Tropical holiday: so awesome.

Fans who have been following my twitter have been anticipating my blog post about my recent tropical holiday at an adults-only resort…& here it is! Complete with pics to make you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin & that familiar warmth in your crotch.

I’ll only mention in passing that I’m not a fan of Christmas. I’ve long threatened to make my escape from this commercialized nonsense & this year I finally made good on that threat. My goal was to find the most un-Christmasy way to coast through the ordeal. I settled on a sexy adults-only resort in a hot place…the kind of place where I could be topless & would be surrounded by sexy, open-minded folks.

I would have gone on my own but after some finagling I ended up being accompanied by an awesome girlfriend (who is the partner of one of my ex’s from 9 years ago who I’m still friends with) & another close non-sexual guy friend (who also happens to be an ex from about 7 years ago). I couldn’t have asked for a better crew.

The resort was great. We arrived at noon and made friends quickly. So much happened that first jet legged day no one was more surprised than me to find myself in bed with a charming, cute boy the very first night. I enjoyed him the next few days until he left…then I picked up another boy who I had had my eye on.

My fans have been requesting (begging really) for a vid with me & a black man for quite some time. I only film with those I’m personally into tho, I don’t hire professional porn stars & I just haven’t met a black guy who I wanted to film with…until this week. I know, I know…you have already looked at the pics before reading the words & you’re eagerly hopping from one foot to the other & clapping your hands in anticipation. Yes, I FINALLY had a tryst with a hot, hung black guy…& yes: I filmed it. (I can hear the collective excited squealing of my fans like it’s a Beatles concert).

The black boy & I started chatting in the pool. He was buff & cute. I told him he could call me Ma’am. He said I was so beautiful I could own him. I told him that had been illegal for quite some time but that I would happily rent him. He was mine to do with as I pleased for the rest of my vacation. I was snapping pics of us in bed when he suggested we make a video. I couldn’t believe my luck! Good thing I brought model releases & my camera.

That’s the big news…but for those who could care less about that…I had a wonderful vacation over all. I rested a lot, I read, spent a lot of time at the spa. I loved the buffets, the humid heat & the beach. I miss it already.

There are no crazy drunk pics because I just didn’t really party. It was a party place, but I was in a more leisurely state of mind. I did win a special contest though. I was kind of crowned “Miss …” for the week & there will be an online voting thingy that I will call on my fans to help out with as the grand prize is a free trip back to the resort. I’ll have a special blog post for that when it happens in the next month or so.

So that was my perfect little vacation. Great friends, lovers, food, sun & relaxation.

Mistress T

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Mistress T in sunset light.

Token pretty tropical sunset pic.

Mistress T topless at the beach.

Fun in the sun…I’m such a camera whore.

Mistress T bum crack.

You just wanna lick it, don’t you? *smile*

Mistress T in the pool.

Doesn’t it look like you could dive right into that wetness?

Mistress T topless with bikini bottoms.

Are you trying to look at my tits?! Pervert.

Mistress T at the beach.

The white sand compliments my untanned white skin, dontchya think?

Mistress T with black slave.

Kiss my ass boy!

Interraccial sex.

…and now for something completely different…

Mistress T in sexy lingerie.

What I wore for “Anything Goes” night at the resort.

Mistress T in heels and mini skirt.

Heading out to dinner looking like a tart.


28 thoughts on “Tropical holiday: so awesome.

  1. For all that I am into interracial cuckolding, knowing You had a good holiday is FAR more important. May Your 2013 be better than Your 2012.

  2. Great look of anticipation in the ‘Anything Goes’ photo….

    Looks like you landed the big one! – congrats and thanks for the seasonal update..

    • I do plan on going next year & you should totally come. You would love it! Great place if you love to party your face off (not as much my thing)…but I was able to relax too (spa/beach/quiet areas).

      • Are you one these shallow women who based your interest in a man on the color of his skin. So said you choose people base on if you are into them. So you must be only into whites because all you other video are with whites male. Do you find other races to be ugly. If you do just have the balls to say it.

        • Whoa, holy confrontational dude. Do you even hear yourself? I just posted a vid of me fucking a black guy on my clips store. I’ve been talking about trying to find a black bull for sex scenes for ages but I only film with my own personal lovers (I don’t hire pro’s) so I had to wait (everyone had to wait) until I found & felt the chemistry with a black guy.
          As for other races, I don’t find any particular race ‘ugly’. I just find certain people ugly, like trolls with issues who post confrontational crap that makes no sense just to spread their toxic energy & stir up drama.
          It sounds like you’ve got some issues with rejection based on your race? Maybe see a therapist for that but don’t bring your issues or a fight to me.

      • I just call it like I see. Facts are facts. Just becuz you bang one black dude doesn’t mean anything. It your life you do who you want. Just ask a question. It sting becuz you know what I said is true.

        • Right. You got me. Fucking one black guy doesn’t prove I’m not racist. So, how many non-white men would I need to fuck to satisfy you then? (Translation: you are a moron.)

      • Lol. I never called you racist nor did i insult you the way you just insulted me. I am not a moron fore stating a fact. Unfortunately for many men of color we are not equal to white men in the eyes of women. And you know this. Most women have a preference when it come to races, studies have shown this. Unlike men who can look past race. Just facts. Way to much proof on this. Oh well that just the way it is.. The reason I ask the question is I support women who perform with men of color. You don’t. But that your business. I am just a person that fight agianst ingorance. No big deal.

        • Dude, I just released a vid of me fucking a black guy. That’s a fact & the only fact required to make everything else you’ve said irrelevant (I’ve only fucked 7 men in my vids total in 5 years so that’s not bad. 1 in 7!)
          Furthermore, aren’t black men pretty much universally considered to be the best lovers with the biggest cocks/the best in bed? Black bulls are certainly considered the top of the heap in the cuckolding world…so what do you mean it’s a fact that white women don’t consider black men to be equal to white men? Why would you want to be considered equal sexually?
          You’re not fighting against ignorance, you’re creating it…& yes, attacking me on my blog is a big deal, especially when your accusations are baseless. You accused me of only being interested in white men (which is pretty much the same as calling me racist) & your basis for that accusation was that I’ve only filmed with white men (which is not true). So you owe me an apology.

      • I owe no apology. For what? I am creating igorance? Wow, that a good way of twisting things around. If you are racist than you racist it doesn’t matter. That life people have to deal with stuff like this. Now when u said white women considering black men as equal. Let me answer that. It NO. They are some white women who like black men but it a small percentage. You can do the research and you will see. I have so don’t try to school me on this issue. It you want numbers I’ll give you numbers. But this not about white women. You sound like one these white people that when someone speak out against racism( not saying u are racist) they are racist for it. Look you are a white woman and if you are only into whites that cool. But again you are showing your ignorance with these racial stereotype that black is bigger and better in bed and so on. Its indicative of you attitude with race. You are a person that stereotypes people. But that ok. Like I said you screw who you want. But don’t act like you are some equal opportunist.

        • Explain your logic: you say I am only into fucking white guys…BUT I just released a video where I’m very clearly enjoying fucking a black guy. Do you think I was pretending he was white in my head? LOL.

      • Marco, even if you have read a legitimate, scientific study that indicates white women generally prefer white men, that says nothing about an individual. Placing such generalizations onto one person despite all evidence on the contrary is the definition of discrimination.

        You should really learn to pick your battles. There is serious racism in the world that could really use the time and energy you’re putting into this non-issue.

      • Just as long as you’re not fantasising about being with a posse of well-hung homeboys while romping with us, pasty-skinned white guys, Ms T!

        That would be simply intolerable to our collective, lily-skinned egos…

  3. “You just wanna lick it, don’t you?”
    Who wouldn’t?

    “Are you trying to look at my tits?! Pervert.”
    Would you have us any other way? 🙂 .

    “Good thing I brought model releases & my camera.”
    What adventuress would travel without them?

    It sounds like you had a great time. Roughly (without being too specific) where is this resort?

    • Yes, would be interesting to know which side of the Atlantic this resort is located.

      Presumably on yours, Ms T?…

  4. I obviously spend my last holidays on the wrong island and/ or resort…very nice pictures….

    Matt from Vienna

  5. As a Black man, I have to admit, I have had a hard time separating fantasy as you depict it from what your real views might be. Im pretty open minded and try to give folks the benefit of the doubt. Your term “Bulls” is an example. much like the term “Bucks” used by slave owners in the past, it is usually used to dehumanize Black adult males. I could see how some might think you may have issues.
    In any case, I think you have the right to fuck whomever you choose, and in fact, to be as racist “if that is the case” as you choose.
    I personally think far too many Black folks spend far too much time caring about what white people think of them.
    Many white women dont like Black men. Many Black men dont like white women. so what?
    Marco, why not just concentrate on shaping your own fantasies, instead of wasting time stressing about hers?

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