My Sunday…

Mistress T in a red corset.

Behind the scenes…

When I started this blog & as I’ve gone along I’ve hoped to give my fans an inside look at my real life & the realities of running a business like mine. I often say the blog is about the real woman who is also Mistress T.

So here’s a snap shot of a real day, Sunday just passed. It was perhaps not a typical day but it wasn’t that unusual for my life either.

I had been out to a fetish party the night before. Although I had not been drinking or doing drugs I hadn’t gotten to bed until 5am. I was indulging in another of the deadly sins: late night dining with friends. We all need a vice.

So although I was still in bed at 11am when my lover arrived I was at least not hung over. He made me tea & joined me in bed. He likes my personal fragrance & was aroused that I had been dancing & sweating the night before but hadn’t showered yet. I enjoy his mouth a great deal. Licking pussy is an art & every man should go to great lengths to learn to do it well & understand that every woman is different. Take your time to ensure you’re doing it how she likes it.

Mistress T on throne.

My pussy isn’t going to lick itself…

He knows how I like it. In fact, he does things to me that transcend pussy licking. Indescribable but wonderful. I’ll just say that I had a mind altering orgasm & move on with the rest of my day.

I was editing video when I received an email that made me very happy. One of my favorite film slaves had just become single again & he wanted to come back to me. I took great joy in his misfortune, I’m only a little ashamed to say. He’s the monogamous type & when he has a girlfriend he won’t film with me. When he’s single: cha-ching!

I wasted no time with his rebound & invited him right over to film. It was probably our best session yet. He had been in boring sex purgatory with his latest nice gal & I was just what the doctor ordered.

Mistress T with a huge cock.

I look pretty fuckin’ happy, eh?

Mistress T after sex.

Taken right after we filmed: lookin’ pretty satisfied!

After he left I was feeling lucky & adventurous so decided to do something a little crazy. I had heard about a reggae night at a bar near by. I’ve been looking for a black guy for my films & black guys are very rare in Vancouver…reggae night seemed like promising hunting grounds.

I couldn’t find anyone to go with me at the last minute so decided to go by myself. I have gone to bars by myself in other cities where I was visiting solo…I could do this! Heck, if I managed to find a guy that night I might even get a hat trick (3 lovers in the same day).

Interracial sex.

Seeking that ebony & ivory combo…

I’m not sure it was a success beyond having a story to tell about being a solo little white girl trying to pick up a black dude at a bar. There wasn’t much to choose from. I talked to a few guys but couldn’t quite picture me fucking them. I handed out a few business cards but didn’t find Mr. Right Porn Stud. The live reggae band was fantastic though & I would go back just for the music.

I felt proud of myself for being so dedicated to my work that I would push my comfort zone & go solo to a bar looking for a guy for my vids. Ya can’t say I don’t have balls of steel!

On my way home I popped by my pal Samantha Mack’s place for a visit. She told me about being in a horror film that day (kinda gross n’ gory) & I shared my adventures. I got home late but satisfied with having had an interesting & productive day.

Mistress T

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  1. I love the glee on your face while you’re tormenting that film slave, fucking beautiful. Every time I read your blog I want to go spend some time in Vancouver BC so we can film/go on adventures together.

    • Vancouver is beautiful in the summer…but you’ll have to bring slaves with you as it’s VERY slim pickings here:-(
      We’re probably better off meeting in LA where there’s more pervs:-) I bet there’s at least a few LA slaves who would pay dearly for the opportunity to be in our presence.

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