FetishCon in Florida: Aug 2-5

I will be attending FetishCon: The 12th Annual Fetish Trade Show :: August 02-05, 2012 in Tampa, Florida


I will be sharing a room with Ceara Lynch again…some of you may recall our last fun work trip in January for the AVN’s in Vegas. We had a blast and filmed some amazing stuff. Here’s the link to the blog entry all about it: http://mistresst.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/vegas-baby/

Last time we had a lucky slave fly from Toronto to serve us personally and as a film slave in Vegas. He worked out really well. He even wrote about his experience (a journal written from the perspective of a slave who served us in real life!):


At this point we don’t have one slave in particular who can fill his shoes for this trip. If you think you have what it takes to be a great film slave and serve me/us apply by sending a proper, clearly communicated introduction to:


This is also a broad shout out to ANY models, film slaves, other producers, people in the biz, fans, etc. who want to connect with me while I’m in Tampa. I love content swaps so if you want to film with me just email me.

Feel free to comment right here on this blog to say that you’re coming to FetishCon to let others know you’ll be there.

Mistress T

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All work and no fun…*smile* (Ceara & I in Vegas January 2012)

Come on Ceara, get serious! Kids today, I’m tellin’ ya.

You don’t have to take a beating to serve us…but it helps *smile*. From vid: “Bullied and Beat Up by Ceara & T”.

6 thoughts on “FetishCon in Florida: Aug 2-5

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  2. Hi-would love the opportunity to meet you! I also in need of 2 or 3 more femdoms for a private session on Saturday the 4th-you can email me goddessxtc@gmail.com if you might be interested in participating! Other wise you are more than welcome to drop by and enjoy a cocktail and the action.

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  4. Heard that your heart had a quiver last week when you launched yourself on the meat market of finding a partner. OMG men are intimidated by you (Aren’t you purporting to be a Dominatrix) you obviously are a French Canadian that lacks English irony. Maybe you were never meant to live in the real world, maybe the internet is your true love. I am a musician type of man that has stood on a stage for most of my life, met some great people whilst earning money at the one passion in my life, also met some people that just love to take a pop at someone that looks good and has a talent for stuff that they can’t even imagine. Chin up, if he’s worth having, he’s worth looking forxx

    • WTF? You win the award for the most bizarre comment on this blog entry.
      -you really think that at 37 I have ‘just’ started looking for a partner? That the dating game is something new for me?! LMFAO
      -not that it would matter but I’m not French Canadian…I also don’t assume that French Canadians lack English irony. Nice stereotyping there.
      -you don’t think I live in the real world?! I think it is YOU who does not live in the real world darlin’. It seems YOU are the one who thinks Mistress T is the real person. Do you still believe in the Easter bunny too?
      -YOU seem to be he one who loves to take a pop at someone that looks good and has a talent…
      I’m not sure what your intention was when you wrote your post as you start out insulting me then seem to offer friendly advice at the end…but it’s probably best if you don’t comment at all.
      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

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