A Slippery Slope…


I had a private session recently with a guy who had found himself on a slippery slope of perversion. He was in his mid 20’s and was somewhat inexperienced sexually. He had stumbled across my vids randomly on the internet and was happy to learn we lived in the same city.

He had always liked women’s feet. Summer brought lots of pretty feet in flip flops & strappy sandals. He started looking for foot vids on the internet to masturbate to. He had no idea how to actually live out his fantasy. He even had a girlfriend but he was too shy to say anything to her about his interest in feet. So he booked a session with me.

He had obviously done his research since his initial email was perfectly communicated, to the point with nice manners. He arrived on time & even brought thoughtful gifts! He was so nervous that I could see his hands shaking as he set down the money.

We chatted for a bit. I tried to put him at ease. I didn’t need a guy dropping from a heart attack. That’s lousy for business.

He explained that he hoped this session would break him free of his fetish. He hoped that if he lived it out, actually worshiped a woman’s feet that he would “get it out of his system” and move on. I just smiled sweetly and tried not to laugh.

We spent a lot of time with me sitting on his tummy with my feet on his face. I like sitting on guys and he was curious about “human furniture” too. We discussed his sex life with his girlfriend. I gave some suggestions on how he could attempt to introduce foot worship gently to her, or at least test the waters to see if she would be receptive:

– offer foot rubs when her feet might be sore, then be good at rubbing them, go slow & carefully.

– have a bath together and get into the position where they are facing each other & her feet are on his chest…then give her toes a little kiss, see how she responds…maybe start to lick and suck her toes gently.

– during intercourse get into the position where she’s laying down with her feet up on his shoulders (he should be upright so their bodies are at 90 degrees, not her bent in half) and during the heat of the moment bring her foot to his lips and sensually kiss & lick a little to see how she reacts.

He appreciate these tips and in the course of conversation mentioned that sometimes he doesn’t last very long during intercourse. So I gave him some tips for orgasm control & recommended some of my vids to guide him through it. I explained that he needs to please his girlfriend sexually and that meant he should learn to last for as long as she is getting pleasure from his cock. I pointed out that a sexually satisfied girlfriend is one who is happy and more wiling to do what he likes, will likely nag less & everything will just run more smoothly in the relationship.

At the end of the session he was having trouble cumming from the foot job he requested but also confessed he jerked off just before our session because he was afraid he would cum too quickly and be embarrassed. He was rock hard though & very into it. I asked if he felt horny & frustrated, wanting an orgasm but not quite being able to reach it. He said yes. I told him that is how he’s probably been leaving his girlfriend feeling. He agreed I was probably right. I told him he was to start making efforts to be a better lover & to put his girlfriend’s pleasure before his own. I told him to remember this feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction the next time he’s making love with his girlfriend. I denied him an orgasm but I’m sure he jerked off as soon as he got home.

He gave me a generous tip at the end but the real reward for me was feeling like I may have helped a man become a better lover to please women.

So do you think he’ll be cured of his foot fetish affliction? I asked him to follow up with me in a couple weeks & let me know. *smirk*

Mistress T

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5 thoughts on “A Slippery Slope…

  1. Greetings Mistress,

    Again a great read, I love hearing about what’s going on in your life.

    Foot fetish is not a kink of mine yet, but I’m sure I may be open to it in the future. By the sounds of things he is going through the same feelings as me in his relationships. Maybe too embarrassed to admit his kinks to his partner, from experience I believe it will never go out of his system, I predict he will keep coming back to you to worship your feet. Just like I keep going behind my gf’s back to suck cock.

  2. Mistress T your feet are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I was worthy enough to lick the soles of the shoes that you put your feet in. But sadly I am not. So I look at your feet and jerk off.

  3. It’s interesting that he’s struggling to introduce (what I’d class)
    as such a mild mannered fetish to his girlfriend. Yet, had the balls
    to book a foot-job session, and openly discuss his sex life in person
    with Mistress T.
    My guess is that, whilst he’s into pretty feet. He’s also very much
    into strong, dominant, attractive women. And that’s the real ‘slippery
    slope’ he’s on. Lol …
    Not that I feel sorry for him in any way. Women like Mistress T are
    quite simply the best thing ever …..

    And he’s lucky enough to live in the same city … and have a blog
    post about him !!

    Anyway, I think everyone who reads this post knows exactly how it’s all
    going to end. No way on earth is he going to be able to resist coming
    back for more …..


    • Hi Ms. T.,
      Re: So do you think he’ll be cured of his foot fetish affliction?
      No. He should spend more time researching the greater good within the community of foot fetishists. He’d soon realize how normal he really is and embrace this as a healthy part of who is he rather than carry on developing a negative image of himself.


      • I have no idea if he’ll be cured or not. But I am curious:-)

        If you would like to share links to forums where fetishists can find support (I’m not as keen about places where guys also find free, pirated content) please feel free to share here.

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