-specifically-identifiable-in-individual-incident form covert abuse in concrete form.

2. The other thing he saw in it, that I agree with but had not recognized myself, is that part of my fantasy aspects offered the possibility that all hope was not lost me, that I was not–within the fantasy itself–necessarily absolutely worthless and inadequate. I’m being deliberately vague here about the details for privacy. Psychologically the fantasy involves a way for me to prove myself to be good enough, not inadequate, as underplayed and indirect as it is in my fantasies. It’s there as a secondary-theme or sub-plot, bit I hadn’t seen it before–nor had he until you acted it out. Other sexual fantasies of mine which revolve around some of these issues but not addressing my mother, involve this theme, but I hadn’t recognized that aspect of my mother-related issues and related fantasies. He saw it and thus was able to connect different threads of my fantasies, projections, in securities, etc. together for the first time.

So he thinks it is beneficial for me to have had you make this for me, and that you were an extraordinarily good choice to play the mother. I completely agree.

“A fan for life and extremely satisfied customer”

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Mother Of The Year

Strict but loving...

Come with me...

This, that and another thing…

I have a few random, mostly unrelated things to share on my blog today.

#1. My 2nd scene is live on Kink.com’s DivineBitches.

#2. Telling my new roomie about my work.

#3. Ceara Lynch’s brilliant & helpful journal entry giving advice on approaching online Dommes.

#1. My 2nd scene (only two were filmed) has gone live earlier than expected. Find it on Kink.com’s FemDom site: DivineBitches. You can see the preview, etc. here: http://www.divinebitches.com/site/shoot.jsp?shootId=16653 (Be sure to leave a comment!)

I’m really happy with the end result. Being ‘directed’ by Madeline was a different experience. I’m used to controlling everything but she made it very easy by requesting a lot of input from me. It felt like more of a collaboration then me taking orders from someone else. She works with a great team which helped create a very fun vibe.

Everyone seems to want to know when I’ll be filming more with them. It’s a matter of scheduling but I would be receptive to the idea if it can be coordinated.

#2. This month I have a roomie who I don’t know very well. We had a chance to get better acquainted the other night when she came home tipsy. In her uninhibited state she asked me a lot of questions about what I do. She was fascinated and it was entertaining to see her reaction to my explanation of VORE, Giantess, cuckolding, small penis humiliation, etc. Usually I feel uncomfortable talking about the freaky stuff I do to people who I think are judging me, but she was so obviously enthusiastic about it I was happy to answer her questions. It’s going to be a little different trying to film & webcam with a roomie around. Yesterday she came home while I was standing naked on top of my dresser filming a giantess scene…I was in my bedroom with the door closed but it was still funny to me, the possibility of her walking in and seeing me like that and how ridiculous it would look.

She’s 27 and very hot. She seems interested in getting into the business…but don’t get too excited: I would be very reluctant to bring in someone completely green without them taking a lot of time to think about the long-term potential issues with having their image out there. Not only is this not the right business for a lot of women, very few make good money at it. I often say: “I may have sold my soul, but at least I got a good price for it!”

#3. Ceara Lynch recently wrote a fantastic journal entry giving advice to slaves/fans wanting to interact with online Dommes. It is slightly geared toward Financial Domination but it very much applies to any online Domme. I strongly feel that it should be required reading for any guy who ever wants to contact me…and I’ll explain why, but first, here’s the link, please take the time to read it: http://cearalynch.livejournal.com/109616.html

Now I’ll tell you a story:

A few years ago I was contacted by a fan who wanted to meet me. He offered right away to pay my expenses to Houston, plus a generous tribute. He immediately sent a smaller tribute ($100 if I recall correctly) to demonstrate that he was serious, just to discuss the potential without me having to commit.

The Houston trip went great and about six months later he came to visit me in Vancouver. Again, he gave me a generous tribute and we spent a lot of time together going out socially for drinks, food & fun. It wasn’t a pay-by-the-hour session although there was some private play. It was about the overall experience without pressure or expectations. Two years in a row he has sent very generous birthday tributes to me. Thoughtful ones: a gift certificate for my favorite fancy restaurant in Vancouver (Blue Water) and the next year a fancy hotel room in Paris for three nights.

His name is Dave and he is my favorite all time slave. Why? It’s not just about the money but what it represents. He tributes to show his gratitude. Plus I genuinely like him and enjoy our many email exchanges.

The reason I’m telling you this story is to illustrate the importance of demonstrating you’re respectful of my time & demonstrating that right away. If Dave hadn’t sent a tribute within his first two emails nothing else probably would have happened. Why? Because I am flooded with emails from guys who waste my time.

Does it sound horrible to say that even a nice email just telling me how much you adore me is a waste of my time? Before you get your nose out of joint, please read Ceara’s post (If you haven’t already? She speaks a little more bluntly than I do). Note the part about women like me getting an inbox full of complimentary emails every day and how long it takes to sift through them to find the ones who want to pay for a custom vid, pay for a webcam session, pay for a private session or who are applying to be a film slave. All of those things are a priorities of my business. An email that just says:”I love your vids. You’re so beautiful!” is nice, but takes time away from business.

Dave loved my vids & thought I was beautiful. He has told me that a thousand times, but has also shown his gratitude and respect with tributes and gifts. He doesn’t make demands on my time but is just very grateful for the attention I give him, therefore he gets more attention from me than most. We have pretty much the ideal distance relationship. It feels natural and mutually beneficial.

I could have written a rant about all the different types of time-wasters there are. Instead I decided to paint you a picture of the type of fan/slave who I enjoy the most. I’m sure a lot of fans would like to please me and demonstrate how grateful they are but just don’t know how. I hope this has been helpful.

I don’t have a wish list or a ‘tribute now’ button because I don’t stick my hand out asking for money. If you want to tribute me just email me and ask me how. We’ll find something that works for both of us.

I'm not wearing any panties...

Insert clever caption here

Looks like an ass you'd like to kiss, right?

Tales from rural Nova Scotia

As I write this I am jetlegged & trying to make good use of my time, being wide awake after only a few hours sleep. I returned home a days ago (to Vancouver) from Nova Scotia where I was visiting family. I thought I would share some of my family experiences from this visit.

My family knows what I do for a living. Some know more, some know less. Each of them has a different level of understanding and it can make for some awkward conversation.

I’ve always been pretty ‘together’. I’ve never been pregnant, which means I didn’t get knocked up as a teen. That counts for a lot where I come from. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship or had a drug or drinking problem. I’ve always been financially secure, I put myself through school, bought real estate at 29, traveled the world, never been in trouble with the law, etc. So my family can’t really ‘knock’ my life choices. I’ve made out better than most and I’ve done it on my own without any family financial support.

A few years ago when I told them I had stripped for a little while before becoming a Dominatrix they listened without saying much. Then as that evolved into the video business most did not ask too many questions. In fact, my grandmothers are particularly careful to not ask me any questions they’d rather not hear the answers to. I lie to my grandmothers friends and tell them I make wedding video’s, etc. I choose to not embarrass my conservative, religious grandmother with the scandal & gossip.

My father, bless his heart, does not want to know details but prefers to go off half-cocked bragging to his friends about his successful daughter. My most awkward experience of the trip was meeting a friend of his…an older man with no teeth who started the conversation with: “So you do that dancing up and down the pole, eh?”. I carefully explained that I spent about a year dancing 5-6 years ago but I haven’t done that for awhile…hoping we could move the conversation to something else but no. He then said leeringly: “So you’re into the pictures now?” Fuck. I could have strangled my father for putting me in such an awkward position. I just changed the subject without answering.

In the car I asked dad what he had told his friends and why? He explained that he had no judgement about what I do, he’s proud of me, and his friends are pretty open minded. Heck, that toothless friend had often gone to the city to pick up hookers. No shit, eh?

I have one nosy aunt who enjoys watching people squirm by asking personal questions. I was ready for her and decided that she would get detailed answers whether she really wanted them or not. She started with: “Aren’t you scared one of those crazy guys is going to hurt you?” I asked her what she meant by crazy? She figured that anyone who was into fetishes and BDSM wasn’t right in the head. I explained that people with alternative sexual interests are as sane as anyone else. Wanting to lick feet, for example, doesn’t mean you’re dangerously nuts. I talked about homosexuality because I know she has gay friends. I said there was a time when many thought being gay was wrong & unnatural. Now that’s mostly acceptable. I said in the future those with fetishes will be more accepted too. She surprised me by changing gears and asking me to explain more so she could understand and be more open-minded. That was pretty awesome.

My mother especially loves what I do. She’s a very liberal woman. She raised me to be strong and independent. She sees strength in using sexuality to get ahead in life. She gets the words mixed up though and calls me a Doministrix (combining Dominatrix with Mistress). I find it adorable every time she says it and I don’t bother correcting her.

My step-father has always been a business man and he spends hours grilling me about the business end of things. He offers advice, anything regarding insurance, legal stuff, taxes and tries to brainstorm new business ideas with me. He is concerned about my future, as am I. How long will my looks last? I will still have a lot of years to live after I no longer look good enough to be in front of the camera. As carefully as I save and invest I need a better long term plan. I had a career in sales & marketing before I started in the ‘adult’ world, so I’m sure I’ll be fine but at this point the long term plan is a little uncertain. Then again, who has a crystal ball?

I did a few different things while in Nova Scotia. My father wanted to show me off to all of his friends so I went to not one, not two but THREE jam nights. Jam nights are where a group of amateur musicians and singers get together and play in front of a group of people. The events are held in little community halls around rural NS nearly every night of the week. Pretty much everyone has grey hair and many are in their 70’s & 80’s. The music tends to be 40’s country, draggy, sad love songs played a little slower than they were originally meant to be played. Most of the singers are not talented. One night there was dancing. Just the 2 step though, no disco here. I was even asked to dance by one keen senior gentleman and I struggled through the two step with my cheeks burning in embarrassment. I’m really not a great dancer. He came back a few times and asked me again but I declined.

As painful as I found these ‘jam nights’ I realized how wonderful they are for those who attended. For many of them the alternative would be to just sit home and watch TV. They look forward to the socializing and hearing songs that are comfortingly familiar. It made me think a lot about what my golden years may be like. Especially since I’ve chosen to not have children, so there won’t be grandchildren around either. I hope to live some place warm with friends who I cherish. Maybe I’ll introduce naked co-ed bingo & shuffle board at the seniors center…

I also went on a 1 day bus trip with some seniors and attended a breakfast fundraiser with my grandmother. The pace is certainly a lot slower in rural Nova Scotia. The weather is a frequent topic of conversation. People read the obituaries daily because everyone knows everyone. I grew up there but never felt like I belonged there. I’m like an alien to them, with my crazy lifestyle, all the traveling and my lack of interest in settling down with a family. I love my life as it is. My soul would wither and die there.

Here’s a few random pics from my trip:

They loves their lobster in NS: now with BLING!

Scarf my mom hand-knit me (with love!)

In my grandparents 200 yr old farmhouse

My grandparents 200 year old farm in rural Nova ScotiaIn my grandparents 200 yr old farmhouseScarf my mom hand-knit me (with love!)They loves their lobster in NS: now with BLING!