Custom vids!

This guy had a sweater fetish & wanted interactive instructions.

This guy had a sweater fetish & wanted interactive instructions.

I love bringing life to your fantasies! Here’s everything you need to know about ordering custom vids from me.

#1. Requests start at $200 (additional $50 if you want me to use your name in the vid). That’s usually it unless:

-your request is overly complicated

– it involves more people

-you want it to be over 15 minutes

-you need me to wear something I don’t already own (then you’ll either need to buy the item & send it to me or pay extra for me to buy the item.)

#2. PAYMENT via the tribute button on my clips store & put your email address in the comments area. Do not pay until I have said yes to your request. It takes up to 2 weeks for your vid to appear on clips4sale where you’ll buy it for another $10 (approx) or if you’re a member of my site it will be released here for no extra charge. (Amazon Gift Card is another acceptable form of payment).

#3. Email me the basic outline of your request BEFORE you pay. I’ll let you know if it’s do-able. Include the obviously important things. Don’t send a long script, just a brief outline hitting the main points. We can go into more detail if I accept it. Example:

“A humiliating jerk off instruction for a virgin who you caught jerking off with your panties. Please wear office attire & glasses, like a mature business woman & tease with lots of ass views.”

Note: There’s lots of things I don’t, won’t or can’t do so be sure to be clear in your request right away so I can figure out if I can do your request. Examples of what’s on the no-go list (these have all been requested recently too):

– I won’t kill or swallow anything living, goldfish, etc.

– I don’t smoke.

– I can’t lift & carry even a smaller dude.

– I won’t put pantyhose over my face.

– I won’t swallow cum or take a cum facial.

– Nothing goes IN my bum.

– A lot of sex scenes aren’t possible because, well, I’m not a big LA porn production company & I just film sex scenes when I feel like it, the way I like, with who I want to.

Anyway, it’s doesn’t hurt to ask but use some common sense before requesting something you doubt I’ll be able to do. If you’re familiar with my work you probably have a pretty good idea of what my range is.

So that’s basically it. Here’s my email:

I hope I can make your fantasy come to life!

Mistress T

Members site:


4 thoughts on “Custom vids!

  1. It would be an honor to request a custom from you. By any chance, do you shoot with other females? I can email you details/

  2. Interesting condition about the pantyhose, Mistress T.

    I would have thought that was fairly harmless?

  3. Enjoy your work. I’m a big fan of you doing shoulder riding scenes and hopefully it will continue for a long time.

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