The Hangover Heaven Experience!

Click to watch the vid!

Click to watch the vid!

Click pic to view vid or click this link:

My recent trip to Vegas as was so eventful I’ll have several blog posts to cover all the action. I’m starting with the end, for no particular reason.

My last morning in Vegas I filmed this vid of myself & Meggerz trying out the Hangover Heaven service. They come to your hotel room (if you want) & give you an IV drip of fluids to hydrate you & get you back on your feet. We loved it! Check out the vid above & see some of the pics below of the night before to understand why we needed a hangover cure in the morning.

Hangover Heaven’s website:

Princess Meggerz:

Meggerz & I getting cured of our hangovers via IV drip. Amazing!

Meggerz & I getting cured of our hangovers via IV drip. Amazing!

Our last night in Vegas we were taken out by Kinkbomb. We were actually spoiled rotten by Kinkbomb last week with fancy meals & epic club nights. Here’s my Kinkbomb studio:

Beachers Madhouse in Vegas

Beachers Madhouse Vegas – Midgets, furries, celebrity look alikes, crazy shows & antics. This place is a hangover producing machine!

Dommes in Vegas during AVN's.

Surrounded by beauty: (Left to right) Kyaa, Ceara, me, Meggerz, Shauna Ryanne (red), Jasmine Mendez (green)

Fantastic ladies I partied with above:

Goddess Kyaa (far left with glasses):

Ceara Lynch (gold top)…check out her blog for more pics from Vegas:

Princess Meggerz (black top):

Shauna Ryanne (red dress):

Jasmine Mendez (green dress):

Mistress T with furry in Vegas Jan 2014.

I love furries!

Mistress T at Beachers Madhouse in Vegas Jan 2014.

It was furry lovers heaven!

Mistress T with Pee Wee Herman & a sock puppet furry.

Pee Wee Herman, that perv…& a giant sock puppet. Add vodka & shake:-)

Mistress T

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7 thoughts on “The Hangover Heaven Experience!

  1. Mistress T,you are a beautiful exacting Mistress but I feel deep down your just a big softy at heart xxxxx

  2. Yup I agree, she seems like a blast to be around actually. Mistress, obviously the best way to know is by email, but do you ever just provide social experiences. Meaning like obviously your time is money, but like if we gave you a tribute just to have you hang out, go to a movie, go to an art gallery etc.

    • YES! I love hanging out with fans. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I’ve gone for a lot of dinners with fans & just hung out & talked. Of course a tribute is a way of showing you respect & value my time but I’m reasonable. You should email me to discuss if you want to do that:

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing. (I’d totally have put the cannula in the back of your hand though, much better place 😉 ).

  4. Hey! Great movie, that EMT was awesome! 😉 haha. You guys were great, thanks for all the kind words and shout out! Nice meeting you two, was truly a pleasure!

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