Tropical holiday: so awesome.

Fans who have been following my twitter have been anticipating my blog post about my recent tropical holiday at an adults-only resort…& here it is! Complete with pics to make you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin & that familiar warmth in your crotch.

I’ll only mention in passing that I’m not a fan of Christmas. I’ve long threatened to make my escape from this commercialized nonsense & this year I finally made good on that threat. My goal was to find the most un-Christmasy way to coast through the ordeal. I settled on a sexy adults-only resort in a hot place…the kind of place where I could be topless & would be surrounded by sexy, open-minded folks.

I would have gone on my own but after some finagling I ended up being accompanied by an awesome girlfriend (who is the partner of one of my ex’s from 9 years ago who I’m still friends with) & another close non-sexual guy friend (who also happens to be an ex from about 7 years ago). I couldn’t have asked for a better crew.

The resort was great. We arrived at noon and made friends quickly. So much happened that first jet legged day no one was more surprised than me to find myself in bed with a charming, cute boy the very first night. I enjoyed him the next few days until he left…then I picked up another boy who I had had my eye on.

My fans have been requesting (begging really) for a vid with me & a black man for quite some time. I only film with those I’m personally into tho, I don’t hire professional porn stars & I just haven’t met a black guy who I wanted to film with…until this week. I know, I know…you have already looked at the pics before reading the words & you’re eagerly hopping from one foot to the other & clapping your hands in anticipation. Yes, I FINALLY had a tryst with a hot, hung black guy…& yes: I filmed it. (I can hear the collective excited squealing of my fans like it’s a Beatles concert).

The black boy & I started chatting in the pool. He was buff & cute. I told him he could call me Ma’am. He said I was so beautiful I could own him. I told him that had been illegal for quite some time but that I would happily rent him. He was mine to do with as I pleased for the rest of my vacation. I was snapping pics of us in bed when he suggested we make a video. I couldn’t believe my luck! Good thing I brought model releases & my camera.

That’s the big news…but for those who could care less about that…I had a wonderful vacation over all. I rested a lot, I read, spent a lot of time at the spa. I loved the buffets, the humid heat & the beach. I miss it already.

There are no crazy drunk pics because I just didn’t really party. It was a party place, but I was in a more leisurely state of mind. I did win a special contest though. I was kind of crowned “Miss …” for the week & there will be an online voting thingy that I will call on my fans to help out with as the grand prize is a free trip back to the resort. I’ll have a special blog post for that when it happens in the next month or so.

So that was my perfect little vacation. Great friends, lovers, food, sun & relaxation.

Mistress T

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Mistress T in sunset light.

Token pretty tropical sunset pic.

Mistress T topless at the beach.

Fun in the sun…I’m such a camera whore.

Mistress T bum crack.

You just wanna lick it, don’t you? *smile*

Mistress T in the pool.

Doesn’t it look like you could dive right into that wetness?

Mistress T topless with bikini bottoms.

Are you trying to look at my tits?! Pervert.

Mistress T at the beach.

The white sand compliments my untanned white skin, dontchya think?

Mistress T with black slave.

Kiss my ass boy!

Interraccial sex.

…and now for something completely different…

Mistress T in sexy lingerie.

What I wore for “Anything Goes” night at the resort.

Mistress T in heels and mini skirt.

Heading out to dinner looking like a tart.


AVN’s in Vegas Jan 14-21

Please read Ceara Lynch’s blog post on this topic:

In a nutshell, we are looking for a film slave or more than one during our upcoming visit to Vegas during the AVN’s Jan 14-21. Ceara & I did this last year & the ideal candidate flew in from Toronto & had the week of his dreams with us. He wrote a bunch of blog posts about his experience & there’s lots of vid’s that document his adventures.

It could be you this year! Again, read Ceara’s post for more details.

I will be releasing a new vid on Dec. 18, 2012 with Ceara that we filmed together in Seattle recently called: “Your Dicklet Makes Ceara Sick”. It will be available on my pay-per-view clips store but I can’t link to it from wordpress so go to my site to find the link:

Here’s the preview images:

Ceara Lynch and Mistress T in a small penis humiliaiton vid

“Your Dicket Makes Ceara Sick”

Ceara also just released a hot jeans fetish vid that we filmed together the same day:

ceara Lynch & Mistress T

“Jean Therapy” available now on her pay-per-vew store & soon on

“Jean Therapy” is available now on her clips store. Find the link here:

So, there ya go. You could serve us in Vegas. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yup. Vegas is really cheap to fly to. Hotels are cheap. It’s hot there. Think about it. A naughty little get away. Make some memories. You only live once, right? I already have one slave coming all the way from London to serve us…but only for a couple days…so there’s still opportunities for…you?


Mistress T


Let’s laugh at stupid boys…

Mistress T in fur.

Do I look like I suffer fools lightly?

I’ve been dabbling in online dating recently. If you’ve had any experience with this you know just how crazy it can be. I know they say more & more people are finding love on the internet these days but if anything the process makes me want to stay single.

I have received hundreds of messages in the last couple of weeks. I’ve met with nine guys (I think?). Most nice but boring. One might have been a sociopath. One I kind of knew already but online dating actually brought us together (by that I mean that I have now shagged him a couple of times. Even though I’m on there looking for a relationship & he’s not relationship material. He’s hot. So shoot me.)

I met someone interesting today & have a couple other potentials. We’ll see.

I get a lot crap on there though. My goodness. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. My biggest complaint is just plain stupidity. Lots of poorly written profiles (bad spelling, bad grammar, bad punctuation, etc.) Lots of horrible photo’s…grainy or really far away…drunk pics, more pics of their dog than of them, etc.

I thought I would share a few of the more entertaining messages I’ve received:

“I just got in from Playa Del Carman on Fri. and had a great time, caught two Barricuda with a local charter there.”

This was his opening message to me (nothing in my profile indicates I have any interest in fishing).

“hey how are you? A quick question for you. How long do you think it will take you to make someone fall for you? and tell you a few secrets about his work? These secrets will then benefit me, and eventually save mine and my co-workers job. And would you be willing to do that for 5 grand? and could you do it in a month?”

I didn’t message him back as clearly he’s insane.

“im taurus as well. i just wanna come over…adn bend u over :-)”

If he were any other sign no way but since he’s a Taurus come on over hot pants (not).

“Great photos.You have nice furniture.I won’t waste my time.Im not your type.I don’t have a thick cock.I guess I wouldn’t need it anyway.Id be to busy eating your pussy and jerking on your face.”

*Retch* If I had bad furniture would I still be worthy of his pencil-dicked facial?

“wow you are a goddess of sensuality , i would love to dress you in a erotic kamastura saree”

From a very unattractive Indian fellow.

“Hi how are you ,I love your profile ,especially your height ,I adore the fact your only 5 ft 0 . IM really into giving my partner oral sex if I find them attractive and petite ,that is a huge magnet for me ,and you my dear I would be dining at the Y for weeks yum yum,I actually have never found taller woman attractive even though I am 6 ft 2. I read your profile ,for sure I think you are a match”

This one sounds like an idiot but certainly knows what he likes (& doesn’t).

“Hey………….I dont know why you keep appearing in my search!!!!
I will never go to Thiland…………….they sell their female kids!!!! for as little $100 US…………..
Shall we meet for coffee?
I dont know if we will ever connect!”

Good to know he’s not a pedo or into human trafficking right off the bat *rolling eyes*.


I’ve removed a bit of potentially identifying info from this one…by the way, he was fugly & the thought of his hands on me made me throw up in my mouth a little.

“I’m very curious about you I’m currently a welder but I’m just using that to fund my own business until it takes off and I’m sure it will I won’t talk business because if you tell everyone your business before long its no longer your business its there’s I will say this its about high end cars trucks ex. I know where I can by for cheep and then its just the matter of a buyer anyways no I’m not into sports I do enjoy travel but at the moment I have no time I’m currently building my empire I am a direct blood line to *** *** (*** ***r and *** ***) I work 80 + hours a week when I can get it I try to live a healthy life I’m determined and have high potential I’m told I have high morals and ethics I have no time to waste life is short and I want to do everything I can with my life I find you very attractive I read your profile and can relate I find you interesting what is your line of work exactly I know your self employed but what exactly is your business”

7 minutes after his first message (above):

“By the way u look amazing really quite flustering in a good way I’m not exactly loaded but I do pretty good for myself its on you”

Yeah, fuck punctuation! Who needs it? He’s building an empire. Periods & comma’s are for sukka’s!

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Single in the city…

Mistress T in regular cloths.

Just a regular, every day pic of me at home…

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. You’re probably on the edge of your seat wondering what the heck is going on in my life *smile*.

Since I returned from the UK things have been pretty chill. I’ve been editing the amazing content I filmed there. Been catching up with friends. Doing yoga & swimming. Working on website improvements. Planning future trips & being good to myself.

I’ve also been dabbling in online dating. That’s been interesting.

The most important thing I take from this experience is that there are a whole lot of lonely people out there who just want to love & be loved. It’s amazing that with so many people living in the same place that people still can’t find partners.

I come from a small town & it seems that if there is a smaller pool of potential partners to chose from people just make due. They pair up for better or worse. Does that mean they’re happy? Maybe, maybe not, but they’re not alone.

I haven’t met Mr. Right. I did stumble across a Mr. Right Now…a bit of fluff to entertain me. A stunningly beautiful boy in his late 20’s that I already knew from a distance for years. We have mutual friends & I had seen him around, drooled over him really but never actually met. We connected through online dating & although he wasn’t what I was looking for in a life partner I enjoyed him for the evening & will likely see him again. Hot.

The rest of the men I’ve met were mostly boring, nice guys. I’m looking for the male equivalent of ‘a lady in the streets & a whore in the sheets’. A guy with a sexual edge, a little bit deviant…but still a good person. The search continues.

So, Christmas is coming up. It’s my least favorite holiday. Don’t get me started. I promised myself that I would get myself as far away from Christmas as possible this year so settled on a swingers resort in a hot place. Beach, pool, sun, kinky people & no kids. Perfect! I was willing to even go alone but a fantastic girlfriend jumped at the opportunity to join me & it’s booked. She’s going to be an excellent travel buddy.

Why a swingers resort? #1. No kids. It’s not that I hate children, I just dislike noisy children when I’m trying to relax at the beach or by the pool.

#2. Adults-only but younger, more open-minded adults (rather than stuffy older people that might frequent non-swinger adult-only resorts.)

Will I have loads of sex? Probably not. I have been to a lot of swinger events in my life & had very little sex. It’s not all about orgies & wife swapping. It’s more about being around like-minded people. The comfort that comes from being around people you can be yourself around. To not have to censor yourself. Often these places have a lot of fun, interactive games too. It’s fun!

Speaking of Christmas…I’ll be doubling up vids on my clips store & members site over the 10 days around Xmas & the New Year. I know this a lonely time for a lot of my fans who are sitting at home with lots of time to jerk off. I’ll make sure you have lots of good stuff to jerk off to. You’re welcome *smile*. Happy ho ho.

That’s it for now…I’ll be making a blog entry in the next week about my upcoming trip to the AVN’s in Vegas Jan 15-21. Stay tuned.


Mistress T
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