Chicago, Tampa & NYC

This will be a bit of a long update so I’ll break it up into parts so it’s easy for you to come back to a few times if you can’t consume it all in one sitting.

Overview: I’ve been gone for 10 nights…2 nights in Chicago with a special client, 5 nights at FetishCon in Tampa and 3 nights in New York City for some work & play.


One of my most devoted and low-maintenance slaves who I’ve had for years had some business in Chicago so asked me to join him for a couple of days. He’s a pleasure to be around, a gentleman and very generous so the visit was more fun than anything. We went for wonderful dinners, took in some great live music and did some touristy stuff like the river boat architectural tour & the museum of science and industry.

We also went shoe shopping! Here’s a pic of the sexy shoes he got for me:

I love shoes!

Here’s a pic I took for him…it was his view as he was giving me a foot rub at the end of the night:

Nice view, hmmm?



This was the most action-packed part of my trip. I shared a room with one of my favorite people: Ceara Lynch. Well, I should qualify that…like me, Ceara is only a part of the whole person and there’s a lot more to like about this woman than just her online persona. Some have expressed curiosity about our friendship and I always just say: “She’s really really smart and I really like her.”

Here’s a list of the people/sites that I filmed with and am cross promoting with from this trip. You’ll see me appearing on their sites over the next few months (I’m unable to hyper link to clips4sale stores from my wordpress blog so just copy & paste the links):

Ceara Lynch:

…& I’m the one who gets all the flack for being pantless all the time! (That’s Ceara Lynch & me by the way. I may or may not be pantless in this pic too.)

Alexandra Snow:

Here’s Domina Snow & I with um, FTKL…I didn’t film with him because he’s a tickle guy & I’m not ticklish:-) Note the feather…yup, for tickling. But not me.


Princess Meggerz:

Princess Meggerz & me at the FetishCon bar. Cheers!


Humiliation POV:


Bratty Foot Girls:


We Love Ballbusting:


Here’s a bunch of random pics taken at FetishCon:

Ceara Lynch, Ashley Fires & I at the clips4sale booth at the convention.

There were some impressive shows/performances at the parties…this was a woman suspended & swung around by hooks through the flesh of her upper back. Pretty crazy!

A devil on stilts stole my nose! There were some interesting characters at FetishCon…lots of crazy costumes…

I’m sure someone has a fetish for raccoon hand puppets…I wonder if he jerks off with that thing?

Domina Snow & I at one of the parties…


FetishCon was a lot of fun & productive business-wise. I would do it again for sure. I even had a fun little weekend fling…*wink*.


New York City:

The last leg of my journey, the 3rd city, the 3rd hotel room…the last 3 nights. I was there because one very generous fan made it worth my while. He turned out to be one of my most memorable clients but not in a great way.

The arrangement was for 2 evenings and the whole day in between but due to his irresponsible poor time management we only spent a portion of one evening together. “A man of his word” (his label for himself) he did compensate me fully anyway and did so in the most bizarre way I’ve ever seen:

After postponing our session time by a few hours, then a few more hours all day & evening he finally just left the balance of my tribute with the reception of my high-end hotel in the toe of a worn pair of boots. This had nothing to do with any fetish as far as I know. My guess is that he didn’t have an envelope? I don’t know who the boots belonged to…I haven’t spoken to him since & will not speak with him so it may well remain a mystery.

Someone else’s used boots full of cash. How bizarre?

I tried to make the best of my time in NY anyway and took myself out for a nice dinner & live jazz. Money doesn’t buy happiness though and it sucked feeling slightly disrespected, it sucked knowing he had paid so much & gotten such little value for his money (I prefer to earn the money I make, believe it or not) and it sucked being on my own all day & night in New York City. If I had had more notice I could have made other arrangements with a friend or fan.

One of the jazz places I went to…

Zinc…a very cool live jazz place.


The next afternoon I had a nice lunch and a fun session with a fan. Here’s a pic he took of me at lunch (while gushing that he couldn’t believe he was actually meeting me in real life):

So many great places to eat in NY!

That evening I went to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway (awesome!) and had dinner with guess who??? I’ll call him Mr. Venus in Fur. He was the gentleman who brought me to NY in March 2012 to see Venus in Fur on Broadway with him. I wrote about it in my blog back then…about the swanky hotel room he put me up in, etc. We’ve stayed in touch since & took the opportunity to hang out again. It was a wonderful evening. He’s an interesting person who I hope will remain in my life.

I decided to shop away my last day in NY and contacted a financial slave I haven’t seen in awhile. He’s served me on and off for years. I actually made my very first cuckolding vid FOR him (custom). I never released it on my site but I might some day. A few years ago he paid me $1000 for a snow ball. My boyfriend & I were in town and a snow ball is when I take my boyfriends cum in my mouth & then spit it into the cuckolds mouth. Oh, we’ve had some fun…

So I texted him that I was at Agent Provocateur and he left a meeting to come buy me what I wanted. I was impressed. We went back to his fancy penthouse apartment to catch up and play.

Here he is making an ass of himself:

If you look really closely you can see his unimpressive cocklet. It’s like a real cock, but smaller.

Here’s me modeling what he bought me. He has a gorgeous view & an over-the-top opulent penthouse…clearly compensating for something *smile*.

I do have an interesting life…

Mr. Mini-Dick Money Bags took me for dinner then had his driver take me to the airport. I rode in luxury reflecting on my trip and about how interesting my life is.

There are pro’s and con’s to being single. I love the freedom but I also get lonely and bored sometimes. In a perfect world I’ll meet someone who is my best friend, who gives me complete freedom without possessiveness or jealousy…someone to share all these amazing adventures with.

Until then…a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Mistress T

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7 thoughts on “Chicago, Tampa & NYC

  1. Thanks for sharing….you almost make me want to some of the guys who are seeking BBW(especially the white guys who want to be Dommed by my kind of chocolatey goodness) up on their offers 😉

  2. Have wanted to tell Ceara that she has a jaw-dropping, perfectly round bottom, never sexier than in that pic here, but since she doesn’t wnat messages telling her that, I’ve never written her. The two of you together are like the the “Perfect Butt Sisters”–tall and short versions. Amazing eye-candy. Thanks to both for sharing your photos and videos.

    • I don’t like private messages that just contain compliments. I keep an email address for business purposes, and it can be irritating and time consuming to have to sift through fluff just to get to the emails where someone is actually trying to send me money. Public compliments like this that serve as promotion for me are more than welcome.

      That said, never sexier than in THAT picture? really..?

      • Miss Ceara, I have to say after reading your reply here I finally get what you were trying to tell me in IM the other day. I apologize for wasting your time and will compliment you publicly as you desire. That said, while that pic was very sexy, you have looked hotter in so many of the clips I’ve bought. It would be hard to pick one but there are many. You are gorgeous and you and Mistress T together must have been quite the headturn at FetishCon.

      • I totally get it about the private messages, which is why I never sent one.

        “Never sexier” refers to how perfect your ass looks, not you overall (though of course you look hot). Yes, it looks absolutely amazing in that photo: great shape, very, very round, high, very tight, great pose to show it off. But show me 10 pictures of an ass like yours, and I’ll say 4 of them are the best ever because at the moment that’s what I’ll feel, and it’s my visual fetish (an interesting story there and yours reminds me of a certain “her” I once knew).
        I have some photos of yours where you’re in a pink thong and black fishnet stockings leaning against a wall that are just stunning, and I have bought some of your body worship vids just to see your butt. If you were my girlfriend, I’m sure I could pass a lie detector test telling you you have the best ass I’ve ever seen.That’s me. I’m sincere, and that habit seems to go over well with girlfriends because, to me, there’s no beauty like the beauty I’m seeing in the present moment if the woman is indeed beautiful.
        Your ass is so off-the-charts gorgeous that I can’t say I’ve seen better. As good? Some. Mistress T has an incredible one, too. So did Nina Hartley and Ginger Lynn in their prime, as do some Playmates, supermodels, models, etc. From what I’ve seen of your stuff you seem to know that it’s extraordinary and you surely know how to show it off well. Thank god for the internet and for women like you two who share your beauty. Some of us are just lonely guys and seeing women like you brighten our days and inspire hope that we won’t always be alone.

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