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I mentioned in a previous blog post that I had commissioned my portrait by a very talented local artist. I had actually found his art on a FemDom blog and was delighted when I discovered he also lives in Vancouver.

He’s written a great blog post about the painting & moi. I strongly recommend you check it out:

I absolutely love the painting and the whole process has been professional & interesting. I would love to own more of his art whether I’m the subject or not so for those looking for meaningful ways to tribute me you can pitch in for more art as it brings me so much authentic, long-lasting pleasure.

You can view the painting in person & meet the artist…and probably meet me…my painting will be part of an exhibit:

Participating in Swarm 13, ACME Studios (112 e Hastings, Vancouver, BC) will open its doors to the public on September 7, 2012 with multiple exhibitions, open studios and an after party where you can dance you art out. ACME Studios houses over forty artists and four galleries: Labyrinth Gallery, Gam Gallery, The Minotaur’s Lair, and Remington Gallery.

Here it is (If you’re the cerebral type you might catch some of the symbolism & depth…although a lot of it is very personal to me):

Portrait by Drew Young.

More on Drew Young:




Acme Studio’s: 110 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mistress T

Members site:


10 thoughts on “My Portrait

  1. Normally I don’t like femdom art as it is often too amateurish. This however is something different. The expression on Your face, yes in fact Your whole body up till the toes is typical for You. Very well done. Also typically for You is recognizing the class in this painter and to chose him for doing this wonderful portrait.

    • Thank you. This was also never meant as FemDom art or even a portrait of Mistress T. It’s ME. Personally. The person who Mistress T is a part of. It’s delightfully complex actually:-) The artist is extremely talented and only 25. I feel fortunate to have gotten him on his way up as I’m confident he will be a very big name in art before long. I hope to work with him again & I will own more of his art. I must.

  2. That’s a wonderful painting Mistress T. Love it. I’m a fan of Drew Young’s work as well.

    I’m kind of hoping it was my femdom blog that you originally found his work on, as I featured his picture ‘The usual lengthy visit’ back in June ( ). It’d be nice to find out I’d played some very small part in connecting you with the artist!

    Hopefully I’ll get chance to see it in person at the gallery when I’m next up in Vancouver.


  3. It’s really lovely. There’s lots to admire in the technique, but it really captures the part of you that put out publicly. It’s a nice layer of complexity that it captures what you know to be personal as well.

  4. What a lovely and intriguing portrait of the women Mistress T is a part of. Lots of possible symbolism, and such an intriguing choice of pose and location. I wonder where it will be hung?

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  6. Very cool. Very dark. Sometimes I think art crit/analysis is largely bullshit, but I’ll have a go.

    All of the intersections between walls, floor and ceiling are either obscured or hidden, but it’s hard to imagine any of them forming nice neat 90 degree angles in what is obviously depicted as a chaotic, messier-than-we’d-like-it-to-be world. That exam table looks like it’s set to go tumbling into the lower right corner of the frame! The weird bedroom cum exam room setting… something about one’s sex life being on display for examination by the wider world? But not too wide – that window is outfitted with heavy duty blinds (shutters?) and black curtains, so presumably, whatever goes on inside is worth hiding from someone. The mirror is a wonderful device for (literally and figuratively) showing two angles of the same subject and personality. We get both profile and head-on views of the same (?) beautiful countenance, one of whom seems a bit taken aback at the more hardened, challenging expression of her doppelganger in the mirror.

    So, all in all, I would say the main theme is one of contrasting (even contradictory) elements coexisting within the same person. We all have such boundaries and compartments in our minds/personalities, it’s just that in the case of someone doing what you do for a living, they are a little more formalized, the lines drawn a bit bolder.

    It probably wouldn’t have been difficult to find an artist who could do justice to your beauty, but finding one who could realize a complex personality on canvas must have been a bit trickier. Good job. Good taste.


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