A Typical Encounter…

MistressT_hote_seductionRecently I accepted a private session. It’s a rare event these days. I’m pretty busy with producing vids, yoga & life in general. I’m selective about whom I meet with privately. I want to enjoy the experience too, so I screen for compatibility.

This young man would be traveling to Vancouver on business, staying in an upscale hotel & requested times with flexibility that worked for me. His interests were simple. Mainly, he just wanted to meet me. He had been a fan for years. Of course he wanted to have some kind of intimate experience with me & he wanted to cum. He was willing to work within my boundaries & let me decide how that part would go.

I get a thrill walking through lobbies of upscale hotels. I dress discretely & aim to be invisible, but good staff are trained to make everyone feel welcome so there’s always at least eye contact a smile exchanged as I make my way to the elevators like I’ve been there before. As I’ve been walking a few blocks my tight black dress has shimmied up to my hips, luckily covered by my longer coat. I’m sharing the elevator with a conservative looking man so I stand there feeling risky & a bit silly with my fanny in the breeze…until he gets off & I can pull my dress back down into place.

I knock on the door & am greeted awkwardly as I enter the room. Guys never know what to do in this moment so I give him a nice hug to put him at ease. He seems young to have the kind of job that would bring him to Vancouver & to this fancy hotel room…about to pay me a premium rate for my attention.

I like young people. They’re usually not bitter yet. Still enthusiastic about life. Still hopeful. Some people hold on to that spirit. For too many it fades.

Back to my young professional. He’s keen to please & has fetched a nice bottle of bubbly for me. He had asked in advance what I’d like & even though I said I would only have 1 glass he’s chosen what I assume is the best he could find. Impressive.

We sit in the wing back chairs & chat. He’s nervous, naturally…but I can see how he’s come so far for his age. He parrots poise & confidence well…& I sense he would be good at whatever he put his mind to.

We discuss his fetishes. Bless him, he’s not great at communicating them. I knew from his emails that he was a fan of my cuckolding vids. I draw out a few more details including that he had had cuckolding fantasies with an ex girlfriend. I let him gaze at my cleavage while finishing his glass of liquid courage before moving things to the bed.

I played the role of his girlfriend…confessing that I’ve been sleeping with other men. His pants grew tighter as I unbuttoned his shirt, looking him in the eyes & saying that I want to tell him what I’ve been doing…that I want to share it with him…

I ask him if he’s jealous. I ask if he wants to hear more. I tell him that he must have noticed he wasn’t quite satisfying me in the bedroom. I care about him so I tried to make it work but I needed to be sexually satisfied in other ways…by other men.

Cloths come off, the descriptions of my liaisons get more graphic…things get hotter, I tease him, stroke him & eventually he erupts with his head nestled in my neck while I whisper in his ear about the other man’s cum in my pussy he’s going to have to clean up.

It was sweet, intimate & hot. I held him after. He held me. Flesh against flesh. Breath coming back to normal. A smile playing on his face. He’d done something naughty. He’d lived out a fantasy and now we lay together like a real couple. He had been masturbating to my vids & reading my blog for years. He did feel like he knew me. And I felt like I knew him, in the way that I feel like I know many of my fans. I know a very real part of them that is kept secret from most others or in some cases, everyone else.

It’s moments like this that I feel a great sense of fulfillment in my job. Allowing these men to express a part of themselves they need to keep secret most or all of the time. Not just allowing it but celebrating it.

This was a fairly typical encounter for me, by design. This is what I look for when screening clients. A potential 2-way connection. I have range, sure. I enjoy a variety of different scenes & activities…but I want to feel a connection.

And in this moment, if you’ve read this far & you’re getting a warm n’ fuzzy feeling about me than you probably understand that & you “get” me. xo

Mistress T

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9 thoughts on “A Typical Encounter…

  1. You really do connect with your fans in a way like no other. I’ve been a fan of your vids for a long time but you make my day with your blog posts. Thank you Mistress T 🙂 Xx

  2. You couldn’t make a better description of what a session with you feels like. It’s sharing 100% of a part that is normally hidden and you make it a real celebration. Your personality is overwhelming and your understanding of the whole situation is overwhelming. Thanks for being you. xxx

  3. I agree with the comments about you being a great writer and very nice and welcoming to your fans.
    It may be your Canadian in you.
    I was fortunate enough to meet you at the AVN Expo in Vegas, Jan ’12 at the clips4sale booth along with Domina Snow and Missy Rhodes.
    You were incredibly friendly and petite.
    I totally remembered that when you tweeted the other day that someone called you “human”.
    It’s amazing how people can still, in this day and age think that way.
    I was respectful to you and said hello and that I enjoyed your work. You in turn were incredibly friendly and we had a nice 30second encounter.
    Imagine that. Two adults said hello.

  4. Goodness, maybe you should write erotica haha this was well written and easily to visualize that now i want to work with you. That would be me I’m a total mess in front of attractive women.

  5. Agree with the others about the quality of the writing, especially this brief observation –

    “I like young people. They’re usually not bitter yet. Still enthusiastic about life. Still hopeful. Some people hold on to that spirit. For too many it fades.”

    Excellent erotica – and leavened with a soupcon of philosophy, too! 🙂

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