Dating can be fun! Or not.

So I’m dabbling in ‘dating’ these days. I’ve been single for just over a year & decided a month or so ago that I’d like a more significant relationship. More significant than the casual fuck buddies I’ve had & still have, bless them.

I went on a date this evening with a guy who didn’t know about my ‘Mistress T’ persona so I just had to take advantage of the opportunity to write about the experience…without having to censor anything to save his feelings. What freedom!

We met last week at a bar where I was out with girlfriends trolling for men. He invited me out for bowling which I thought was original.

I didn’t go into it with loads of optimism. He was cute but very short. Sexually, I have no issue with short men as I am barely 5 feet tall myself…but like myself, short people tend to have ‘small dog syndrome’. We can kind of have attitude problems. Like we’re always trying to prove we can’t be pushed around. We tend to over-compensate.

I was right in this case too, by the way.

He was competitive and didn’t react well when I kicked his ass in bowling. It was just luck really. Maybe I should have just let him win? Nah.

Me at the quirky bowling alley…it was decorated with an eclectic mix of things, including this bizarre dinosaur diorama.

One of my favorite things found at the bizarrely decorated bowling alley.

You know I’m grasping for pics to spice up my blog entry when I add a photo of my reflection in a security mirror. Yup, me at that bizarre bowling alley again. Thrilling, eh?

Then he wanted to show me this cool artsy place/wine bar with art by local artists and canvases in the back where people could create their own art. It was a cool place and the concept was great, but the art was atrocious. I know, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, or something like that. You say potato, I say “that looks like a 5 year old puked on canvas”.

I can be a judgmental prick sometimes.

I told him about the portrait Drew Young recently did of me and showed him the image on my semi-smart phone (it’s only an android…I’ll get another iPhone on the next release, it’s a long story. Anyway, I digress.)

He seemed blown away by the portrait and told me that he loved me and tried to kiss me. I turned my cheek so he couldn’t kiss me on the mouth. Awkward. Right? Yikes. And he wasn’t even drunk.

A black guy he knew came up to us to say hi and I thought to myself, in this order:

“Holy shit, it’s a black guy in Vancouver. That’s rare.”

“I wonder how big his dick is?”

“I wonder if he has black friends, or if he knows where I can find more black guys.”

The black guy told me I was beautiful, right in front of my date! Ballsy. Due to circumstances that was as far as that went but it was fun while it lasted.

It was very freeing spending time with someone who didn’t know what I did for a living. He was okay not knowing, he liked the mystery and felt he would figure it out as he got to know me better, like a game. He got as far as guessing it had something to do with marketing or promotions and that I probably work for myself.

As cute as that sounds, that, along with a handful of other things made me conclude that he really just wanted to fuck me anyway. It didn’t matter what I did for a living because he didn’t consider me a potential partner. Maybe because he was Persian, maybe something else. I didn’t care because I wasn’t interested in fucking him or dating him again.

He tried several times to kiss me & get close. He got my cheek every time. I told him I found him sexually assertive. He said he was a romantic. I said he just wanted to fuck me. He didn’t deny it. I asked him if he had a big cock (I was just toying with him at this point), he replied that I must know he doesn’t, I knew what size bowling shoes he wore….but he had hands & a mouth. I smiled politely and thought if that’s all I cared about I’d be a lesbian.

After all that he still thought he would see me again. I had given him no reason to think that we would go on another date but I didn’t have the heart to say it point-blank to his face. So I predict I’ll either dodge a few texts or reply to future invites with a ‘no thank you, not feelin’ it.’

On my way home I stopped into The Penthouse strip club to visit my gal pal and resident DJ: Samantha Mack (my-oh-my she sounds great on a mic). I also got the hands-on action I really wanted: an amazing neck & shoulder massage from the skilled Penthouse massage girl: Trish.

It was an interesting night. Did I get any closer to finding a significant other? No, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take….ya gotta kiss allota frogs…etc.

Why is this picture here? No reason except that I know a lot of guys don’t read my blog, they just look for sexy pics. So, here’s a random sexy pic I took yesterday. Ta-da! Now go buy a vid to jerk off to so I can afford to pay for sex instead of wasting my time ‘dating’.

Mistress T

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UK / Europe: Fall 2012

My flights are booked! I will be in the UK the end of October – early November.

I will also be spending a week in another European city early-mid November…probably Barcelona but I’m still deciding.

Here’s my schedule (so far):

Oct 20 thru 23 – HAMPSHIRE, UK: I will be at Whiplash Towers filming AND seeing lucky fans privately. Double Domme sessions with Nikki Whiplash are possible as well as just one-on-one with me.

This is my 3rd visit to Whiplash Towers & I’m very excited. It’s always a lot of fun & very productive. She has an amazing fully equipped dungeon as well as a medical room, school room & domestic settings.

That’s Nikki Whiplash. She looks pretty mean here, eh? She’ll fuckin’ crush you, man. Look out! *smile*

Oct 24 thru 28 – LONDON: I’m going to at least one of the Torture Garden fetish parties on the Halloween weekend. I’ll be staying in a hotel in London for that. I’ll consider accepting a few sessions in London during those days. Preference will be given to those I’ve seen before or those who are very generous. I’d rather only see a few select fans privately at that time. Probably no filming.

Social time: Not sure you want an actual session but you’d love to meet me & spend social time with me? Yup, I do that: dining out/shopping/live music/theater, etc. It’s gonna cost ya, but less than a session & this is a very popular option for a lot of my fans. Why? Probably because I’m so darn charming.

This could be your view of me eating across the table from you! How awesome would THAT be?! Right?!

This could be you! Imagine the joy of taking me shopping while combining fetish play. Kinda blows your mind, right?

Oct 29 thru Nov 7 (maybe 8 & 9) – BATH, UK: I will be at The English Mansion with the illustrious Sidonia Von Bork. Film slaves & private slaves are welcome to apply. That’s right: I will be accepting PRIVATE BOOKINGS AT THE ENGLISH MANSION! Cool, eh?

Click here to see the full pic collage & Mistress Sidonia’s blog entry about my last visit:

IMPORTANT note for film slave wanna-be’s: I am selective about who I use as film slaves. Mistress Nikki & Mistress Sidonia already have a decent posse of tried n’ true film slaves so only apply if you are confident you will be valuable…and only if you’re prepared to either supply references or make a deposit to demonstrate you are reliable & serious.

IMPORTANT note for private session wanna-be’s: Due to the many time-wasters & flakes out there you will have to prove yourself worthy of an appointment. If you don’t have rock-solid references you will have to make some kind of deposit to prove you are reliable & serious.

A note about deposits: I know a lot of guys are serious but they don’t like making deposits. Hey, I get it. I wish I didn’t have to be a stickler on this. It’s a shame so many douche bags have wasted so many Dommes time that its come to this. I make it very easy for you to prove you’re serious. I offer lots of different ways to make a deposit…and again, if you have a reference you won’t even need to do this. If you really are serious about seeing me email me to discuss how you can prove it.

Nov 8-Nov 14: Where will I be??? Probably Barcelona, but I’m open to another European city, preferably one I haven’t been to yet. This part of my trip is more about pleasure than work but at this point I’ll be traveling solo…which can be kind of boring. I’d rather travel to a city where I have a generous fan or two who will show me around, spend social time & mix in a bit of casual play. Applications are welcome.


-Email only, don’t tweet me or apply by commenting on my blog.

-Prove you’ve read these instructions by providing ALL the information I ask for below:

1. WHERE do you want to see me? (Hampshire, London, Bath or other city.)

2. WHEN do you want to see me? (Date or dates that work for you.)

3. WHAT are you into? Specific activities. List them briefly, don’t write a novel.

NOTE: The MOST VALUABLE FILM SLAVE would be a cream pie eater and/or cocksucker willing to come to Bath to film at The English Mansion.

4. For WHAT? Private, filmed, social? All of the above?

5. DEPOSIT or REFERENCES? Either supply refs or confirm you are wiling to make a deposit.

6. BUDGET? My rates are high. If you’re a real fan I don’t have to explain why. If you’re on a tight budget I’m not your gal:-) If you are a very valuable film slave you might even get your deposit back but you’ll still have to prove yourself valuable first.

That’s it in a nutshell folks. Keep in mind that my time is always in high-demand in the UK, you kinky Brits…aim to impress in your email applications/introductions. I appreciate clear but brief and to-the-point communication. Respect my time.


Mistress T


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My Portrait

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I had commissioned my portrait by a very talented local artist. I had actually found his art on a FemDom blog and was delighted when I discovered he also lives in Vancouver.

He’s written a great blog post about the painting & moi. I strongly recommend you check it out:

I absolutely love the painting and the whole process has been professional & interesting. I would love to own more of his art whether I’m the subject or not so for those looking for meaningful ways to tribute me you can pitch in for more art as it brings me so much authentic, long-lasting pleasure.

You can view the painting in person & meet the artist…and probably meet me…my painting will be part of an exhibit:

Participating in Swarm 13, ACME Studios (112 e Hastings, Vancouver, BC) will open its doors to the public on September 7, 2012 with multiple exhibitions, open studios and an after party where you can dance you art out. ACME Studios houses over forty artists and four galleries: Labyrinth Gallery, Gam Gallery, The Minotaur’s Lair, and Remington Gallery.

Here it is (If you’re the cerebral type you might catch some of the symbolism & depth…although a lot of it is very personal to me):

Portrait by Drew Young.

More on Drew Young:




Acme Studio’s: 110 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mistress T

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Snooping is bad, mmmkay?

I’m not perfect.

That will only be a shocking statement to the few delusional slaves who worship me like a Goddess. Most people know that no one is perfect so won’t find that statement very profound. Then there’s a handful who would happily list my imperfections, especially if they can share notes with others who grit their teeth when they think about me.

It’s hard to get through life without pissing a few people off, stepping on a few toes and making some enemies. People get jealous of success. People get hurt by rejection. People judge. People take a little info & go off half cocked, etc.

This blog post might be a bit of a rant. It’s directed at those who choose to follow me, my twitter, my blog, etc. but who are not fans. Those who are looking for gossip fodder. Those who are looking for anything to celebrate, like a note about me being single & lonely, problems with my living situation, something not working out as planed, etc. Yes, there are those who look for opportunities to celebrate non-positive things happening in my life. They would love to see me fall, to falter, to fail.

Who are they? They might be nosy neighbors as I’ve discussed before. They might be ex’s who are bitter about rejection. It might be competitors who are jealous of my success. It could be friends or family of ex’s who out of protectiveness for their loved one hope to see bad news of me that might bring some joy to my ex. It might be ex friends or coworkers or slaves who have been dismissed or rejected. As I write this paragraph I realize the list may be rather long.

You see, I started by saying that I’m not perfect. One of the things I have occasionally been bad at is gracefully rejecting someone. Behind me is a graveyard of ended relationships (romantic, friendly, professional, etc.). I have a lot of ex’s as friends but some of them did not end well. I have not mastered the ability to end a relationship/friendship without causing hurt & mess. I’m clumsy, too truthful, too blunt, too cold. When I decide I don’t want someone in my life anymore, for whatever reason, I don’t know how to exit without ending up looking like a giant asshole.

I have never regretted ending any of these relationships but I do regret hurting feelings.

So my message to the stalkers & snoopers, those reading for the wrong reasons: just move on. I am not going to censor what I write because it might hurt your feelings. My blog & twitter are for fans, those who support my success and want to get to know me better.

-If I want to vent to my fans because YOU have done something to piss me off or make me uncomfortable, I will.

-If I want to vent about something someone else has done to piss me off I’m not going to NOT write about it because YOU might think I’m talking about you.

-If you are an ex & reading about me fucking other men upsets you: don’t read it.

-If you’re a competitor and it makes you jealous when I write about my success: spend your time on your own business rather than snooping on mine.

-If you’re a bitter slave I’ve rejected: go away & find someone else to serve.

If I’ve hurt you in some way: I am sorry for hurting you. How I did it may have been clumsy but at the end of the day I didn’t feel having you in my life was good for me…so let’s both move on and find connections that serve us better. Do yourself a favor & make the healthy choice to never look at my twitter/blog/clips store/website again.

Mistress T

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Moving forward…leaving unhealthy relationships behind…

Chicago, Tampa & NYC

This will be a bit of a long update so I’ll break it up into parts so it’s easy for you to come back to a few times if you can’t consume it all in one sitting.

Overview: I’ve been gone for 10 nights…2 nights in Chicago with a special client, 5 nights at FetishCon in Tampa and 3 nights in New York City for some work & play.


One of my most devoted and low-maintenance slaves who I’ve had for years had some business in Chicago so asked me to join him for a couple of days. He’s a pleasure to be around, a gentleman and very generous so the visit was more fun than anything. We went for wonderful dinners, took in some great live music and did some touristy stuff like the river boat architectural tour & the museum of science and industry.

We also went shoe shopping! Here’s a pic of the sexy shoes he got for me:

I love shoes!

Here’s a pic I took for him…it was his view as he was giving me a foot rub at the end of the night:

Nice view, hmmm?



This was the most action-packed part of my trip. I shared a room with one of my favorite people: Ceara Lynch. Well, I should qualify that…like me, Ceara is only a part of the whole person and there’s a lot more to like about this woman than just her online persona. Some have expressed curiosity about our friendship and I always just say: “She’s really really smart and I really like her.”

Here’s a list of the people/sites that I filmed with and am cross promoting with from this trip. You’ll see me appearing on their sites over the next few months (I’m unable to hyper link to clips4sale stores from my wordpress blog so just copy & paste the links):

Ceara Lynch:

…& I’m the one who gets all the flack for being pantless all the time! (That’s Ceara Lynch & me by the way. I may or may not be pantless in this pic too.)

Alexandra Snow:

Here’s Domina Snow & I with um, FTKL…I didn’t film with him because he’s a tickle guy & I’m not ticklish:-) Note the feather…yup, for tickling. But not me.


Princess Meggerz:

Princess Meggerz & me at the FetishCon bar. Cheers!


Humiliation POV:


Bratty Foot Girls:


We Love Ballbusting:


Here’s a bunch of random pics taken at FetishCon:

Ceara Lynch, Ashley Fires & I at the clips4sale booth at the convention.

There were some impressive shows/performances at the parties…this was a woman suspended & swung around by hooks through the flesh of her upper back. Pretty crazy!

A devil on stilts stole my nose! There were some interesting characters at FetishCon…lots of crazy costumes…

I’m sure someone has a fetish for raccoon hand puppets…I wonder if he jerks off with that thing?

Domina Snow & I at one of the parties…


FetishCon was a lot of fun & productive business-wise. I would do it again for sure. I even had a fun little weekend fling…*wink*.


New York City:

The last leg of my journey, the 3rd city, the 3rd hotel room…the last 3 nights. I was there because one very generous fan made it worth my while. He turned out to be one of my most memorable clients but not in a great way.

The arrangement was for 2 evenings and the whole day in between but due to his irresponsible poor time management we only spent a portion of one evening together. “A man of his word” (his label for himself) he did compensate me fully anyway and did so in the most bizarre way I’ve ever seen:

After postponing our session time by a few hours, then a few more hours all day & evening he finally just left the balance of my tribute with the reception of my high-end hotel in the toe of a worn pair of boots. This had nothing to do with any fetish as far as I know. My guess is that he didn’t have an envelope? I don’t know who the boots belonged to…I haven’t spoken to him since & will not speak with him so it may well remain a mystery.

Someone else’s used boots full of cash. How bizarre?

I tried to make the best of my time in NY anyway and took myself out for a nice dinner & live jazz. Money doesn’t buy happiness though and it sucked feeling slightly disrespected, it sucked knowing he had paid so much & gotten such little value for his money (I prefer to earn the money I make, believe it or not) and it sucked being on my own all day & night in New York City. If I had had more notice I could have made other arrangements with a friend or fan.

One of the jazz places I went to…

Zinc…a very cool live jazz place.


The next afternoon I had a nice lunch and a fun session with a fan. Here’s a pic he took of me at lunch (while gushing that he couldn’t believe he was actually meeting me in real life):

So many great places to eat in NY!

That evening I went to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway (awesome!) and had dinner with guess who??? I’ll call him Mr. Venus in Fur. He was the gentleman who brought me to NY in March 2012 to see Venus in Fur on Broadway with him. I wrote about it in my blog back then…about the swanky hotel room he put me up in, etc. We’ve stayed in touch since & took the opportunity to hang out again. It was a wonderful evening. He’s an interesting person who I hope will remain in my life.

I decided to shop away my last day in NY and contacted a financial slave I haven’t seen in awhile. He’s served me on and off for years. I actually made my very first cuckolding vid FOR him (custom). I never released it on my site but I might some day. A few years ago he paid me $1000 for a snow ball. My boyfriend & I were in town and a snow ball is when I take my boyfriends cum in my mouth & then spit it into the cuckolds mouth. Oh, we’ve had some fun…

So I texted him that I was at Agent Provocateur and he left a meeting to come buy me what I wanted. I was impressed. We went back to his fancy penthouse apartment to catch up and play.

Here he is making an ass of himself:

If you look really closely you can see his unimpressive cocklet. It’s like a real cock, but smaller.

Here’s me modeling what he bought me. He has a gorgeous view & an over-the-top opulent penthouse…clearly compensating for something *smile*.

I do have an interesting life…

Mr. Mini-Dick Money Bags took me for dinner then had his driver take me to the airport. I rode in luxury reflecting on my trip and about how interesting my life is.

There are pro’s and con’s to being single. I love the freedom but I also get lonely and bored sometimes. In a perfect world I’ll meet someone who is my best friend, who gives me complete freedom without possessiveness or jealousy…someone to share all these amazing adventures with.

Until then…a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Mistress T

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Who’s talking about me?

In my last blog entry I mentioned that I’ve been granting some interviews recently. A few of those interviews have been released & I’ve attached the links below…after two blog entries that also discuss me:

Sidonia Von Bork’s blog (The English Mansion):

(You really have to click on this link. Loads of crazy hot pics of me!)

Sidonia & I having some fun during my last visit to The English Mansion…

Ceara Lynch’s blog:

Ceara & I during our last adventure at the AVN’s in Vegas…


XCritic Interview:

Daily Loaf Interview:

Crave Online Interview:

Fixe Magazine Interview:

Random image I grabbed to give you some eye candy. You’re welcome.

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