Snooping is bad, mmmkay?

I’m not perfect.

That will only be a shocking statement to the few delusional slaves who worship me like a Goddess. Most people know that no one is perfect so won’t find that statement very profound. Then there’s a handful who would happily list my imperfections, especially if they can share notes with others who grit their teeth when they think about me.

It’s hard to get through life without pissing a few people off, stepping on a few toes and making some enemies. People get jealous of success. People get hurt by rejection. People judge. People take a little info & go off half cocked, etc.

This blog post might be a bit of a rant. It’s directed at those who choose to follow me, my twitter, my blog, etc. but who are not fans. Those who are looking for gossip fodder. Those who are looking for anything to celebrate, like a note about me being single & lonely, problems with my living situation, something not working out as planed, etc. Yes, there are those who look for opportunities to celebrate non-positive things happening in my life. They would love to see me fall, to falter, to fail.

Who are they? They might be nosy neighbors as I’ve discussed before. They might be ex’s who are bitter about rejection. It might be competitors who are jealous of my success. It could be friends or family of ex’s who out of protectiveness for their loved one hope to see bad news of me that might bring some joy to my ex. It might be ex friends or coworkers or slaves who have been dismissed or rejected. As I write this paragraph I realize the list may be rather long.

You see, I started by saying that I’m not perfect. One of the things I have occasionally been bad at is gracefully rejecting someone. Behind me is a graveyard of ended relationships (romantic, friendly, professional, etc.). I have a lot of ex’s as friends but some of them did not end well. I have not mastered the ability to end a relationship/friendship without causing hurt & mess. I’m clumsy, too truthful, too blunt, too cold. When I decide I don’t want someone in my life anymore, for whatever reason, I don’t know how to exit without ending up looking like a giant asshole.

I have never regretted ending any of these relationships but I do regret hurting feelings.

So my message to the stalkers & snoopers, those reading for the wrong reasons: just move on. I am not going to censor what I write because it might hurt your feelings. My blog & twitter are for fans, those who support my success and want to get to know me better.

-If I want to vent to my fans because YOU have done something to piss me off or make me uncomfortable, I will.

-If I want to vent about something someone else has done to piss me off I’m not going to NOT write about it because YOU might think I’m talking about you.

-If you are an ex & reading about me fucking other men upsets you: don’t read it.

-If you’re a competitor and it makes you jealous when I write about my success: spend your time on your own business rather than snooping on mine.

-If you’re a bitter slave I’ve rejected: go away & find someone else to serve.

If I’ve hurt you in some way: I am sorry for hurting you. How I did it may have been clumsy but at the end of the day I didn’t feel having you in my life was good for me…so let’s both move on and find connections that serve us better. Do yourself a favor & make the healthy choice to never look at my twitter/blog/clips store/website again.

Mistress T

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Moving forward…leaving unhealthy relationships behind…

5 thoughts on “Snooping is bad, mmmkay?

  1. You’re very close to being perfect at least 😉 Your biggest problem though, is you’re not my girlfriend.

  2. Who on earth is capable of breaking up/rejecting someone without hurting their feelings? That just comes with the territory. You’re a pretty tactful person IMO.

    • Ha. Thank you. I regret to say that I have blundered some break ups pretty effing good. Friendships have been much worse than romantic relationships oddly. Anyway. Ya can’t please all the people all the time.

  3. Well said Mistress T, haters are consumed with jealousy and can’t help themselves. It’s truly sad! Keep up the good work ;)!

  4. Mistress, after meeting you as I have, I have to say you are a sweet person and very down to earth. Breakups are never simple and usually messy. I admire, and am puzzled by, those who can manage to end a relationship as friends. It’s never been something I’ve known to happen so it’s a mystery. As for the others who seek to watch you suffer, jealousy is the most likely culprit. That or perhaps prejudice over what you do and how you live your life. Either way they are unworthy of your time spent concerning yourself with how they feel. Easier said that done to be sure but as my father has told me many times when faced with someone criticizing me, “consider the source”. If it’s someone you value then take stock of what they are saying. Otherwise they are nothing more than background noise and will eventually move along.

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