He said he wanted to experiment with tease & denial…among other things. It was only a mention but one that I remembered.

Playing around led to my tying his balls up & abusing them a little. It made his cock SO hard. He looked back at me with eyes that were normally strong & confident…but were now soft, open & submissive. He trusted me but was excited by what I might do next.

I tested his pain tolerance on his nipples & ass. He took it well. With his senses heightened & his balls still tied tight & stretched I ordered him to kneel on the floor beside the bed where I advised him that his oral skills better be all that he promised or I would punish him so severely he would regret the day he ever set eyes on me.

His beautiful mouth & tongue were magic. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before. This was beyond just skill…this was chemistry. Never cocky, only eager to please. He read my body, my movements & sounds, my breathing…he adjusted himself accordingly & it was a dance. When I came there was nothing in the entire universe except his mouth & my pussy.

Mistress T nude.

The view from between my thighs…

Surely he deserved an award? Or, um, a reward?

He was rock hard & dripping pre-cum as I grazed his sensitive cock with my finger tips…as I breathed hotly into his neck & pulled back to look deep into his hungry eyes.

I released his balls & gestured for him to get into bed. It was time for sleep. He would get his denial wish. He did not beg but simply asked politely once to please not deny him. The emotion in his voice did all of the begging when pride would not allow him to obviously do so. I ordered him to not touch himself.

I slept peacefully that night as he laid in bed rock hard, willing himself to follow my instructions. Such self control is admirable.

In the morning I ordered him by the bed to lick my ass & feet as I checked my email while ignoring him. When I was finished I turned to look at him. What a sight. The morning sun streaming in, him kneeling, lovingly kissing my tiny foot, looking at me with such devotion. His cock standing at strained full attention.

Mistress T feet & ass.

At my feet, ready to lick…

With one foot on his mouth I moved the other one to his cock. What a sight it must have been for him: the warm sunlight on my beautiful naked body & face. The Goddess he had been craving all the sleepless night. He was enraptured. I moved my foot against his cock, his pre-cum adding some helpful lubrication. Slow. Keeping eye contact, smiling. I pushed against his cock with my tiny foot…I noticed his breathing, I knew he was having a hard time holding on…I whispered for him to cum for me and he did. Passionately.


Mistress T face.

Cum for me.

Mistress T

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  1. God that is absolutely hot !!! That would be an experience I would love to have one day 🙂

  2. Thank you so much. With these two blog postings about your relationship you’ve truly entered a new realm of eroticism, not to mention candor and openness.
    This is the best material I’ve ever read by you. These two pieces are not only tremendously arousing but also deeply thought provoking. And so honest!
    And I’m happy you’ve found such a satisfying connection.

  3. Thank you Mistress for sharing with intimacy with us. you continue to take our breath with another real story. you took it twice in “Exploration” and now with denial you put us down. it’s not just a hot scene that happens in real! but it’s well written also. i really love the way you describe his feeling and yours. AMAZING!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing part of your private life with us! We – your customers, fans, and addicts – all fantasize about being close to you. And you are generous enough to provide us with some appetizers. Mhmmm, delicious!

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