Film Slave Application (Updated)

I have written posts like this before but considering the recent flood of applications I’ve decided to write a new one, with basically the same info. My previous post on this topic:

#1. READ this whole post carefully BEFORE you email me asking to meet me or to be in my films. If you ask to be in my films without providing all the required info I will redirect you back here. Then you’ll be ignored if you still haven’t applied properly.

#2. LOCATION is the most important factor! If you are not in Vancouver & you are not willing/able to come to Vancouver (within the next couple of months) chances are we will NOT be able to film together. I rarely film elsewhere these days. Sometimes in England but I have enough reliable film slaves there already. So say “I am available to film in Vancouver on the following dates…”

NOTE: Do not ask me if I happen to be coming to your city to film: I’m not. I am NOT filming anywhere else in the foreseeable future. If you can’t come to me you’ll need a very generous budget to bring me to you. Like at least a few thousand bucks.

#3. If you are in Vancouver or willing to come here email me pics (naked torso with erect penis) AND a list of what you’re willing to do on film.  Again: I need a clear pic of your body & dick, I shoot video, it’s a visual medium…and I need to know what you’re into doing on film.

NOTE: I am most interested in:

-big dicks that shoot big loads without too much difficulty for hand job vids

-guys for forced bi cock sucking vids, suckers & suckees

-ballbusting guys

-cross-dressing/sissy/trannie types

-guys who can take very large strap-on’s

-small-dicked cuckolds who will suck cock & eat cum (I’m not as much a fan of gimp-hooded cucks in domestic scenes but will consider it if you are a really good cuckold in other ways, easy to work with, etc. I prefer cuckolds to show their face. Age & body type doesn’t matter so much for cuckolds.)

I am NOT interested in dealing with guys with the wrong attitudes. Your role as a film slave is to assist me in creating quality content. This is not a free session. This is not about me servicing your dick. You will have fun, no doubt, but it’s about me & my needs first. Creepy or annoying behavior will not be tolerated. Sending dozens of emails back & forth to organize a shoot will not be tolerated. Communicate clearly but briefly. Show me that you respect my time. I will work with those who are easiest & the most pleasurable to deal with. I am running a business after all, this isn’t Tinder or OK Cupid.

#4. A model release will need to be signed & a photo of you holding 2 pieces of photo ID next to your face will be taken (for age verification, legally you must be over 18 but I rarely work with anyone under 21.) This information is kept secure & would only be shown to the proper authorities if legally mandated. So in other words, most likely never.

#5. Showing your face?: In 95% of my scenes I don’t care if your face is shown. You’ll see most of my vids the guy is unidentifiable. If you’re willing to show your face it gives me more flexibility but it’s certainly not a deal breaker for me.

#6. I don’t pay film slaves. I have plenty of volunteers. I will require you to show you are serious in one of the following ways:

– be a member or become a member of my site (send me your username) to show that you support my work & that you’ve taken some time to research the kinds of vids you want to appear in.

Other ways to pay $50 tribute:

-E-transfer to my email address works from one major Canadian Bank to another. (If you’re that hard up for money I’ll give you your $50 back when you show up for filming.)

-Tribute button on my clips store: (Clip cash card should work even if you don’t have a credit card)
-$50 worth of vids from my clips store:
-$50 gift card from (sent to email address below)
-$50 worth of gifts from my Amazon wish list:

If discretion is important and/or you only have PayPal this will work (all your wife will see is that you gave money to charity, it still tells me you are serious enough):
-$50 micro-loan through Kiva:

Or a gift card for my favorite spa (paypal):

Email PICS, what you can be used for on film & dates you’re available in Vancouver, plus proof you are serious to:

Mistress T

Members site:

8 thoughts on “Film Slave Application (Updated)

  1. Hi, I am very much interested in serving you in your films, I’m located in Vancouver ,, do I send $tribute to this e-mail address?

    • All film slaves require a minimum of intelligence & ability to follow clear instructions, like applying via email (which is both clearly stated & common sense really). You making a comment here is not a great start.

    • All film slaves require a minimum of intelligence & ability to follow clear instructions, like applying via email (which is both clearly stated & common sense really). You making a comment here is not a great start.

  2. Mistress T,

    Could you please comment on the days and times when you usually film? When I am in Vancouver I generally have obligations during the day but have evenings and weekends free.

    Thank you.

    • I’m not filming until April 2016. If you can follow the instructions to apply via email (at the end of March) details can be discussed if I accept your application/if I’m interested in filming with you.

  3. i am ready to serve you mistress t in every way you want. i am a sissy cuckold slave just 27.i am very submissve.i have been since i was 13. i have serve for many years at my big sister…as a cuckold.please give me a chans to talk to you and serve you in reall life.

  4. Good evening Mistress T,
    I think you are so beautiful and have been amazed and so turned on by the clips of you I have seen. I realise that you have mentioned you do not really travel much to film any more, however, if you are ever in London or anywhere in the UK again, I would be extremely grateful if you would consider allowing me to be involved in one of your films. I am very open minded and although quite inexperienced with a Mistress, I would be willing to try many scenarios and please Mistress in any way I can.

    Many thanks for your time.


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