Yoni massage

Say good-bye to tense vagina with Tantric Yoni Massage! “My pussy has never felt so good!”

What the hell is tantra? I couldn’t really tell ya, but I know I like how it feels AND I know someone who CAN tell you all about it, if you’re curious? Better yet, he can just show you how to make a woman feel fantastic.

No bed skills? Virginal clumsiness? Or just want to build on your game? Learn some new tricks?  I can tell you that the first time he touched me I was like: “Wow, what the hell are you doing? That’s amazing!” (& I’ve been around the block, if ya know what I mean?)

The lover who is rocking my world these days can coach you through some techniques on how to please a woman…or he can actually please YOUR woman (for the cuckolds out there). He offers massage & yoni massage to women (yoni means the vagina & surrounding area)…but he’s also an instructor & can teach men a few things. Heck, if you ask me nicely (& pay me well *smile*) I might even “model” for your session.

Yup, you read that right. You could book a session where he shows you on me how to touch a woman and then you could practice on me. Holy shit, right?

Tantric yoni massage

Want to get up close & personal with my pussy AND not suck at it? Learn some new moves, stud muffin.

I wouldn’t normally allow penetration with your fingers in a session but under these circumstances I would since the tantric massage & yoni massage means that you are massaging all around and IN my pussy. No penis penetration though…this is about learning to please a woman. However, you could watch he & I have tantric sex/intercourse. Are you getting hot under the collar yet?

So, for cuckolds, you could have a cuckold style session with us OR send your wife/girlfriend to him for pleasure.

For others who just want to learn to be better lovers/learn how to please a woman, you could learn some new skills.

Some of this can be done over Skype but for hands-on sessions you’ll either need to see us in Vancouver or bring us to you.

Check out the vid below & email to discuss: MsT@MistressT.net

Here’s his website address (you can contact him directly through his site): www.TantraGuy.ca

Click the link below to view the vid on the FREE page on my site.

Click the link below to view the vid on the FREE page on my site.

Click here to view the cool vid: http://www.MistressT.net/freemovie/tantra

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3 thoughts on “Tantra?

  1. Mistress T

    I loved this video. Although I am not trained in tantra, this is generally how I like to massage a woman. Slow sensual touch between a man and a woman can lead to better intimacy. Thank you for sharing this video and for updating your blog on a regular basis.

  2. Quit smoking weed on the patio of the sex mansion. Get your oh so fine ass into the grand ballroom and have a baby.

    Yeah I’m just some random dick on the internet, but I feel the universe is using me to deliver this message.

    Your yoni is a two way street.

    Ps forgive me if this is rude. I really dig your persona and sincerely wish for you the eternal happiness which I wish for all humans. Ciao!

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