Winter Camping in Canada

I know I promised a post from Vegas/LA with loads of pics…but loads of pics means loads of work…& it was easier at the moment to make a post about my weekend camping trip. At least there’s a nipple in one of the pics.

Spot the nipple! Yes, I soak in the hot springs nude. Bathing suits are for sucka's!

Spot the nipple! Yes, I soak in the hot springs nude. Bathing suits are for sucka’s!

So after spending a fairly grueling 10 days in Vegas & LA working/filming/signing autographs/partying, etc. I was ready to escape to the back woods for a couple of days. No internet, no cell phone, no casino’s, no high heels…you get the point.

My girlfriend picked me up just a couple hours after I flew into Vancouver from LA in her parents modest camper. We drove & got caught up on each others lives. We’ve been doing this trip for nearly 10 years & we never take it for granted.

Beautiful British's a scenic drive to the hot springs.

Beautiful British Columbia…it’s a scenic drive to the hot springs.

We arrived after dark & promptly got stuck in deeper snow. A crew of nice boys came to our rescue & helped dig us out. I loved sitting in the truck watching them shovel. We camped next to them & hit the hot tubs for our first soak.

Where we go is very rustic. It’s in the middle of no where & there’s usually not very many other people there. It’s just hot springs & a few out houses, fire pits & clearings to camp. Nothing fancy.

We just soaked in the hot springs, slept, ate, read our books & chatted. The 2nd night a friend came up with his guitar & played songs next to the camp fire. You’ll see a pic of our campfire with chicken wings cooking above & the neck of his guitar. Also a pic of me with my bottle of red wine & mittens knitted by my mother.

Campfire, chicken cooking, guitar...

Campfire, chicken cooking, guitar…

Bundle up for winter camping!

Bundle up for winter camping!

Winter camping isn’t for everyone & I cursed it when tramping through the snow to the out house in the middle of the night (the toilet doesn’t work in the camper) but this weekend was exactly what I needed to unwind from my work trip.


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  1. Hi MsT…I’m a new member of Your site…it is AWESOME! My submissive desires go back decades and I’ve done sessions with some great ProDommes (Ms Jacqueline, Ms Domino, Ms Monique) but I’m older now…I just watch, LOL! I 1st saw You on TEM, which now I see is but a small slice of your excellence the field. I live in Portland, so fairly close, but I’ve traveled it the beautiful British Columbia….You live in a really cool place!

    Again…I’m enjoying the site…thanx!…Michael

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