Apr 29 Birthday


My 44th birthday is coming up. I don’t want gifts. This is not a shout out for you to send me stuff. I do want something from you though.

On my birthday this year I would like to be showered with stories of kindness, generosity, love.

You have a couple of weeks to create these stories to share with me on Apr 29th.

The parameters are wide. It can be donating to a charity. It can be sharing something with someone in your community (flour, toilet paper, etc.) it can be helping a neighbor (lawn care, fixing something, running an errand, bringing them food, etc.) it can be listening to someone who needs to be heard, offering supportive words to someone struggling, adopting a rescued animal, planting a fruit tree or any food that you plan to share later…anything that makes the world a better place, for people, animals or the environment.

To be clear, I’m encouraging you to do something good in the next couple of weeks. I want my faith in humanity bolstered on my birthday. A bukake of kindness. Lay it on me:-)

Post your stories in the comments area here on my blog, or tweet them to me (https://twitter.com/MistressTdotnet ), or email them (MsT@MistressT.net).

Other than that and as always, pay for my content you consume (buy my vids), it would mean a lot to me for you to you read (or listen) to my book. The audio book is narrated by me. You could fill 10 hours listening to my velvety voice talking alllll about myself. ha ha

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12 thoughts on “Apr 29 Birthday

  1. Hi Mistress T
    I’d like to share my kindness story with you, my mother has been very sick for the past three weeks throughout this whole ordeal. Her doctor first thought it was Covid-19 but now confirmed it’s a viral infection. I’ve been taking care of her these past three weeks I haven’t gone home to my apartment once.
    I took three days off from work to care for her and even called her an ambulance when she was at her worst, I’ve been diligently doing all the house work and cooking and cleaning for her and making sure she’s drinking enough liquids and taking her antibiotocs. She’s lost 16 pounds so far first couple weeks she could barely eat anything but she’s been slowly getting better. And she’s been eating more these last few days. I hope we all come out of this safely and I hope we all learn something from this pandemic.
    I’m not leaving my mom’s apartment until I know she’s 100% better I’m taking her to her doctor for her second check up tomorrow I’ll give you an update at a future time.

    I wish you all the best Mistress T I’m glad you are well
    Sincerely Jordan

  2. Hi Mistress T.
    I have read you book, and would like the opportunity to chat to you on Skype.
    How can I get to do this please .
    I’am on a few social media things
    I would be a massive thrill to speak.
    Old guy here..

  3. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Mistress T.
    You requested acts of kindness. A woman who worked at the same company as me, had to take a leave of absence, due to her daughter falling and breaking her leg at her job. She had two small children, plus her husband had left her for another woman. The daughter and grandchildren were living with my fellow co-worker. You can donate your vacation and sick leave hours to other co-workers. I donated 40 of my vacation hours to help her with expenses. I went without a vacation that year so they did not go without. Others contributed also, not just me. Wishing you good health.

  4. Happy birthday, Mistress T! I hope you have a great day, even though in lockdown.
    I’ve just finished listening to your book, and loved it- thank you for sharing such a moving, human and relatable account (I’m a woman too).

    Being female, I can’t quite bukake you with kindness (excellent term, though!), but yesterday I offered an ear to a stranger who seemed down, and spent a few hours chatting, giving him space to openly air his problems and fears. I think it helped- I don’t think he is used to burying it all, as I guess many men, sadly, are.
    Anyway, I hope you’ve received lots of lovely tales of kindness today, and that there will be plenty more of them in the year ahead of you.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you’re finding a way to celebrate in isolation! We share the same special day I’m 41 today!!

    We have a family business, an opticians/ disabled retailer. Over the lockdown
    I’ve been fixing glasses for free (collecting and delivering), delivering contact lenses for free & offering free delivery of any disabled products. I’ve also been shopping for my parents, their friends and our elderly customers over the lockdown.

    I’ll be forever grateful for the gay / bi clips you have created. They resonated with me and allowed me to find my truth. To be able to say I’m a proud gay man and to be out of the closet is huge. At 41 I feel like I have a future now ahead of me, a new social circle and a new exciting life that’s full of possibilities.

    I never ever thought I could live free like this such a massive weight has been lifted. Xx

  6. I do hope you had a felicitous and satisfying birthday. You deserve it for all the good brain you enlighten us with around here… xx

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