Webcam, Custom Vids & Film Slaves

This blog entry is to address three of the most common questions I’m getting these days: Webcam Sessions, Custom Vids & Film Slave Volunteers.


I currently offer opportunities to interact with me via Skype (webcam).

What is a webcam session or what is possible? Everything is customizable & it’s okay to ask for anything. I’ll let you know what’s cool & what’s not. I don’t do ‘toy shows’ or masturbate like traditional web cam girls. I am happy to verbally humiliate you, verbally go through a cuckolding fantasy, give you a jerk off instruction/cum count down, make you eat your own cum, etc.

If you have a body part fetish of a specific clothing fetish: that can work! You can jerk to my feet or I’m happy to put on pantyhose, boots, gloves or whatever you’re into.

A lot of guys just want to talk to me. I love that! Confess your sins, tell me about your perversions, ask me questions, etc. If you want to put on a show for me: go for it. Cross dress for me, hurt or humiliate yourself for me.

What do I charge & how do you pay?

Minimum $100 to get started. Nothing happens for less than $100 so don’t try to haggle. You’ll pay via the tribute button on my clips store:

Look for the tribute button on my clips store!

Look for the tribute button on my clips store!

Or you can send an Amazon Gift Card to my email address:

Here’s a link:

How to set up a webcam session:

Email me with a very brief but clear description of what you’re looking for & WHEN you hope for it. I’ll email back an exact rate & let you know if the time will work. Example of an appropriate email:

Dear Mistress T,

May I please set up a web cam session for later this afternoon, between 3:30 – 5:30pm? I’d love an ass tease session with you in jeans with small penis humiliation & a jerk off instruction.


Bob MiniDick

NOTE: Bob didn’t tell me how beautiful I am or what a huge fan he is. Leave it out. Reading that ‘fluff’ just wastes my time. You can tell me when you’re paying for my time on web cam:-)

Here’s some pics from other webcam shows I’ve done to give you a visual:

Mistress T in a bra.

Tell me everything! Confess your kinks…

Facesitting with Mistress T

Jerk to me sitting on your face!

Foot fetish with Mistress T

Jerk to my tiny size 4 feet!


Want a specific vid? Want me to say your name in a vid? I’ve made loads of custom vids & could make one for you too! Like above, send an email describing clearly but briefly what you want. Rates start at $150. Payment options same as above. Here’s an example of an appropriate email:

Dear Mistress T,

Would you be able to create a custom vid for me where you humiliate me for jerking off to vids where men cum on women’s faces? I’d like you to instruct me to cum on my own face & eat my own cum as punishment for watching vids of women being degraded. Please use my name (John) but also threaten me with making me suck cock at some point too. I like to be called cocksucking closet homo. You can wear anything you like but I especially like business attire like suites, skirts & blouses.


John CumGuzzler

Note: Wardrobe requests are fine & requesting a couple of specific things like key words or phrases BUT I will not follow a long script or memorize lines. Give me the outline & trust me to run with it. It’s what I do best.

Here’s some examples of custom vids I’ve done:

The guy mailed me his wife's shoes to use in the vid!

The guy mailed me his wife’s shoes to use in the vid!

This guy had a sweater fetish & wanted interactive instructions.

This guy had a sweater fetish & wanted interactive instructions.


The most important info I need to communicate here is: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Geography is key & nearly every guy who emails me leaves this part out. If you want to film with me we must be in the same place at the same time (seems like common sense, doesn’t it?) so tell me where you are, if you’re in Vancouver or willing to come here, etc.

I’m really only looking for giant porn style cocks that cum like fire hoses right now…white is okay, black is better. If you don’t have an average to fit body & a remarkable cock I probably don’t have a use for you right now….but you’re welcome to email an application anyway. Send pics, list what you think I could use you for in vids, tell me WHERE you are & when you’re available.


(Advice: Send a clear, well-thought out email or it’s unlikely you’ll get a reply.)

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  1. I’ve never paid for a webcam session or anything like that before, but I’m pretty sure if we did one together, I’d be so enamored and awe struck that it was even happening, that I’d probably just swoon and tell you how wonderful you are the entire time.

    The idea of ACTUALLY interacting with you feels like a fairy tale!

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